Art deco style bedroom: features and trends of art deco bedroom design

Subtle and extravagant style of art deco originated in Europe hundred years ago and was appanage of rich life of elite of society. Today it’s expensive exclusive, not tolerating cheap decor, where modernity is combined with classics, and unusual design ideas are realized. So let’s discuss art deco style bedroom design ideas.

art deco style bedroom, trends and design ideas of art deco bedroom

Art deco style bedroom: design ideas

Art deco style bedroom has abundance of forthrightly expensive materials, metals, stones, and art collectibles.

art deco style bedroom, features of art deco bedroom

Pasteboard of this direction is furniture from natural wood or metal,  abundance of mirrors, precious textiles, paintings. Walls of bedroom in this style enumerate with asymmetrical or straight lines, decorated with drawings and tracery.

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art deco style bedroom, ornament in art deco style bedroom

Ornament is distinctive feature of art deco style. Gentle and rounded shapes (waves, ovals, circles, arches) are in fashion. Same figure can be present on ceiling, podium or in doorway.

Contrast is obtained not with consumption of tinge scale, but by combining divers textures: sleek and rough.


Lighting should be saturated. You can attain this by natural light and with great number of lamps: multi-stage, trapezoidal, spherical, tower form. So splendid chandelier, such as crystal, with semiprecious stones, forging elements, gilded or silver-plated are in trend.

art deco style bedroom, lighting ideas in art deco style bedroom

Art deco style bedroom: floors and ceilings

Main criterion for floor design is its naturalness. Splendor of art deco style bedroom will underline murky wood parquet, pastiche of polished marble or filling floor. You can also choose carpet or thick linoleum, but with opulent extraordinary coating. Also in art deco interior splendidly fit any ceiling of uncommon shape with stucco and backlighting.

art deco style bedroom, floor and ceiling design ideas in art deco style bedroom


Pertinent curtains, satin or silk blankets and pads with hangings, embroidery, appliquéing are in fashion: animal skins, downy Persian carpets, sumptuous covers for furniture.

Thus, main claim for textiles is gentleness, daintiness of lines, presence of ornament suitable to overall bedroom design.

art deco style bedroom, textile trends in art deco style bedroom

Accessories and decor elements

Thus, pricey handwritten pictures, caskets from natural stone, divers souvenirs reptiles skin and ivory will look stunning. Large table and floor vases geometric tracery and venerable ornament will look modish.

art deco style bedroom, decor and accessories in art deco style bedroom

Furniture and mirrors

Favorite of art deco style bedroom is whimsical furniture with inlaid and carved elements. Main element of bedroom is covered with leather, silk, velvet or velour bed.

Also, legs are obligatorily messy. For this style is corresponding forged frame with ornamentation of gold, silver or bronze. Bedside tables and dressing table is also trendy.

Also in art deco you can conjoin pieces of furniture from divers typesets and styles, but their hue and texture should coincide.

art deco style bedroom, furniture and mirror trends in art deco style bedroom

An indefeasible element of art deco is mirror. Main assignment of mirrors is to establish effect of diversity of ornaments and elements. Notably effective will be mirrored with sunlight form frame. So you can depict lines and strips (divergent, parallel, asymmetric, etc.) on wallpaper.

Choice of tinges

Art deco has no peculiar requirements for tinge resolutions. Thus choose neutral as main tone, and then re-edify it with flamboyant hues that mingle in with background. Black and white, gray-blue, chocolate-beige, white and burgundy combinations look marvelous.

Thus experts admonish using three tints, in which two will be background hues, and one will be element of swank (gold, silver, bronze).

art deco style bedroom, trendy colors in art deco style bedroom

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Art deco style bedroom: features and trends of art deco bedroom design
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