Bedroom design ideas: Space decor



Today we’ll discuss amazing interior design trends 2017 for all romantics, admired by endless Universe beauty. Modern bedroom should become ideal place for dreaming, immersion in books magic world, taking inspiration and perfect relaxation.

Let’s bring peace of Universe in your bedroom with us! Read our «Bedroom design ideas: Space decor» article.


Space bedroom decor: Modern bedroom in night sky colors

Unearthly beautiful bedroom should give sense of weightlessness, flight and dynamism. Any modern equipment ideally fits to space decor, if necessary color scheme would be used. Inspire by night sky!

You’re welcomed to use almost all bright and dark tones, such as black, different blue tones, purple, magenta, orange, glowing snow-white and neon colors.


Pay much attention on lights! Remember movie spaceships with multiple lamps to understand space decor concept.

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Light should “paint” your cosmic bedroom! Use multicolored LED stripes, mystic diffused light, “star” lamps or simulate night sky with built-in lamps on ceiling or draw cosmic images by fluorescent paints. Everything in space bedroom decor depends on your imagination!


Space decor fits to multiple styles; it’s look mostly depends of furniture shapes you prefer. Here two bedroom design ideas about furniture.

Simple minimalistic furniture should be just a neutral scene for walls, floors and decorating components bright cosmic “adventures”. All this creates really modern bedroom. Use smooth, even unexciting color for such furniture, simple lines and textures.


Choose second furniture option if you dream about bedroom of future! Imagine your little cozy spaceship interior and realize shapes you’ve seen with no limits! Add unusual futuristic sleek shaped furniture, seeming ready to flight. It should be decorated with LED stripes or multiple small lights. Interior design trends 2017 promote relaxing diffused light using.

Creative and bold personalities can try even amazing spaceship stylized beds!

Don’t overload bedroom with furniture; use only necessary items and you’re good to go with interior design trends 2017.


Bedroom design ideas: Space bedroom decor in details

  • Many urban residents dream of clear night sky spattered with stars… Take it on your modern bedroom ceiling! Stretch one should be perfect.
  • Futuristic lusters or many small “starry” lights bring unique style. Don’t use too bright light for bedroom! Lamps would be rocket or planet shaped.
  • Simplest option for space decor is adding cosmic theme ornamented wallpapers or galaxy photo wallpapers.
  • Cosmic theme 3D mural on walls became one of most unique interior design trends 2017!
  • Do you dream about walking right on stars? Use glossy self-leveling floor with galaxies images or 3D pictures, simulating realistic cracks guiding to parallel world.
  • Unusual rounded shaped walls make interior original and especially cozy.
  • Flying bed is one of interior design trends 2017! Add LED stripes on bed’s subframe.
  • Galaxy fabrics look amazing both for furniture and curtains.

Space-decor-space-bedroom-decor-bedroom-design-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-modern-bedroom Space-decor-space-bedroom-decor-bedroom-design-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-modern-bedroom

Hopefully, our «Bedroom design ideas: Space decor» article will help you to create unbelievable space bedroom decor. Have a good fantasy flight!

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Bedroom design ideas: Space decor
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