Classic style bedroom: top features and design ideas of classic bedroom

Interior of bedroom in classical style is suitable for those who prefer luxury, wants to demonstrate their status and wealth. Classics allow you to emphasize good taste, and demonstrate that masters prefer traditions, not momentary fashion. Let’s get acquainted with classic style bedroom ideas.

classic style bedroom, top trends and design ideas for classic bedroom

Classic style bedroom: stylish features

Classic style like any other has its own interior features. All details must harmonize with each other, creating elegance.

Classic style bedroom elements: Color

Bedroom in style of classic allows use of almost any color, but warm light colors are preferred. Beige, milky white, gold, light brown will suit as main ones, cherry, black, dark brown as additional or accent colors.

classic style bedroom, stylish colors for classic style bedroom


Ceiling and walls are decorated with moldings, friezes, other elements, usually stucco.

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Solidity and luxury are main features of main piece of furniture of classic bedroom. Main emphasis is on headboard. Usually, it’s large, luxurious, elegant, often decorated with carvings or even inlaid.

classic style bedroom, finishing ideas for classic style bedroom


Furniture, carpets, paintings and all other items used in decor should belong to same style and blend well with each other.

classic style bedroom, furniture and textiles for classic style bedroom


All used textiles should be of good quality, natural fabrics of rich texture: velvet, silk, taffeta are preferable. Carpet will also be quite appropriate.

The most advantageous will look classical style in large rooms, saturated with light and air. In this case, interior details should be expressive and exquisite. Finishing materials preferably use natural, for example, tuff, marble, wood, including valuable rocks, bronze, crystal.

Classic style bedroom: trendy features


In addition to furniture and decor, classic style bedroom is manifested in decoration of all surfaces in room.


Decorative plaster, natural stone in decoration of walls will help create real classic interior. At the same time, part of wall paint in frescoes both handmade, and created with help of modern technology, will give room solemnity.

classic style bedroom, wall design, floor design in classic style bedroom


Typically, to cover floor when creating interior, for bedrooms in classical style choose parquet, preferably from expensive wood, and it must comply with chosen color scheme of room.


White monophonic ceiling decorate with stucco: frieze, and also socket under central chandelier. You can also paint it with frescoes, or decorate with caissons. Interior will turn out to be particularly luxurious, and it’s necessary that all rest of furniture of bedroom correspond to level set by ceiling.

Design of bedroom in classical style allows following design of bed:

  • inlay with precious stones or rhinestones
  • inserts of bronze or silver
  • curved forms of head and legs
  • Equipment canopy.

classic style bedroom, ceiling design in classic style bedroom

Rest of furniture select under bed, to make up with it harmonious combination of both in form and color. Negligence, permissible in other styles, is impossible here. In this case, no other piece of furniture shouldn’t look more luxurious than bed, and draw attention to themselves.

Classic style bedroom: textiles and accessories


Requirements for textiles in classic style bedroom: only natural materials of certain colors, as well as limited use of patterns.

The most suitable for use in classic bedroom are materials such as silk, satin, velvet.

classic style bedroom, stylish materials in classic style bedroom

Window decoration involves use of several layers of curtains (tulle, curtain, lambrequin). Curtains are made of dense fabric, usually of dark tones.

Cover pillows for armchairs with natural brocade, velvet, and satin fabrics.

classic style bedroom, curtains and pillows in classic style bedroom

Bed linen is made with braid, ribbons, and beautiful folds.

Preferred patterns on textiles: vignettes, elaborate ornaments, lace motifs.

All textiles in bedroom in style of classic combine in color with rest of interior elements.


It’s impossible to create a classic bedroom if you don’t use in its design various accessories that emphasize style. It can be:

  • candles in beautiful candelabra or bronze candlesticks
  • mirrors in frames with carvings, or in bronze frames
  • porcelain figurines, small sculptures, floor vases
  • paintings on walls in gilded frames, with picture of classical subjects.

classic style bedroom, accessories in classic style bedroom

Select accessories in such way that they form harmonious combination between themselves and with the rest of objects in the bedroom.

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Classic style bedroom: top features and design ideas of classic bedroom
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