Kids room decor ideas: Scandinavian kids room

Do you dream to make your baby room filled with light, spacious and cozy? So, let’s learn how to use Scandinavian interior style for kids room decor. Use our advises and your imagination to achieve comfortable and fairy tale look room. Scandinavian interior’s universality allows you to use it both for boys and girls, for small kids and schoolchildren.

Kids room design ideas: Floor

The best option for Scandinavian kids room is batten or light-colored parquet floor boards (can be painted white or artificially aged).

You’re welcomed to use good laminate or linoleum as more practical and cheap alternative also. Pay attention on imitating noble floor doors.

Scandinavian kids room: Walls

Most appropriated walls color in Scandinavian style kids room decor is simple white. Snow-white walls can be veneered with wallpapers or wood paneling also.

These conventional solutions for Scandinavian interior are explained by cold northern climate and large number of typical houses with small apartments.

Wallpapers and wall paneling give a sense of warmth, and white walls visually enlarge the space, make it lighter and provide a neutral background for bright accents.

More Scandinavian kids room design ideas and tips

  • Does your baby draw on walls? It’s not a problem anymore! Get special chalk wallpapers. It’s easy to apply and remove without leaving any traces. Just one partition with chalk wallpapers creates a stylish contrast to white walls. And makes your kids happy!
  • What is Scandinavian interior? It’s a mirror of beautiful northern nature and culture. So, create magic atmosphere for your child inspired by Scandinavian landscapes and fairy tales.
  • Scandinavian kids room design ideas give you large facilities. Use vinyl stickers in the form of clouds, trees, rain droplets, spruces, peas or triangles. Ethnic patterns are welcomed also.
  • This tip is a continuation of previous idea. Toys, accessories and even furniture inspired by Scandinavian fairytales would make your kids room unique.
  • Include hand-made items to your kids room decor. Making it with your child is a great fun!

Hopefully, our «Kids room decor ideas: Scandinavian kids room» would help you to create a wonderful kids room inspired by fairies, trolls and Santa Claus magic lands!

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