Bathroom design ideas: white bathroom

Bathroom executed in white color, looks extremely elegant and refined. This classic color never leave bathroom decor, and in addition it’s associated with order and cleanliness, therefore is perfect for premises intended for various hygienic procedures. White color looks great not only in large bathroom designs, but also in small space, as its able to visually make space lighter and more spacious. Light blue tones, on the contrary, have cooling effect, and gray eliminates patches of light. Today we going to talk about «bathroom design ideas: white bathroom».





Speaking about wall finishing, preference should be given to pure white tiles, having a glossy surface or wood moisture-resistant panels which will make bathroom designs most cozy and comfortable. Furthermore, to give better liveliness and dynamism to space in bathroom decor it’s possible to combine materials with different textures.

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Modern bathroom design solution is combination of ceramics having different sizes. For example, large-format tiles can be combined with small mosaics which give original look to bathroom designs. Usage of granite tiles in light stone color is recommended as floor covering. Another option is dark floor, where placed cream or milky carpet.





Accessories with red, turquoise or light blue tones could serve as bright accents in white bathroom. Towels, shelves, carpets and curtains in saturated colors will allow avoiding monotony in bathroom decor and add bright contrasting note to white bathroom.

White sanitary ware and bathroom furniture, with similar color scheme will look very impressive at general light background in modern bathroom design. Bathtubs, sinks and showers made in white color will allow embodying diversity of bathroom design ideas and perfectly fit into any bathroom decor. For giving to white bathroom luxurious and sophisticated design, install there white sanitary ware elements with golden hue. However, if you wish to play with contrast, it’s possible to place sanitary ware in dark colors which will look no less impressive.






If you value above everything plenty of light in bathroom, so its recommended to install many different types of lighting like mirrors and glass elements that will add lightness and cheerfulness to bathroom designs.




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Bathroom design ideas: white bathroom
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