Moroccan bathroom: 2018 bathroom trends from East


Moroccan bathroom captivates with it’s design exotic charm! It made for persons loving luxury, originality and real Eastern atmosphere. Sometimes 2018 bathroom trends go far from traditional European views on design.

Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom-2018 bathroom trends

Moroccan bathroom, surely, considered being that phenomena’s brightest representative! It also brings good possibility for showing fine taste – many saturated colors’ competent combination should be hard without it! But HOUSE INTERIOR will help you find win-win bathroom ideas 2018!

Read our «Moroccan bathroom: 2018 bathroom trends from East» article.

2018 bathroom trends: Moroccan colors luxury

  • Saturated blues considered being characteristic for Moroccan bathroom, but not required.

Blue-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom-2018 bathroom trends

  • Warm beige, terracotta, sand colors remind of our design motherland’s hot climate.

Warm-shaded-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018--Moroccan bathroom-2018 bathroom trends

  • Another reminding of bright Sun – metals. Add gold, copper shades. Choose brass elements, as win-win option. It’s included in 2018 bathroom trends!

Brass-elements-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018--Moroccan bathroom-2018 bathroom trends

  • Morocco is washed by Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Saturated greens, emerald, sea tide shades bring beauty of boundless waters color play.

Green-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018--Moroccan bathroom-2018 bathroom trends

  • Saturated dark or warm tone wood makes «spicy» accents.

Wooden-elements-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-bathroom ideas 2018

  • White should be present, but just for sanitary equipment or details on mosaics, never as basic color.


Moroccan bathroom: Decor

  • Special Moroccan bathroom feature – small tiles with bright Eastern patterns present almost always!

Tiles-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom Decor

  • Use iridescent tiles brought by 2018 bathroom trends also!

Iridescent-tiles-Tiles-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom Decor

  • Bathroom ideas 2018 with complicated geometric shapes gain popularity. Moroccan style catches eye with doors, windows, zoning dividers or wall décor quaint forms.

Geometry-Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018--Moroccan bathroom Decor

  • Such shapes often meet as small recesses for bath accessories.
  • Lighting plays important role in bathroom ideas 2018. It’s main warmth atmosphere provider here! Use unusual, medium size lamp with carving elements for mystic lighting. Enlighten recesses from top. And don’t forget about candles, better aromatic – giving fairy tale Eastern notes.


  • Carved wooden furniture finishes unbelievable Moroccan atmosphere!

Hopefully, our «Moroccan bathroom: 2018 bathroom trends from East» article inspired your own Eastern water fairy tale creation!

Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom: 2018 bathroom trends

Moroccan-bathroom-2018-bathroom-trends-bathroom-ideas-2018-Moroccan bathroom: 2018 bathroom trends

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