Bedroom furniture ideas

Undoubtedly, bed as it was, and still is the main piece of bedroom furniture. At present existing range is so wide, that to be defined in choice only becomes more complicated. According to forecasts for 2017, completely soft beds with colorful and rich upholstery are the most popular models of bed in contemporary bedroom furniture. Such bed is not only a functional element, but also main decorative element in the modern bedroom sets. Here you can see our touch on bedroom furniture ideas for upcoming 2017.

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Setting a frameless bed is very unusual innovation in bedroom interior design. This model looks just like a regular mattress laid on the floor. Of course, for older homeowners this is not perfect option. This arrangement would be appropriate in minimalist style bedroom interior design, and especially in Oriental style.

Use of bedside tables, lamps and floor lamps is unchanging classic, which firmly entrenched in the bedroom interior design.

For classic style or modern style bedroom decoration, designers recommend the use smoothly rounded sofas or beds. An unusual option could be use of textile headboard, which gradually turns into accent wall and even ceiling. Not only designers recommend such a bedroom decoration method, but also psychologists for impressionable people, for whom feeling of comfort and security is very important.

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Bedroom storage ideas

As for bedroom storage ideas, a clear tendency is refusal of handles,  smooth glossy facades with internal accessories look very modern and elegant. Incredibly popular bedroom storage option in 2017 is a dresser with many drawers. It is here that will be convenient to store not only the bedding, but also small parts of the wardrobe, from underwear to t-shirts and sweaters, which are not recommended to hang.

The major trend in contemporary bedroom furniture and wardrobe storage for 2017 is almost complete replacement from external to internal accessories and shelves. Despite the impracticality of this type of furniture, thanks to the fact that it opened by lightly pressing, modern wardrobe storage is close to perfection. No more torn and stretched on handle clothes.








Bedroom-furniture-ideas-bedroom-interior-design- bedroom-furniture-design

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Bedroom-furniture-ideas-bedroom-interior-design- bedroom-furniture-design-2

Bedroom-furniture-ideas-bedroom-interior-design- bedroom-furniture-design-3 Bedroom-furniture-ideas-bedroom-interior-design- bedroom-furniture-design-4

Bedroom-furniture-ideas-bedroom-interior-design- bedroom-furniture-design-5

We hope that selected bedroom furniture ideas was helpful.

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Bedroom furniture ideas
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