Modern bathroom design: practicality and convenience


Modern bathroom design combines aesthetic appearance and high practicality.


They are distinguished by attractive design, minimum details, and multi functionality of each interior element and availability of electronic technology, created with the help of innovative technologies.



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Clear and direct forms and smooth glossy surface are the main features of modern bathroom design. Talking about the color scheme, it is advisable to paint walls in white, blue or gray tones. Moreover, one of the newfangled trends in bathroom decor is the use of bright colors such as green, orange, red or purple.

Flooring in bathroom renovations can be performed under the “sandstone”, “marble” or “granite”. Another option is black and white color scheme, which gives to bathroom space more spectacular and expressive appearance, due to its contrast.



As gloss ceramic tiles can be used as finishing material for the walls and floor, but must be kept in mind that it should not be convex pictures, ornaments or fretwork. Should be remembered that, minimalist style of bathroom decor suggest the absence of large amount of decorative elements. Design of modern sanitary ware is quite different aesthetically from traditional models. Currently, the most popular are baths used in modern bathroom design have a circular, angular or oval formation. The optimal solution is setting an acrylic structure which wear-resistant, easy to clean, and does not conduct electricity, which is crucial unless it equipped with hydromassage system. Also, frequent attribute of bathroom renovations are voluminous and comfortable hot tubs with relief bottom.

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Shower cabin is an inalienable element of modern bathroom. By means of modern accessories, modern bathroom design can be turned into a steam bath, Finnish sauna even in Russian bath, where you can take aromatherapy or hydro massage. For greatest convenience, in such sanitary ware often set alert systems, that can be used in case of unexpected deterioration of health.

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Easy and elegant sink, mounted on overhead glass shelf, not only convenient for facial cleanser, but also creates visual sensation of free space. Large mirror with quality lighting will complement general composition.

Talking about choosing furniture for modern bathroom, objects with straight clean lines and plain neutral colors are organically fit here. Shelves, cabinets and lockers, which combine materials like metal and frosted glass, look particularly impressive in modern bathroom.

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Modern bathroom design: practicality and convenience
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