Small bathroom ideas

In almost all multi-story buildings bathroom is too small, its size no more than three – four square meters, and sometimes much less. So this problem successfully dares by designers for a long and there are even existing standard small bathroom designs. In this article we will provide some small bathroom ideas.


Planning small bathroom designs

For planning small bathroom designs, there are some computers programs exist for modeling, some of them with free access available online. In order to competently place the bathroom fixtures and bathroom furniture, above all, pick up piece of paper and create your room in reduced size. Mark where water connection hoses, sewer pipes and ductwork are.

Remember that with current technology, to conduct water wiring is possible almost anywhere in the bathroom; the same applies to the sewerage. And, if your tub stood on the left, you can set it on the right, which will require only some investments for transport communications.

All this also applies to other sanitary ware as sink, toilet and bidet.

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At first, when planning small bathroom designs, think where the door will be opened. It is thought that the door should open inward, but then the useful area of the small bathroom becomes even less, because a door will occlude one of the walls.

Therefore, recommended door opening to the outside. If that doesn’t suit, consider sliding door, it saves space in small bathroom and in corridor.

Plumbing-fixtures-and-sanitary-ware-in-small-bathroom Plumbing-fixtures-and-sanitary-ware-in-small-bathroom-1



Small bathroom decoration and repair ideas

  • The classic version of small bathroom decoration is white and its shades. They have only one drawback, practicality is absent, you will need to pay too much time to clean bathroom.
  • But you can use not only white, natural shades of mild green, olive, pink and purple are also good enough, but avoid using dark colors.
  • Also be careful with bright colors, only small areas should be colored bright.
  • Tiles, laid on diagonal perfectly expand space in small bathroom designs.

Usage of large or too bright patterns and flowers is taboo for small bathrooms; they visually reduce space, also try to avoid metallic shades.



Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-1

Plumbing fixtures and sanitary ware in small bathroom

When considering plumbing fixtures and sanitary ware in small bathroom, you should take into account, that necessary minimum for any bathroom are bathtub or shower, sink and toilet bowl. Additional elements are a bidet, washing machine and bathroom furniture.

Lighting should be enough, but without busting. Small bathroom will not become bigger even if you install a plurality of lamps. It will be be sufficient some halogen lamps on the ceiling and additional mirror illumination. You can apply an additional sidelight to highlight some especial detail, such as handsome pattern on wall or vintage luminaire.

Plumbing-fixtures-and-sanitary-ware-in-small-bathroom-6  Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-2

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-3

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-4

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-5

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-6

Small-bathroom-ideas- bathroom-designs- bathroom-decor-7

Hopefully our touch on small bathroom ideas will be helpful.

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Small bathroom ideas
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