Minimalist style room: stylish trends and tips for minimalistic interior design

Designers all over world like to design spacious rooms. This gives them opportunity to realize their own, even the most unusual ideas. In case of small rooms, you should carefully think over every detail and give up everything you can do without. This article will tell how should look minimalist style room.

minimalist style room, stylish trends and ideas for minimalistic interior design

Minimalist style room: challenge to society

More and more people began to understand that instead of things it’s better to collect impression. As a result, style of minimalism was born. Its use requires to display great professionalism and even knowledge in field of psychology.

minimalist style room, lighting ideas for minimalist style room

Light in minimalist style room is tool for zoning space and creating visual effect of more spacious room. Same applies to color palette.

minimalist style room, features and trends of minimalist style room

Choice in favor of minimalism is most often done by young people who spend little time at home. They tend not to surround themselves with things in which there is no absolute necessity. Many of them work at home because room in style of minimalism should perform functions of not only restroom, but also office.

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minimalist style room, minimalistic style bedroom design

If the room is too cramped but has sufficiently high ceiling, then it becomes possible to raise the sleeping place to the second level. For example, you can install a large wardrobe in the room. It will be partially supported by platform for sleeping. Liberated space is perfect for placing a computer desk and armchair.

Minimalist style room: trendy colors and decor ideas

Minimalist style room will seem more spacious if you use light colors in decoration. At the same time, designers recommend choosing warm shades, cream, pale beige, etc.

minimalist style room, trendy colors for minimalist style room

Make the floor in light tones. This solution will help visually increase the size of room. This will also contribute to placement of relatively large items of furniture away from the door.

minimalist style room, design ideas for minimalist style room

Don’t overload room in style of minimalism with decor items. It’s enough to use several pictures or large photos.

Main element of decoration of space should be light. Especially use of dot decorative lighting.

minimalist style room, minimalistic living room interior design

Minimalist style room: furniture

In order minimalist style room didn’t seem cluttered, there should be limited amount of furniture.

minimalist style room, furniture design in minimalist style

Thus, storage systems, such as closet, place in hallway. If this isn’t possible, then you can install a small chest of drawers in the room, and put rest of things in a hanging closet arranged on the mezzanine.

minimalist style room, minimalistic furniture transformer

Room in style of minimalism will get more ergonomic design, if you use there furniture-transformer. For example, excellent choice will be bed with lifting mechanism, turning into closet.

minimalist style room, decor ideas for minimalist style room

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Minimalist style room: stylish trends and tips for minimalistic interior design
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