Country style furniture: which style is appropriate for your home interior

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Country style has been in trend for more than one decade. It became especially popular after boom of construction of country houses made of wood. For such dwellings, ideal choice is country style furniture. This article will tell about its varieties of the most interesting samples.

country style furniture, which style is appropriate for your home design

Country style furniture: common features

Country style furniture has two main features: it’s made of wood and looks like old chest of drawers from grandmother’s house, where you loved to relax in childhood.

country style furniture, common features of country style interior

At the same time, we should not forget that such design is multifaceted. In particular, brutal and rough furniture in style of Alpine Chalet isn’t like neat wardrobe in style of Provence.

Despite variety of options, village tables, cabinets and beds shouldn’t leave impression of products made by master-virtuosos. For their decoration, only the most primitive carving and naive painting are allowed.

country style furniture, stylish trends of country style furniture

Main decoration, which should delight eye of furniture in style of country, is its vintage and aura of things with their own history.

country style furniture, design ideas for country style furniture

Country style furniture: French style furniture in country style

For example, double-winged wardrobe can be painted in dirty blue color. In this case, it’s permissible to leave on surface stains and traces of brush. This will only strengthen desired impression. Then you need to change hardware. Ideally, it’ll fit artificially aged brass. It remains to draw on doors primitive ornament with white paint. For example, for interior in style of Provence, it can be small bouquets and flowers. If you aren’t confident in your abilities, then cut out stencil and fill pattern with it.

country style furniture, French style country furniture

Scandinavian rustic furniture

Scandinavian design today is at peak of popularity. It combines ascetic features of loft and minimalism with interior coziness of traditional dwellings of population of Northern Europe.

country style furniture, Scandinavian rustic furniture

Having chosen such design for interior, it’s possible to do with minimal expenses for furniture acquisition. Moreover, you can use, in literal sense of word, trash or technical design. For example, you can install metal garage rack in living room, having painted it with white paint. The simplest shelves of boards are also suitable.

Scandinavian bedroom furniture is also very simple wooden bed. Suitable and metal version, reminiscent of hospital models, preserved in province.

country style furniture, Scandinavian country furniture

However, such furniture should be with neat painting. After all, Scandinavians above all value order.

Country style furniture: furniture for Chalet style

Country style furniture in Alpine style should be massive and inspiring respect. If you aren’t professional in carpentry business, it’s better to buy it in store or order it to specialists. Preference should be given to varnished versions of dark color.


country style furniture, chalet style furniture in interior design

Their main decoration is natural texture. Especially original look tables and chairs with legs of barely planed thick branches. For upholstery upholstered furniture is suitable from genuine leather.


country style furniture, Alpine style furniture in interior design

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