Country style bedroom: characteristics and features of country bedroom

Bedroom in country style is good for people tired of noise and dust of big city. It can distract for a while, relax, give piece of heat in cold metropolis and fill with vitality. Traveling around world, this style in every corner looks different. In its embodiment it takes piece of culture and traditions of country in which it’s located, and this is what makes it unique. Let’s talk about country style bedroom trends and design ideas.

country style bedroom, top design ideas and tips for country bedroom

Country style bedroom: wall design

Country style bedroom looks very simple and fresh, with some notes of simplicity of rural way of life and harmony with nature. Despite fact that this style was born a long time ago, it’s very actively implemented by modern designers.

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They skillfully fill recreation room with naturalness, beauty, and functionality.

country style bedroom, tips and tricks for country bedroom

Main principle in designing bedroom in country style is to avoid various ultramodern materials, plastic, ceramics. Glass or chrome surfaces are minimized since they can’t be connected with naturalness.

Decoration of bedroom walls in country style

Making room for relaxation in country style, you can identify several win-win options in design of its walls:

  • Use wallpaper with floral, striped or coloring in cage. Wallpaper can be used paper, vinyl or textile.
  • Decorative plaster can realize the most unusual solutions in design of walls. It can be supplemented by elements of stone or brick wall. From it and decorative stone, it’s possible to make fireplace in bedroom, which will fill your house with warmth on long winter evenings.
  • Use of wooden panels. Wooden surfaces are ideal in such bedroom. They very nicely reveal mood of country style, while wood is environmentally friendly and safe material, not requiring special care.

country style bedroom, wall design in country style bedroom

Country style bedroom: flooring and color range

Country style bedroom will look great with floor covering made of wood or imitating it. Parquet or heavy parquet board will be appropriate. It’s also possible to make floor from decorative stone or ceramic tiles. On floor, you can put thin mat or rug in cage or with some strange woven pattern.

This bright and stylish accessory will certainly complement room, while it will fully match style.

country style bedroom, flooring ideas in country style bedroom

Color range of bedroom in country style

This style implies natural light and warm colors in its interior. All colors, as close to natural as possible, will look great in such bedroom. Color of sky, sun, grass on meadow will be suitable.  The best colors for country style are:

  • Beige and its pastel shades
  • Yellow, ivory or pale yellow
  • Blue, turquoise, Azure
  • Olive, green
  • Terracotta, peach.

country style bedroom, color range in country style bedroom

In design of bedroom in country style, don’t use too bright and flashy colors, all shades should be juicy and saturated.

On windows, it’s better to use transparent and weightless curtains, since this style implies large amount of daylight.

country style bedroom, floral patterns in country style bedroom

In this style, you can’t be afraid to use different elements with floral patterns.

Bed linen, curtains, bedspreads with floral pattern will look beautiful and harmonious.

Country style bedroom: how to choose right furniture for bedroom

When choosing furniture for country style bedroom, first, it’s necessary to take into account naturalness of its material, which is necessary for country style.

country style bedroom, furniture in country style bedroom

Colors of materials can be light, beige or pastel shades. As material, you can choose wood, chipboard or MDF, in our time technology doesn’t stand still, so materials similar to wood, can stand with it, equally with quality, while having lower price.

If a bedroom is very small, use more light colors in design of its interior, they will fill room with air and necessary space.

When designing small rooms, you can use multifunctional furniture to save much-needed space, it allows you to solve all storage problems stylishly.

Bed is undoubtedly the most important and central figure in bedroom. It should be made of natural materials, perhaps wood, given stylistics allows use of iron bed, but it must be as old as possible, without chrome parts and metallic luster.

It’s possible to make bed with forged items, they perfectly match the given style and, at the same time, look very nice and fresh. Mattress should be moderately elastic, but not too hard, it’s very important to choose the right mattress.

country style bedroom, bed design ideas in country style bedroom

Country style bedroom: accents of decor and accessories

This style implies numerous accessories, preferably handmade. Tables can decorate knitted or embroidered napkins, as well as various vases with fresh flowers.

On chest of drawers, you can put a lot of photos within, but frames should fit into style of room. Bed and chairs can be covered with cozy and warm blankets in cage, or other colors, it’s possible to use knitted plaids.

country style bedroom, decor in country style bedroom

Without bedspreads and blankets, it’s difficult to imagine such a bedroom because these additions create an atmosphere of warmth, and their colors are cozy. The most important thing is that everything in this style, every little thing should breathe warmth and home coziness you want to return to this room again and again and any of numerous details complements and harmonizes with the style.

country style bedroom, decor ideas in country style bedroom

A magnificent addition will be multicolored embroidered pillows. They can be put on chairs, on sofa and bed.

With accessories in this style it’s difficult to overdo it, because any small thing here plays a role, and what at first glance left completely by accident, can perfectly complement and harmonize with all around.

country style bedroom, accessories in country style bedroom

But don’t get carried away with too bright accessories, because in design of bedroom they won’t adjust to healthy and sound sleep, but on the contrary, only to excite brain, several bright accents will be enough.

country style bedroom, decor and accessories in country style bedroom

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Country style bedroom: characteristics and features of country bedroom
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