Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

The boho bedroom ideas help to reflect the inner world of the owner of the apartment. The name boho is derived from the word bohemia and refers to the lifestyle of the creative elite at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. And the word bohemia comes from Bohemia – a region in the Czech Republic.

The history of the emergence of the style is romantic and slightly confusing, and only a person with impeccable taste can create it.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

The History and Characteristics of the Boho Style

The boho style, or the bohemian style of the interior, is controlled chaos, mixing of dissimilar details into a harmonious atmosphere. It first appeared in France at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Its creators were poets, artists, and musicians who moved to the impoverished gypsy areas due to financial difficulties.

During that time, Gypsies were called Bohemians, mistakenly believing that their homeland was Bohemia. The creative French elite, who adopted the love of the bright interior of the home from the Gypsy people, also began to be called bohemian.

This is how the bohemian style appeared. In the twentieth century, it has changed slightly thanks to the hippies and the fusion of different directions.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Main Directions

Modern boho has embraced the immensity – styles, and folklore:

  • Indian;
  • Moroccan;
  • Latin American;
  • African;
  • Slavic;
  • Scandinavian.

Important! For boho bedroom decor, there is a unifying element – the dominant stylistic direction or a general color scheme.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Boho will not suit adherents of strict order and minimalism. You should not choose this style for asthma, because it will be impossible to achieve order and complete absence of dust.

Boho suits people of creative professions who like to reflect their inner world in the setting.

Boho Classic

The boho style was created to attract attention, but because it is too intense, it merged with the Scandinavian style in the 2000s.

Taking as a basis a white, simple and laconic Scandinavian base, filled with bright colors, textiles, and decor. As a result, a modern bohemian bedroom version of scandi boho or boho classic appeared.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Boho Chic Bedroom

This style is more popular in Europe and America.

When decorating the interior, they use aged furniture of the last century. The abundance of fresh flowers and carpets is characteristic.

A boho chic bedroom contains an abundance of textures, textures, ornaments, and ethnic influences. The design uses natural colors of muted shades.

Any free space in the room is filled with paintings, fringes, carpets, flowers. Bold experiments are acceptable. You can combine modern furniture with geometric patterns and grandmother’s woolen carpets.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Boho Hippie

The boho hippie style reflects disagreement with the rules, protest. Not everyone can afford it, you need to have the courage to decorate the interior of the bedroom in this way. Ethnic ornaments are popular in boho hippies.

This style combines the cultural traditions of different peoples.

Ethnic ornament is present in wall decoration, textile drawing, decorative elements, and souvenirs.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Color Palette

Bohemian bedroom decor is bright and saturated with all kinds of colors and shades. All kinds of prints of ethnic origin are popular. They can look very natural. Any color palette is acceptable. It is desirable that it be as natural as possible, but at the same time bright.

Saturated natural colors are relevant:

  • red – poppies and strawberries;
  • yellow – lemons and sunflowers;
  • blue – sky and sea.

For a boho style bedroom, a calm earthy scale can be quite suitable – brown, sand, terracotta. Shades of precious stones and metals – silver, sapphire, emerald.

It does not matter how much the colors are combined according to generally accepted standards. The main thing is that they evoke a feeling of comfort and coziness among the inhabitants of the apartment, be close and pleasant to them.

The more original this combination is, the better. In boho bedroom decor, the use of an accent wall is common. You can highlight it with photo wallpaper or, conversely, left white.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Materials and Finishes

The choice of materials for flooring, ceiling, and boho-style walls does not tolerate strict restrictions. There are several guidelines you should follow to make the bedroom interior look harmonious.

When choosing a finish for a room, they prefer natural materials, synthetic and plastic will be inappropriate. There is not a single style in the interior that would use textures so boldly:

  • silky and rough;
  • braided and velvet;
  • rough and soft;
  • smooth and hairy.

This variety is typical for boho. Above all, this adds depth to the bedroom interior. For the floor, you can use parquet or tiles, but it is better not to use linoleum.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions


It is advisable to choose the simplest and cheapest finishing methods, or, conversely, expensive and prestigious, their combination in one interior is appropriate.

How Do You Boho a Bedroom?

Firstly, to decorate a bedroom in the boho style, original design solutions are necessary.

Ordinary rough and Venetian plaster, bright stenciled paint, or cheerful wallpaper with aesthetic or large floral patterns will look good on the walls of the bedroom.

The ceiling in the bedroom can be suspended, painted or whitewashed, calm and light or bright, multi-level, decorated with beams, or sheathed with wood panels.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Boho Bedroom Ideas: Furniture

Boho-style furniture is characterized by heterogeneity, a combination of different eras and styles, and various colors.

But there are certain rules for choosing a headset for the bedroom:

  1. Boho-style furniture should be as cozy and comfortable as possible. These can be deep and soft armchairs, wide sofas, various tables, and tables.
  2. Rattan furniture, wooden benches, small ottomans, and banquets will look good.
  3. Antique or aged furniture will work great, especially with Victorian influences. It is better if the antiques look their age, but neat.

In the boho style, you can combine a wide variety of styles of furniture from different eras and stylistic directions, you should carefully use only high-tech. It is desirable that each item in the bedroom has its own story.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Advice! It is better to refuse furniture sets, although, if desired, they can also be placed in the space of the room. Furniture should be as diverse as possible, differ in color, pattern, texture, and material.

Colorful Textiles

Colorful pillows, oriental ornaments on curtains, blankets, and bed linen will help you create a cozy color in the bedroom.

The brighter the textiles, the better! Remember, boho-style interior prefers gypsy motives.

Do not forget about the canopies above the bed, they create a chamber and relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Curtains serve not only for window decoration but also as space dividers. Fringe is popular in decoration. In the interior of the boho bedroom, the floors are not visible.Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

As in the fairy tale – A Thousand and One Nights, everything is covered with carpets. All kinds of rugs of various shapes and shades cover the entire space of the room.

They also hang on the walls. Natural handmade woolen carpets are in fashion.

Decor and Accessories

Decor and accessories are an important part of boho bedroom ideas, it is the little things that create the atmosphere of comfort and give the room a real individuality.

Antiques and handicrafts are a must. These can be boxes, beautiful bottles, figurines, posters that keep personal memories.

The musician will have an instrument in sight, the artist will have an easel, those who like reading will have books, fans of flowers will have a small home garden, and a traveler will have souvenirs from all over the world.

Important! The decor should be rich, lively, and varied. The only limitation of the style is that each item must be in harmony with the rest of the furnishings and the inner world of the owner.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

Lighting Rules

An abundance of soft light is typical for the boho style. It is good if the room has large windows in wooden frames. They are decorated with curtains depending on personal preference, the more original, the better. They give preference to light colors and shades so that the room does not look gloomy.

There can be a lot of artificial lighting – classic chandeliers and handmade lamps will do.

So that the light does not cut the eyes, is soft and comfortable, they use fabric or paper lampshades, decorated with ribbons, openwork wire, and other materials. The height of the luminaires can be varied.

Placed near the ceiling and on the floor, at any height. Garlands will be a good decoration and a source of additional lighting in the boho style.

What Do You Need for A Boho Bedroom?

It is better to arrange a small room in a modern version of a scandi boho bedroom, implying a minimalist base, where there is still a tendency to accumulate. For example, the wall turns into a gallery with strange posters and paintings in bright colors, mirrors, ethnic masks, wall decorations hanging.

There is only one rule in the arrangement of accessories – convenience. They can stand on shelves and tables, floor and windowsill.

The bed is in the center of the room, and the necessary furniture is against the walls.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

What Does Boho Style Look Like?

A boho-style bedroom allows creative people to feel comfortable. Travelers, conformists, and lovers of life choose the Bohemian style.

This trend in design includes a combination of elements of other styles, colors, and textures. It shows a reflection of the owner’s character and hobbies, an abundance of textiles and handicrafts.

The feeling of the naturalness of the interior arises due to the use of natural materials and textures, and the festive mood is achieved due to the abundance of bright details. Decorating a room in this style requires an exquisite taste and a sense of harmony.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions

How Do You Create a Boho Room On a Budget?

This design is reminiscent of oriental travel. Decorating your own house or apartment in boho style does not require long trips or much finances. It is enough to choose the right accessories or rearrange what you already have to enjoy the original interior.

In a boho style bedroom, floral, ethnic, geometric and folklore motifs are quite suitable.

Gold-plated accessories such as candles, figurines, or lanterns will be an interesting addition. Accessories such as bedspreads and rugs are also extremely important in boho décor.

Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions


Boho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017

Boho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017

Boho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017

Boho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017

Boho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior SolutionsBoho-bedroom-boho-room decor-bedroom-ideas-interior-design-trends-2017-home-decor-trends-2017

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Boho Bedroom Ideas: 15 Most Creative Interior Solutions
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