Italian style bathroom: fashionable options from antiquity to present

Roman terms were invented more than 2000 years ago. For centuries, their existence was distinctive feature of civilization of city. Embodiment of some ideas for decoration of bathing complexes of Ancient Rome today is bathroom in Italian style. This article will tell about the most common features of design and some original ideas for arranging Italian style bathroom.

Italian style bathroom, top trends and ideas for Italian style bathroom

Italian style bathroom: classic Italian style

Italian style bathroom with features of antiquity is finished with marble and other types of natural stone. For its decoration marble statues will be trendy.

Italian style bathroom, features and trends of Italian bathroom

In design of premises, light colors and their warm shades prevail. Organic looks and bas-reliefs depicting ancient heroes, laurel wreaths and symbols of Roman gods.

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You can place on walls pilasters and moldings. Perfectly look and marble columns with beautiful capitals.

Baroque bathroom in Italian style

Bathroom, in Renaissance traditions, looks no less valuable than a classic version of Italian design.

Italian style bathroom, Baroque style Italian bathroom

In its design must be present gold-plated details. For example, bath with high back on bronze legs in form of lions’ paws looks great.

Italian style bathroom, bath design ideas in Italian style bathroom

In addition, a bathroom in Italian style with Venetian mirrors in beautiful frames will look beautiful. They create visual effect of more spacious room.

Italian style bathroom, Venetian mirrors in Italian style bathroom

To make interior even more attractive will help mosaic. It spreads panels on walls, makes border along edge of bath or use to decorate floor. In this room you can install sofas and soft chairs. They will be convenient to lay out clothes or sit well after taking water procedures.

Italian style bathroom, mosaic tiles in Italian style bathroom

Italian style bathroom: modern Italian bathroom

In recent years, trends in form of desire for laconicism and minimalism have touched the design of Italian style bathroom. In particular, many designers offer more modest and budgetary solutions.

Italian style bathroom, bathtub design in Italian style bathroom

Original looks bathroom in design of which traditions and modernity coincide. For example, newest plumbing can coexist with stucco molding or with paintings on mythological themes.

Italian style bathroom, lighting ideas in Italian style bathroom

Important role-play fixtures. In particular, by using variety of lighting fixtures in the bathroom, you can create lighting that promotes maximum relaxation from everyday worries.

Italian style bathroom, window design in Italian style bathroom

In addition, a modern bathroom in Italian style necessarily has a source of natural light in the form of window. Add coziness to laconic interior helps tubs with plants.

Italian style bathroom, trendy colors of Italian style bathroom

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Italian style bathroom: fashionable options from antiquity to present
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