Modern style bedroom: top styles and features of modern bedroom interior

Deciding to repair is a responsible and difficult step, requiring detailed study and drafting. It’s especially important to think carefully about the interior of the bedroom. Since it’s in this room, that person is saturated with new forces and relaxes. Professional designers prefer modern style in design of bedroom, and it isn’t surprising.

It has a number of advantages and features that make it almost universal and suitable for any apartment or house. Find out modern style bedroom trends with us!

modern style bedroom, top styles and features for modern bedroom interior

Modern style bedroom:  features

Modern style bedroom decorating offers many opportunities for implementing the most original ideas that will harmoniously blend into one space and create a unique home atmosphere.

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This style has borrowed various features of other directions, while being able to competently combine them, thus creating new phenomenon, which is well suited to needs of all family members.

modern style bedroom, stylish ideas for modern bedroom interior

Modern style has several features that characterize its unique features:

Laconic lines

In such interior should be selected furniture of strict shapes, without unnecessary decor. High, but restrained head of bed, practical non-white upholstery of chairs, rectangular chest of drawers will look marvelous.

Freedom of space

So kind of asceticism is mandatory: minimum of decorative items, furniture, and details. Main nuance is cleanliness of space: often unchecked windows, monochrome wallpaper without picture or simply painted walls.

modern style bedroom, stylish features and tips for modern bedroom

Neutral colors

Basic colors for bedroom in this style are beige, smoky gray, pale blue, gray-brown, sandy, pale yellow. Dilute restrained palette with contrasting, but not screaming colors: golden, lilac, burgundy, cobalt.

High quality of finishing materials

For furniture experts recommend choosing natural wood, curtains and bedspreads are best suitable with wool, silk or cotton. Ceiling in laconically white, in case of obvious unevenness, it’s possible to equip hinged structure.

Modern style bedroom: trendy directions

Main distinguishing feature of modern style bedroom is refusal from with various interior items, furniture, bright colors.

In modern style there are four main types:

High tech

If bedroom walls aren’t sealed with traditional wallpaper and covered with paint or textured plaster, most likely, designers prefer this style. Usually, paint is selected in gray, beige or sand tones. Instead of usual thick curtains, you can see original vertical or horizontal blinds.

modern style bedroom, stylish hi-tech style bedroom

To illuminate your room, many owners prefer to use built-in lights. Style hi-tech has simple forms and uses predominantly glass and modern plastic.


To decorate walls you can use wallpaper for painting or monophonic wallpaper of pastel tones. In style of minimalism, floral ornaments or saturated drawings are inappropriate.

Color palette consists of neutral tones, which you can dilute with white accents. Bright paintings, stucco molding, carving are inadmissible.

modern style bedroom, bedroom in minimalism style


In classical interior, you can wallpaper walls or decorate it with fabric, strict geometric forms prevail. On the floor, there is wooden parquet. Cover ceiling with simple white paint or decorate with exquisite stucco.

The most suitable material for bedroom in classical style is natural wood. Sometimes designers decorate the interior with mirrors, glass inserts. Color palette for classics should have strict shades: black, white, color of bitter chocolate, milky.

modern style bedroom, classic style bedroom ideas

Modern style bedroom: color solutions

There are two main variants of color scheme for modern style bedroom. Large areas are engaged in neutral color, which is highlighted by bright accent of small size (contrasting pillows, unusual chair).

Also, as an accent, you can use wall behind head of bed, covering it with unusual paint or wallpaper, different from general background.

The second version is characterized by harmonious combination of two or three low-key tones, without any screaming details.

modern style bedroom, color solutions for modern style bedroom design

You can use dark colors, and if windows of room face north, it’s better to give preference to light colors.

Color combinations such as white and cream, brown and dark chocolate, red and light blue, green and blue, milky and beige are winning colors.

So fans of unusual combinations and bright accents can use blue-orange palettes or dilute neutral interior with yellow or lilac paints.

modern style bedroom, trendy colors for modern style bedroom

Very effectively looks bedroom in white, in such room atmosphere of purity and freshness reigns.

Bedroom in this color you can visually perceive to be more spacious and light. So this is excellent option for poorly lit small rooms.

Most often now you can meet bedroom designs in gray tones. So you can combine it with absolutely any palette, while interior will look whole and harmonious.

modern style bedroom, wallpapers in modern style bedroom

Modern style bedroom: lighting and accessories

It will be appropriate to place in corner large outdoor pot with plant that will not only complement the interior, but also clean air. In addition, small number of family photos on walls or shelves is acceptable. At the same time, style of frames should be in harmony with the overall style of room.

Ludicrously in modern style bedroom will look classic paintings with lots of colorful details, textiles with massive drapes and other heavy objects of decor.

modern style bedroom, accessories in modern style bedroom interior

In bedroom, you can place elegant floor mirror. In addition to its main function, it will visually expand space.

modern style bedroom, mirrors and curtains in modern style bedroom

When choosing curtains for windows, you should prefer laconic Greek curtains or vertical blinds. Thus, many designers generally refuse to curtain windows, leaving them in uncovered state.

Opaque curtains can perform several other important functions. They guarantee better sound insulation, protect from drafts and have sufficiently long service life.

modern style bedroom, lighting ideas for modern style bedroom

One of the most important aspects of interior design is creation of competent lighting system in room.

So great popularity recently used floor lamps, which are appropriate to look even in minimalist interiors. Also, successful solution will be installing sconce overhead of bed.

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Modern style bedroom: top styles and features of modern bedroom interior
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