Bedroom trends 2019: Creative tips for bedroom design ideas 2019

The Internet magazine “House Interior” will help you be aware of the bedroom trends 2019. The bedroom is one of few places where a modern person can escape from everyday problems and relax before a new workday. The design of a bedroom is totally important for everyone.

Bedroom trends 2019: Bedroom design in eclectic style

For more than a year, Minimalism leads in the field of interior design of kitchens, living rooms, etc. In this regard, experts offer creative ideas for designs of bedrooms 2019. They are based on the requirement of combining minimalistic design and giving maximum comfort.

Bedroom trends 2019: Bedroom design in green and white: Minimalist style

To create this, you can apply ethno features that are super-relevant in the future season. The use of aquamarine or cyan is among bedroom design trends 2019.

The experts recommend to use the latter as a bright color accent. They can dilute monochrome white or grey interior.

In case you are interested in bedroom trends 2019, then pay attention to Neoclassical style. This option involves the creation of a classic interior, using modern materials.

Nordic interior style has been in fashion for more than a year. The secret of its popularity lies in the practicality of this design. Its motto is “Nothing superfluous”, since the population dwellers of Northern Europe have always tried to save money on modest natural resources.

Bedroom trends 2019: Scandinavian bedroom design

Scandinavian bedroom trends 2019 have the following requirements:

  • a discreet palette, in which there are only white and grey colors,
  • use of wood as the main finishing material,
  • minimum furniture that should be made only from light wood,
  • light vintage in style of the 60-70’s of the last century,
  • the use of large number of knitted textiles,
  • minimum decor with Scandinavian features.

To create a super-relevant Scandinavian bedroom 2019, designers recommend to add a couple of navy accents to the winter interior.

Bedroom trends 2019: Scandinavian bedroom design

For your bedroom design 2019 the most saturated shades will be perfect. There may be a few bright pillows on the bed or a coarse knitted rug in large white-cyan stripes.

While choosing a bed for bedrooms 2019, give preference to models without a noticeable back. Nowadays it is a trendy wall decoration of reception behind the headboard with the same wood panels as the floor. With this kind of design, bedrooms 2019 will acquire Eco-features and the ceiling will seem higher.

Bedrooms 2019: Neoclassical bedroom ideas 2019

Fortunately, the desire to decorate the house according to the principle of “expensive-rich” is already in the past. However, there is nothing wrong if you want to emphasize your social status. For those, who wish to have a luxurious bedroom, the Neoclassic bedroom design ideas 2019 will be a perfect solution. This represents a real mix of classic perfection.

Bedroom trends 2019: Neoclassical bedroom design

Bedroom design trends 2019 can be complimented with aquamarine color shades. However, this time you should choose the lightest color hues.

One of the trendy options is to apply a wallpaper at the head of the bed. The rest can be simply painted in a shade of the same color range as the background color of the wallpaper.

Bedroom trends 2019: Neoclassical style

Talking about wallpapers, let’s say that in 2019 metallic wallpapers will be trendy. Visually, they look like a lace with a pattern in form of an intricate weave of leaves and branches on the background of gold or silver metal sheet. In neoclassical bedroom design trends 2019, a fireplace with a portal of light marble with an antique design will look perfect.

By the way, it is not necessary to have a real fireplace. Today there are electrical options with the effect of smoke, generated by the evaporation of water.

Neoclassical design of bedroom 2019 should be complemented with a crystal chandelier with long pendants. Marble statue or its high-quality imitation will also be suitable as decorations.

 Loft style bedroom 2019

Today, many designers offer luxury homes, designed in Loft style. This design continues to be a novelty, although in the West, it became popular immediately after the Second World War. For an attic interior the absence of partitions is typical. This means that attic bedroom design trends 2019 are rather for studios. However, the implementation of such kind of task is often even more difficult.

Bedroom trends 2019: Loft style

First of all, it is required to carry out competent zoning. This can be done by making a wall behind the head of bed in a special way. For example, a finish from an artificially old board will look original. You can also finish all walls under the brick and place the area around the bed under a white plaster or paint and decorate with graffiti.

Loft bedroom trends 2019 also require the use of a large bed. Moreover, it should be covered with soft bedspreads without any patterns or ornaments. To complement the interior, you can use original designer lamps, industrial lamps or theater lights.

 High-tech bedroom design 2019

You can apply different solutions for bedroom design 2019. Designers offer high-tech style. Only those people choose this kind of design, who always follow the interior design trends and are even ahead of it, by using the latest scientific achievements.

Bedroom trends 2019: High-tech bedroom design

For high-tech bedrooms in the new season, designers offer original solutions. First of all, they involve various light effects. In particular, you can apply the method of highlighting the bed from below. This will create the feeling that it is floating in the air. You can also apply light canopy. For this purpose, you can use spotlights, installed in pairs on the floor and on the ceiling, directed towards each other.

By the way, bedroom trends 2019 offer designs for studio apartments, the ideal solution of which will be a bed with a lifting mechanism hidden in the wall.

Such kind of designs are very convenient, as during the daytime the bed rises to the ceiling without any effort. The bottom of the bed should have an appropriate design, as in the raised form it turns into a part of multi-level ceiling.

Your bedroom design will be successful, if you manage to create an eclectic interior. However, one should be extremely careful, so that the bedroom doesn’t look like a collection of random items purchased at an auction.

Bedroom trends 2019: Eclectic style

To avoid such cases, the design of the room in the same color shade will come to help you. You will get an eclectic bedroom, if you choose a specific theme. So, you can equip your room in the form of a sleeping cabin. Such choice will allow you to use the color of the sea wave, which is trendy.

Bedroom trends 2019: Aquarium bedroom design

Besides, you can decorate your bedroom 2019 by installing a large aquarium with fish. It can perform not only its direct function, but also serve as a zoning partition.

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