Ideas for bedrooms: red bedroom decor

Frankly speaking, red color in bedroom is rather brave decision. It’s daring, sensual and very bright. But as we know, in simple terms, the taste and color has no friends… So let’s consider red in details in «ideas for bedrooms: red bedroom decor» article.





Red bedroom ideas

While making red bedroom decor keep in mind that sense of measure is main. It so easy to overdo! And abide correct proportions, and harmony in room is much more difficult…

You shouldn’t paste bright red wallpaper over all walls, without exception in bedroom interior design. Better to give preference to small contrast in form of red-white or red-beige combination. Red colored can be one wall in bedroom design. Or even just a few bright accents on it like paintings, stylish shelves or decorative trim is enough.

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Red color is good because it’s perfectly combined with different design directions in bedroom interior design. It looks very impressive in minimalist and avant-garde bedroom design. There you can make especially vivid and expressive accents using different decorative or functional elements. In addition, red shades are suitable for classic, country style and other design directions.





Decorative element combinations in red bedroom

If you have executed red bedroom, so you should afford to supplement bedroom interior design by certain things of same color. For example, cozy red cushions will look very harmonious, carelessly, while at same time infinitely comfortable scattered on bed. Or set on the floor in red bedroom little fluffy carpet in bright red color. It will be concurrently warm, pleasant for feet and incredibly beautiful combined with the wallpaper in bedroom interior design.

Besides, you can try one more decorative and functional element for red bedroom decor as flower pots on window sills! Fortunately, rich assortment in stores will allow choosing almost everything. Just imagine how spectacular will look red bedroom: bright red wallpaper on walls (one or two) and cozy red potties with violets and hydrangeas… This sample of family hearth!

In short, if you decided to decorate bedroom design using red, remember the main thing is sense of measure! And the rest, never fear and never be afraid of failure, they happen to everyone. Just go ahead and experiment. Have a good bedroom remodeling!


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Ideas for bedrooms: red bedroom decor
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