Bathroom decorating ideas: high tech bathroom

Gradation and productive functionality are inherent in high-tech interior design. This modern bathroom design is characterized by strict straight lines and interesting color combinations. Create an interesting interior design in your bathroom, using some techniques of playing with colors and materials. Today we will talk about «bathroom decorating ideas: high tech bathroom».

Remember that high tech interior design rarely uses shades, always use vibrant colors. As basis for bathroom design take light colors like white, gray and silver. They could be supplemented by bright spots of purple, red, orange or yellow. Your bathroom design will be accented, original and unique.


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Color transitions in high tech bathroom

Choose ceramic tile with glossy shine as coating for walls and floor in high tech bathroom. Any light color will perfectly fit into bathroom decor. It’s easy to create bathroom design with expressive accents and interesting color combinations on this basis. Hang a couple of bright colored cabinets and receive an interesting bathroom decor. Bathtub or shower cabin itself should be chosen from contemporary design directions.

Tropical shower or bath, stylized as metal will perfectly suit. Using spotlights you can make an interesting back-light and really bright lighting. Embossed ceiling will be an original solution for high tech bathroom.




High tech allows contrasting color combinations. Black & white tile floors and transparent shower cabin will create an interesting duo in style of futuristic landscapes. Complete atmosphere with red lockers and curtain, and get unique and stylish bathroom design.

Colored motifs are not very appropriate for high tech bathroom, because high tech interior design is primarily strict and restraint style. Large number of decor also will not fit into hi tech bathroom decor. Minimalism reigns here in high-tech style.

Bathroom decorating ideas: Shapes from Future

Choosing bathroom fixtures for high tech bathroom, give preference to unusual forms of water taps. You can even choose something quite fantastic. Main set point is creating a bathroom that will resemble movies about future. Original showers and sinks, designed like glaciers, roughly shaped shelves in simple forms you can fit here. All this will perfectly fit into high tech bathroom.





Durable steel, the fragile glass and shiny stone perfectly united in high-tech style. Choose glossy surfaces, straight lines and original forms. This style allows you to implement into reality the wildest fantasies and plans.

High tech style also assumes quite high costs. So don’t spare money for buying the latest development of sanitary ware. Style should be present everywhere. Don’t add more than two bright colors to hi tech bathroom decor. Otherwise, you risk turning discreet design into something uncouth and tasteless.

We hope, that our «bathroom decorating ideas: high tech bathroom» article will help you.

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Bathroom decorating ideas: high tech bathroom
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