Shabby chic bedroom

Perhaps anyone who has area of an apartment or house, which is more than one room, thinks about making the most cozy and comfortable interior design. Because, as you know, relax is pleasant after a busy working days exactly in equipped, stylish and nice looking surroundings. Where, if not in bedroom, comfort should be at the highest level?

Let’s talk about such a direction in interior design as Shabby chic. What is shabby chic decor? This is our touch on shabby chic bedroom.

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Shabby chic décor and your bedroom

What does shabby chic decor mean? Single name carries the much of meaning: it is luxurious interior design direction, which is characterized by a very careful selection of colors, materials and furniture in interior design, as well as consistently associated with gentleness, serenity and peace. There is no “variegation” audacity or redundant emphasis. Everything as if covered with white haze: from elegant furniture to delicate photo frames on walls.

White and its shades are preferred in shabby chic bedroom. Think about the ivory, beige and other shades. All this is relevant and appropriate when talking about such a delicate and gentle direction in interior design. Don’t afraid to make atmosphere too “sugary”, with the right approach it’s impossible! Numerous curlicues on beds and bedside tables, carved picture frames on walls, etc.; all this will be perfectly combined with a vintage (or “aged”), venerable furniture, creating the necessary contrast of “tenderness” and coarse roughness of things.

Decide for yourself if you like the calm atmosphere of “fairy” corner in your home, if you like the white color and its warm shades, and feel yourself as big romantic, then shabby chic bedroom is exactly what you need.

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Shapes and silhouettes in shabby chic bedroom

Flowing lines, round silhouettes, softness and lack of sharp edges; that perfectly describes shabby chic decor. If mirror, then should be preferably rounded. If massive closet, then with smoothed corners and “twisted” legs, and so on. After this you should understand which could be shapes and silhouettes in shabby chic bedroom.

In short, don’t doubt a single second, wanting to turn your bedroom into “anti-stress” area in your home. Come home from work and enjoy the quiet, cozy and “smoky” mood, which is more than possible, in shabby chic décor.

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