High tech bedroom: top features and trends for bedroom in high tech style

Experts say that this style is developed and updated version of postmodernism. Main characteristics of high-tech: functionality, restraint, futurism, scientific, technological. This design direction is appropriate for those who are in step with times and can’t imagine their lives without innovative technologies.

Style reminds everyone of known minimalism with rigor, restraint, and laconism. In article, we will consider how to properly design high tech bedroom.

high tech bedroom, top features and trends for high tech style bedroom

High-tech bedroom: interior features

High-tech bedroom reigns clear lines, coherence, and restraint. To decorate the room, almost no decorative elements are used, and if they are still present in interior, but in small quantities.

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It can be pictured in metal frame or vase of strict shape.

high tech bedroom, features of high tech bedroom

For high-tech is suitable, clear contrast between colors of different saturation and brightness. The most popular colors are white, black, gray, brown. Red or burgundy are also modish.

high tech bedroom, trendy colors in high tech bedroom design

Equal lines, geometric figures are predominant. This is present in design of walls, ceiling, floor, and in furniture. Rounded forms, curlicues and other are alien to style.

Don’t forget about main feature. Plasma TV, neon lights, modern audio system are built into walls of room.

high tech bedroom, design ideas for high tech bedroom

Important criteria:

For high-tech good lighting is important. Often, this style uses lamps with metal shades. Looks great LED lighting, located on perimeter of ceiling or floor.

Main materials which are trendy are plastic, metal, and glass. Use natural materials only as accents, additions.

high tech bedroom, materials in high tech bedroom design

Chrome elements, such as lamps, furniture legs, and stuff will be perfect. It’s worth noting that shiny surfaces and details visually increase volume of room.

The number of pieces of furniture should be minimal.

High-tech bedroom: stylish tips and tricks

 What is contraindicated in high-tech bedroom:

For high-tech design don’t use shades such as pink, peach, green, scarlet and other similar hues that carry certain romanticism.

high tech bedroom, tips and tricks for high tech bedroom design

Bright and saturated colors, such as green, yellow, blue, purple, use very carefully. Because they can be just accents for diluting basic color scheme.

Patterns, engravings, stucco, romantic images aren’t trendy.

Ceiling design

Stretch ceiling will be perfect. Its smooth, glossy surface is ideal for high-tech. Experts recommend choosing a silver-metallic shade. Also, classical color options will perfectly fit: black and white.

high tech bedroom, stylish ceiling design ideas for high tech bedroom

This type of ceiling design is perfect for compact rooms. Material used for stretch ceilings reflects light, making room visually larger and more spacious. Smooth reflective cloth, around which ceiling lights are built, will become decoration of room, which will attract attention.


For floor in style of high-tech bedroom, you can choose any finishing material. Main thing is that it meets certain requirements:

  • No patterns, drawings, and other ornaments.
  • Ideal for glossy, smooth finish.

high tech bedroom, floor design in high tech bedroom

Effect of aged wood, in no case can be used for style of high tech because it’s style of innovative technologies and novelty.

Parquet in light colors you can also use, especially when it comes to repairing bedroom in small apartment.

High tech bedroom: modish design ideas

 Wall decoration

Walls in high tech bedroom decorate with calm neutral colors. Thus, bright colors are accents. It can be pillows, lamps, frames and so on. Against the background of main palette, colored blotches will look especially colorful.

To decorate walls, you can choose any shade: from rich and dark to light. So on its background, furniture of various shades looks wonderful.

high tech bedroom, wall design in high tech bedroom

Perfect fit non-woven in metal range. Also, reflection effect is exactly what is ideally suitable for high-tech.


Curtains, decorated with bows, decorative knots, brushes, beads and other elements aren’t suitable.

You can also use Roman blinds. Also, ideal for weightless tulle, which will block path of sunlight. For compact rooms suitable conventional curtains without pattern that covers half window.

high tech bedroom, textiles in high tech bedroom, lighting ideas in high tech bedroom


Large luminaires and bulky chandeliers aren’t suitable for above stylistics. Thus, it’s worth noting that lack of lighting will constantly strain your eyes, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.

For modern high-tech, spotlights, built into furniture, floor or ceiling, are perfect.

A flat chandelier placed standard in the middle perfectly fits into the interior. So designers note that halogen or string lighting also perfectly in harmony with high-tech style.

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High tech bedroom: top features and trends for bedroom in high tech style
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