Bathroom design ideas: Japanese style bathroom

If you want having nothing superfluous in bathroom decor, only natural materials and soothing colors. If you want there reigned atmosphere of peace and tranquility, then Japanese style bathroom will be perfect for you. In premises created in Japanese style, modern man, tired from hustle and bustle, feels great. Today we will discuss bathroom design ideas: Japanese style bathroom.





Real Japanese bath in your home

For creating true Japanese bath in your home, the room you should install very exotic thing for Europeans – ofuro bath. It’s made from wood and has circular shape. Real ofuro made from hinoki, which is unique tree that doesn’t rot and differs by particular strength.

Japanese style bathroom traits

Japanese style bathroom should be made in soft and soothing tones. Sand, beige, light brown and milky colors should prevail in bathroom decor. Even white can be dazzling, it should be like Marine Pearl, with grayish or bluish shade.

Bright accents as bit of green, black, charcoal or red are allowed in Japanese bath, like in Japanese landscape. Same colors are possible to use in tile and accessories. Bright color in Japanese style bathroom must be used with extreme caution. Bathroom design ideas can be arranged in beige shades, but floor should be made in black or gray, like river pebbles, and walls paint in green like leaves on trees.





Detailed minimalism in Japanese bath

Space in Japanese style bathroom should not be loaded, as less furniture and accessories in room as better. Recommended to install natural wooden closed shelves; clean towels and personal hygiene items could be kept there. Wooden bench and box from reeds or vines will perfectly fit in Japanese bath.

Walls in bathroom decor can be decorated with thematic paintings in dark wooden frames or lay out on walls tiles with Japanese scenes as hieroglyphs, bamboo stalks, rising sun, Mount Fujiyama and sakura blossoms.

Much attention in Japanese bath should be paid to lighting. Indoors can be a few light sources such as spot lights on ceiling and sconces around mirrors. No bright light should be in Japanese style bathroom, only muffled, soft and calm. It is advisable to use in interior design lighting fixtures from wood.

Bamboo stems in glass transparent vessels, asymmetrical black vases, bonsai in clay pots, smooth sea stones, shells and of course an ikebana will look great in interior design.

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Use of glass and metal without gilding are welcomed in Japanese style bathroom. For example, space can be zoned by glass walls, also hooks and soap dishes from stainless steel could be located on walls. It’s very practical, and most importantly that perfectly fits into bathroom decor.

Japanese bath can be created not only in country house, but also in ordinary apartment. Point is that bathroom decor was made in restrained tones, not overloaded with accessories and materials used in interior design would be natural.

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