Provence bedroom: trendy mandatory elements of Provence style bedroom

Provence is associated with gentle, refined and romantic style. Notch of France is present in this design. Provence bedroom will seem like paradise after hard day’s work. So let’s find out Provence style bedroom design ideas.

Provence bedroom, top trends and design ideas for Provence style bedroom

Provence bedroom: sophistication and simplicity

Provence is referred to rustic interior, but in decor of Provence bedroom there are no coarse elements.

Thus there is no place for heavy furniture and massive walls. So only light furniture, lamps are in trend.

Provence bedroom, stylish trends for Provence style bedroom

Interior of bedroom in style of Provence completely excludes heavier forms and ornate carvings.

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Characteristics of style are:

  • natural materials
  • wood as floor covering
  • high chandelier
  • floral wallpaper
  • embroidery
  • usual linen curtains.

Provence bedroom, characteristics of Provence style bedroom

Individuality and functionality designers emphasize with help of small bedside tables and pouffes. So obligatory condition of interior design is artificially aged items.

Small bedroom in style of Provence is complex in decoration.

However, from furniture you need to purchase only large bed, bedside cabinet. Thus, antique secretary will look original in medieval design.

Provence bedroom, stylish design ideas for Provence style bedroom

Design of such bedroom should resemble era of Middle Ages. Therefore rubbed surfaces, spotting and roughness of colors, will help to recreate atmosphere of that time.

The color scheme of the furniture set should set off natural colors. Ideal solution will be white sleeper with carvings. Combine decor with furniture. Thus, excellent options will be all shades of beige and blue.

Provence bedroom, stylish colors for Provence style bedroom

Design of bedroom in style of Provence implies use of dried nature compositions. But for small princess, the interior should be made in gentle peach tones.

Provence bedroom: furniture variety

Select furniture in Provence bedroom carefully and tastefully. Also in the spacious room you can think over the headset and its original arrangement.

Provence bedroom, furniture design in Provence style bedroom

Business card style is white furniture from natural wood.

Place the bed in the center of the room, and around it all other items. Decoration of bed area is transparent canopy that will help create romantic atmosphere. Thus, to impart negligence and simplicity, you can put a modern armchair in bedroom.

The main condition for registration is light, almost invisible curtains.

Some tricks for harmonious design:

  • Curtains of coffee tint and lace are in vogue
  • Decorate window with shutters
  • Don’t put massive furniture near window
  • In nursery, you can use large sill
  • Use light transparent chandelier.

Also, style of Provence in interior of bedroom provides large amount of light and lightweight fabrics.

Provence bedroom, stylish tips and tricks for Provence style bedroom

In nursery there should be cozy atmosphere of small castle. Preferably, the room should be bright and spacious. Curtains in style of Provence for girl’s bedroom must be flowing and transparent.

Small flower on fabric will look trendy.

Provence bedroom: choosing wallpaper and fabrics

Bedroom furniture in Provence bedroom decorate with scattering of flowers or beautiful pattern. Also choose textiles on principle of weightlessness of material and transparency.

Dilute white bed with lilac coverlet. Therefore, suitable materials are flax, cotton.

Provence bedroom, Wallpaper design and idea for Provence style bedroom

In order to make the bedroom look more comfortable, you need to follow several tips:

  • Purchase chandelier in standard store
  • Figurines and other accessories place on shelves and on chests
  • So combination of all elements should be in style of medieval France, in order to fully experience atmosphere.

Provence bedroom, stylish accessories in Provence style bedroom

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Provence bedroom: trendy mandatory elements of Provence style bedroom
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