Contemporary bathroom design magic: Purple bathroom ideas

Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design Bathroom designs

Fashion for berry and vegetal shades made people search for purple bathroom ideas more and more. As purple colors group includes all shades from red and blue mixing, it unites cool and warm tones advantages.

So, it’s often most pleasant and universal basic natural shade for contemporary bathroom design.

Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Purple bathroom ideas

Purple bathroom decor gives wide color combining opportunities, as well, as stylistic ones. As quite deep tone, it plays completely differently roles with variable textures.

But, be sure, it’s poetic dualistic essence reveals hidden beauty in any material, even concrete… Purple bathroom ideas interest romantic, imaginative persons. In past color usage told about power and royalty. It’s reddish shade – amaranth (“unfading flower”) symbolized immortality.

Are you already intrigued? Read our «Contemporary bathroom design magic: Purple bathroom ideas» article.

Purple bathroom ideas: Color’s secrets

Purple bathroom ideas considered being as beautiful, as complicated because of color’s versatility. But get arm with its secrets and you’ll win!

  • Big bathrooms allow darkest shades usage, as blueberry. Win-win options for small purple bathroom decor – light shades: lavender, lilac, pale amaranth.

Big-and-small-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Purple bathroom ideas

  • But if your heart asks for darker shade in small area, let’s “cheat”! Use glossy, flashing surfaces for dark parts and rich lighting. Find good company for dark purple! Piercing light shades and mirrors visually expand space. You’ll get perfect contemporary bathroom design!

Small-dark-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Purple bathroom ideas-purple bathroom decor

  • As purple is rich by itself, use 2-3 additional color only.
  • Silver metallic tones create really magic ensemble with purple! Grays balance its bright temperament. Gray-purple ensemble works good for walls finishing. Pay attention on intensities, you’ll better use opposite ones.

Purple-silver-Purple-gray-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Purple bathroom ideas

  • Purple and lime green create playful look, actual for contemporary bathroom design.

Purple-lime-green-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Purple bathroom ideas

  • Wood, metallic, concrete, glass – all is ok!
  • Black and purple look mysterious, but need some light companion.

Purple bathroom decor: Perfection details

Purple bathroom ideas fit into variable styles and tastes. And look so different depending on design direction! Let’s figure it out!

  • Art Nouveau made violaceous boom! So, it’s flowing lines look harmonically in purple bathroom decor. Try!

Flowing-shapes-Neoclassicism-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-purple bathroom decor

  • Classicistic moldings and LED lights combinations makes great impression! Add dark purple and you’ll get royal bathroom!
  • Bathroom is water element Kingdom! Remember, how does sea look at sunset time? Use iridescent textures with purple, blue, red, black shades boldly.
  • Gothic bathrooms with purple-black combination and imaginary beings should take you to fantasy world!

Gothic-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-purple bathroom decor

  • Purple sanitary equipment looks so original! And, as we promised, color revives even brutal concrete!

Purple-sanitary-equipment-Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-purple bathroom decor-Contemporary bathroom design

Hopefully, our «Contemporary bathroom design magic: Purple bathroom ideas» article brought you to realizing your dream bathroom project!

Purple-bathroom-ideas-purple-bathroom-decor-contemporary-bathroom-design-Contemporary bathroom design

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