Modern bedroom design: best features and tips for modern bedroom ideas

Among huge variety of popular styles for decorating bedroom, modern is perhaps the most versatile, because it harmoniously combines functionality, originality, and beauty of design. Modernism involves creation of unique design solutions containing details that haven’t been met before.

Features of modern style, history of Modernity arose at the end of century. Interesting is fact that modernism can be quite divers, it doesn’t have single strict framework. Despite this, there is nevertheless number of features characteristic of this direction.

Let’s find out modern bedroom design trends.

modern bedroom design, top features and tips for modern bedroom design

Modern bedroom design: stylish features

 First of all, smooth lines attract attention, creating elusive transition from one object to another, as well as asymmetry is in modern bedroom design trends.

modern bedroom design, asymmetry in modern style bedroom

As for color scheme of interior, mostly muted tones dominate, although this rule isn’t dogma. If you are fan of bright colors, then you can fully embody your preferences in life, modernism will not treat this decision strictly.

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Main criterion is harmonious combination of your mood, color palette, and decor.

modern bedroom design, trendy colors in modern bedroom design

An interesting technique, characteristic of modern style, is use of colored stained-glass. Decor is also welcome in the form of floral ornaments: flower buds, leaves, and other similar elements.

When choosing materials it’s necessary to give preference to natural variants: wood, stone, glass, ceramics, fabrics from natural fibers.

modern bedroom design, stained glass, floral elements in modern style bedroom

Elements of modern style in bedroom

Basic requirement is mutual compatibility of details. Among such elements is decoration of room.

To make room look stylish, choose quality and fashionable materials. On floor, it’s best to lay parquet or laminate, and ideally, it will look not just ordinary wood, but smooth ornament of plant motifs.

modern bedroom design, floor design in modern style bedroom

For decoration of walls suitable decorative plaster, wood, wallpaper with silk screen printing, photo printing, imitating fabric.

modern bedroom design, wall decor ideas in modern bedroom

Ceilings can be stretched, hanging, looks good 3D ceiling with soft pattern of smooth lines and shapes. One of best options is pendant multi-level designs, allowing you to make interesting accent.

Modern bedroom design presupposes a traditional set of pieces of furniture: bed, bedside tables, dressing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe. However, they shouldn’t look very modest, on the contrary, decor in form of painting, inlaying, carving is in trend. Interesting chip is forged items, as well as items covered with leather.

modern style bedroom, furniture trends in modern bedroom

Choose furniture with smooth curved outlines, especially fancy-shaped products are welcome.

The main subject of interior is, of course, bed. Optimal choice is model on legs. Angles should be rounded, and the backrest should be original.

modern style bedroom, bed design in modern style

Decor for bedroom plays an important role in creating style. The main role in this issue, perhaps, is textiles. Silk curtains with interesting pattern, beautiful bedspreads, original carpet or skin by bed, luxurious linens made of silk, linen or cotton, roll-like or rectangular pillows will create necessary atmosphere.

modern style bedroom, decor ideas in modern bedroom

Don’t forget about other decorative elements inherent in style. It can be reproductions of paintings by famous modern artists, figurines, vases of unusual shape.

Modern bedroom design: tips and tricks

 If there is opportunity hang on wall impressive picture, it should become main accent of decor. You can also install several photos on shelves or bedside tables.

Lighting in modern bedroom design

Lighting in bedroom in style of modern should correspond to two seemingly completely opposite rules: on the one hand, light should be enough, on the other hand, it should be mild, muffled.

As for evening lighting, lamps in bedroom must certainly be several, preferably of varying intensity.

modern bedroom design, lighting ideas in modern bedroom

Be sure to choose unusual lamps that impress with originality of shapes.

Looks good stylish ceiling chandelier, which is main source of light. Additional lighting devices locate in main functional areas: at dressing table, near bed, etc.

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Modern bedroom design: best features and tips for modern bedroom ideas
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