Loft style bedroom: trendy ideas and top features for bedroom in loft style

Bedroom design

Loft style doesn’t welcome septum. This is free space, zoned due to play of light, color, furniture arrangement. So among few exceptions, where partitions are allowed are bedroom and bathroom. Bedroom in loft style is very difficult to describe, much in its appearance you can determine by degree of isolation from rest of living space. Let’s find out loft style bedroom design ideas.

loft style bedroom, trendy ideas and features for bedroom in loft style

Loft style bedroom: design ideas

Location of sleeping place in center of composition is ideal solution, as does neutral-colored monophonic bedding. Thus highlight of loft style bedroom can be fireplace, traditional, hand-laid or ultramodern, typical or designer.

loft style bedroom, trendy ideas for loft style bedroom

Boardwalk is another popular loft bedroom solution. Airy easy canopy above bed advantageously contrasts with brickwork, rough ceiling beams and remnants of pipeline.

loft style bedroom, internal window in loft style bedroom, bath in bedroom in loft style bedroom

Also frame designs in interior of bedroom in loft style perfectly match with unfinished wall. White ceiling, white curtains, bed linens, floor mats create complete finished picture.

Separate bedroom from rest of living space by internal window. Also, glass blocks in various versions are one of favorite methods of zoning space in loft-apartments.

Unusual design solution for people without complexes is combination of bathroom with bedroom. For greater airiness of interior, brickwork is painted white. Textured pattern on coverlet echoes with texture of wall.

loft style bedroom, minimalism in loft style bedroom

Interior design in loft style echoes with minimalistic solutions. Their color scheme sometimes we border by asceticism, but loft allows more liberties with texture of material. So embossed wallpapers or Venetian stucco are appropriate in harsh industrial setting. Thus they bring to interior necessary comparison of rough with refined, new with old.

Loft style bedroom: trendy ideas

Interior design in loft style is always feeling of free space without borders. For this, loft style bedroom can have mirror in entire wall or wardrobe with mirror door. Abundance of accessories is rare exception to rules.

Lamps in interiors of loft can be the most bizarre. Styling for temporary lighting is hint at industrial past of room.

Light in bedroom should be a lot, but lighting can’t be aggressive. Desired effect of soft diffused light you can achieve with help of blinds and multi-level local lighting. Abundance of various lighting fixtures is one of the most characteristic features of loft style.

loft style bedroom, lighting ideas in loft style bedroom

Two worlds in one bedroom: rough brick wall, dark wooden floor, remains of pipeline with suspended antique chandelier and modern furniture.

Even more vivid contrast of white furniture with concrete walls, complemented by accents of violet scales. Typical solution for design of bedroom in loft style: huge wardrobe for ceiling, which can simultaneously serve as partition.

loft style bedroom, furniture trends in loft style bedroom

Loft style bedroom: tips and tricks

Loft is nothing like very well-lived attic. Bed of old pipes harmoniously combines with refined floor.

Long wardrobe that occupies entire space from floor to ceiling, small ottomans, armchair are extremely laconic and functional furnishings in loft style bedroom. So soft brown-beige gamma of interior of bedroom is emphasized by monochrome ornamentation of upholstery fabric.

loft style bedroom, trendy colors in loft style bedroom

Decor in bedroom can also be the most extraordinary, main thing is that it corresponds to style of life of its owner. Red circles on pillowcases are involuntarily associated with flag of Japan.

In combination with map of Apennine peninsula, this suggests that there is person who loves to travel.

loft style bedroom, decor and accessories in loft style bedroom

Loft is life without boundaries. Bedroom in spirit of loft, destroys all age-old canons of creating exquisite interiors.

loft style bedroom, design ideas for loft style bedroom

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