Small Bathroom Trends 2023: The Art Of Adding An Of-the-earth Element And A Sense Of Rhythm

small bathroom 2023

Small bathroom trends 2023 will help you transforming your bathroom into a spa is possible! In addition to relaxing the body and mind and providing a feeling of well-being, sauna and hammam help eliminate toxins.

Opting for one or the other is a matter of taste and heat tolerance.

Sauna or hammam, the difference lies in the humidity of the air. Indeed, the air is dry in a sauna, while it is humid in a hammam. Two completely different modes of operation to which each person reacts differently.

If you like dry heat, the sauna is for you. Of Scandinavian origin, the sauna is a small wooden cabin equip with bleachers, in which reigns a heat that can rise up to 90°C, without mist or steam (barely 30% humidity).

small bathroom trends 2023

If you prefer moist heat, head to the hammam. In this room covered with mosaic or earthenware, also called Moorish bath or Turkish bath, heat at a temperature of around 50°C is diffused, with a humidity level that can reach 100%.

This moisture generates a mist of steam that relaxes the muscles, promotes blood circulation and deeply cleanses the skin and body.

Chic and natural appearance for the bathroom

Prizing  for its chic and natural appearance but also for its great resistance, travertine can be laid indoors and outdoors. In non-slip finish, it fits perfectly in humid rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

Integrating with all styles of decoration, this natural stone covering is available in many colors and offers a wide choice in terms of rendering.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of travertine for the bathroom? What finishes and colors are possible? How much does it cost ? Decryption in the article.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of travertine in the bathroom?

small bathroom trends 2023
Travertine is a limestone whose appearance, resistance and lasting quality have greatly appealed and continue to appeal to individuals who use it as a floor covering but also to dress the walls of their bathrooms. The point on the main advantages and disadvantages of travertine.

Travertine is an elegant material among small bathroom trends 2023.

Do you like to take care of the decoration of your interior? Travertine will undoubtedly be your ally! This nuanced natural stone has a natural charm and elegance that immediately brings a lot of cachet and authenticity to a room, whatever it is.

Travertine comes in many colors and finishes: small bathroom 2023

Whether the decoration of your small bathroom 2023 is classic or designer, travertine will easily adapt to its style. This material is available in several shades ranging from beige to brown via red and orange, gray and also offers several possibilities in terms of finishes.

small bathroom 2023

It can be polished for a shiny, more modern finish (note that it will then have to be treated to make it non-slip), brushed for a rustic touch or aged to bring even more prestige to the room.
It is also possible to opt for tiles of different sizes in order to obtain a totally unique and personalizing  rendering, a Roman opus laying for example.

The bathroom more than any other room undergoes significant variations in humidity and temperature every day. Making sure it is well ventilating is like pulling both sleeves of a sweater really hard: you make sure the seam is strong enough to withstand the strain. Ventilation ensures the air quality of your bathroom.

Why ventilate the small bathroom 2023

All rooms in an apartment or a house must be ventilated.

It is necessary to evacuate the stale air producing by breathing and human activities as well as the chemical compounds (VOC) contained in many materials used in interior fittings: glues, agglomerates, floor coverings, paints, sealing products.

This is even more true in the bathroom. Sudden variations in humidity and temperature put it to the test every day.

After a shower or a bath, the immediate atmosphere is temporarily bathed in an atmosphere saturated with humidity. The walls, the joints, the ceiling, the paint, the joinery, the furniture are likely to wear out more quickly.

small bathroom trends 2023

Over time, this state of affairs can degrade these spaces. To keep them in good condition, it is necessary to compensate for these variations with suitable ventilation and to vary the frequency of renewal of the ambient air according to the use of the room.

The air inside the home is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air we breathe outside. Good ventilation reduces health risks.

The different possible breakdowns tp take advantage from

Do you like your bathroom? If you find condensation on the walls, mirrors and windows, it is that it is poorly ventilated. The signs of poor ventilation are unmistakable: stale smells, humidity, mould, black stains on the walls and tile joints, swelling of chipboard panels… The list of visible damage is long.

To overcome the problems, different ways of ventilating are available to you:

Natural ventilation is the first way to renew the ambient air in your bathroom. To do this, the day under the doors must be sufficient, ventilation grilles can be present on the openings of the windows.

small bathroom designs 2023

Also remember to open the windows a few minutes after a shower or bath, even in winter. This simple gesture is all the more important for recent windows and therefore perfectly sealed.

The best materials to choose for small bathroom 2023

Punctual mechanical ventilation is suitable for a bathroom without VMC.

The installation of an air extractor is a simple solution, easy to carry out and very effective. The principle consists in connecting a turbine to the switch which extracts the air from the room to reject it outside the room each time the light is on.

small bathroom designs 2023

Humidity-controlled models turn on not based on light but on the humidity level. Just install a grid in the bathroom and a small turbine behind.

Global mechanical ventilation is a solution for global air renewal. VMC (controlled mechanical ventilation), simple or double flow, is essential.

They have been mandatory in new constructions since 1969 and the latest thermal regulations, RT 2012, recommend the installation of a double flow model. However, installing a CMV in renovation can be complicated and generate significant work.

Small bathroom 2023: 5 steps to properly lighting your bathroom

In addition to natural lighting, electric lighting in the bathroom is an essential factor to take into account in order to benefit from optimal comfort. To do this, the lighting must be the subject of all attention! Follow the guide to optimize your bathroom lighting in just 5 steps.

Choose a suitable light color

For a bathroom to be well lit, it is essential to choose a light closest to that of daylight. To choose the right bulb, identify its color temperature and its color rendering index (CRI), indicated on its packaging.

We then find the following lights:

  • Warm white: diffuses a yellow light (CRI between 80 and 90).
  • Neutral white: diffuses natural light (CRI greater than 90).
  • Cold white: diffuses a white light that tends towards blue (CRI less than 80).
  • Warm white lighting provides a warm ambiance, but it does not capture true natural colors. Do not use it as main lighting. Conversely, lighting that is too white provides a cold, unpleasant light in a bathroom.

Above your sink and around the mirrors, choose neutral white lighting with a CRI greater than 90, which is as close as possible to daylight, more comfortable for shaving or applying make-up.

Install powerful lighting

The intensity of the lighting is also to be taken into account. Expressed in lux, it must be adapted to the needs of each room. Thus, a bathroom should not be lit like the living room or the bedroom for example.

In the bathroom, a minimum intensity of 300 lux for general lighting, and 500 lux for occasional lighting is recommended (around a mirror, for example).

Beware of too bright lights that attack the eyes! Some tricks are possible to vary the intensity of the lighting such as halogen ceiling lights or backlighting which also gives the room a designer look.

small bathroom water

Recessed spotlights, illuminated mirrors… the electrical consumption of all these bulbs must be controlling . Say goodbye to conventional halogen bulbs and incandescent lamps.

Choose LED bulbs: available in different powers and shapes, they save up to 80% energy and have an excellent longevity (15 years). Eco halogen bulbs are less energy efficient, they diffuse excellent quality light (CRI 100) and have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years.

Small Bathroom Trends 2023: The Art Of Adding An Of-the-earth Element And A Sense Of Rhythm

Finally, compact fluorescent bulbs (or low-consumption bulbs) save up to 80% energy and have a lifespan of between 6 and 12 years. On the other hand, they take a little time to light up properly.

LED bulbs save up to 80% energy and have an excellent longevity (15 years)

Opt for several lights

In order to guarantee a minimum of brightness throughout the room, it is considered that two minimum light points are necessary. On the one hand a general source which generally starts from the ceiling with a diffuse luminosity.

This main lighting must be measured to avoid dazzling, especially in the morning, but powerful enough to see clearly at all times. A ceiling lamp or a suspension then diffuses a direct and soft light, perfect for lighting well without attacking the eyes.

small bathroom design white

The solution for tailor-made lighting: spotlights recessed into the ceiling. They make it possible to cover the entire room by diffusing homogeneous lighting. However, their installation requires the construction of a false ceiling.

To do this, certain conditions must be met:

  • Use water-repellent (moisture-resistant) plasterboard.
  • Install the false ceiling at least 2.25 m from the floor.
  • Choose safety extra low voltage (SELV) type spotlights with IPx7 protection.

Power the spotlights by a transformer.

The second, more localized light source must be more powerful, in particular for morning washing, shaving or even makeup. Wall lights or LED spotlights must then be placed above the mirror.

small bathroom black

Of course, it is not forbidden to add another light source if you wish and if the size of your bathroom allows it.

You can then break the codes by including mood lighting near your bath or shower, to bring a decorative and zen touch.

For perfect and economical lighting, it is advisable to choose energy-efficient bulbs.

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Small Bathroom Trends 2023: The Art Of Adding An Of-the-earth Element And A Sense Of Rhythm
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