Home decor trends 2017: Gothic bathroom

Today we’ll discuss one of most unique ways to create bathroom decor for bright personalities. Interior design 2017 brings to deeper understanding of any style. What is Gothic bathroom nowadays? It’s not only modern bathroom, but the best way to express yourself and relax in atmosphere you need: luxurious, romantic, creepy, medieval or all in one. Check out also kitchen trends 2018, bathroom trends 2018 and living room furniture 2018.


We’ll tell you all it’s secrets in our «Home decor trends 2017: Gothic bathroom» article.


Bathroom decor: Gothic bathroom finishing

Usually black, violet, blue, red, vine, emerald and other dark and noble saturated colors predominate in Gothic bathroom. Calm light colors should provide nice contrast, but rarely be basic.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Gothic bathroom walls have especial function. They should play not only background, but real bathroom decor element role. Reflect Gothic style concept, you’ve chosen, in walls finishing. If you like original medieval style, use stucco work, velvet texture imitating wallpapers or natural stone. Silk plaster should give your Gothic bathroom romantic or mystic look.

Interior design 2017 brought such interesting trend, as artificially aged textures. Use it for walls, if you like it.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Any kind of above-mentioned walls looks wonderful with wooden or stone floor. You can use large tiles also, dark-colored or chess ones.

Refined bathroom decor, especially in red tones, reminds mini theatre hall with eye-catching ceiling. Decorate it with stucco work, gilt and luxurious classical luster.

Dark scene fans can experiment even with glossy panels and LED lighting, usually used in High-tech interiors. Interior design 2017 gives opportunities for realizing bathroom ideas with styles mixing. Just remember to keep your modern bathroom common concept, preferring dark colors.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Gothic furniture in modern bathroom

Large bathrooms give place for wider bathroom ideas. Use richly decorated dark wooden or metal lockers. Marble furniture often used in Gothic bathrooms, but be careful with it! Marble textures were out of home decor trends 2017!

Dark colored retro bath looks amazing in Gothic bathroom! Enlightened rectangular ones should be more actual for modern bathroom, especially on black walls background, beautifully reflecting lights.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Combine sink and other sanitary equipment shape with bath.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Bathroom ideas: Gothic bathroom decor

  • Use mirrors in refined richly carved dark colored frames with same colored wall lights in candles shapes. You’ll achieve two aims: space visual enlargement and better enlightenment. Moreover, such bathroom ideas give interior mystic and dramatic look.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017
  • Even built-in shelves can be placed in frame!Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017
  • Interior design 2017 includes wonderful fantasy elements. Do you love Poe’s poems? What about realistic small ravens’ sculptures right in modern bathroom? If you like other interesting creatures and characters, such as gargoyles, black cats, etc., “invite” them to your interior!Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017
  • Live or even withered flowers can make your Gothic bathroom whole of poetic charm! Just don’t overdo it; bouquets shouldn’t be too luxurious and big.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

Hopefully, our «Home decor trends 2017: Gothic bathroom» article helped you to create extraordinary bathroom, were perfect dark beauty harmony begins.Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017Gothic-bathroom-bathroom-ideas-bathroom-decor-modern-bathroom-home-decor-trends-2017-interior-design-2017

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