Bathroom designs

Undoubtedly, bathroom designs 2020 require special relaxing atmosphere creation. This art needs masterful manipulation with all expressive means: light, color, shape, texture. Water element, reigning here, undoubtedly adds its colors with sea of new possibilities for decoration!

At quite high aesthetic requests, bathroom designs must withstand no lower functionality level. These two tasks actually intertwine, identifying, on one hand, difficulty in right solutions’ choosing, and on other hand – wide space for most creative ideas!

Small bathroom designs in 2020 should include everything you need, but won’t look too heavy, cluttered. On the contrary, large space should be made with subtle taste, avoiding feeling of emptiness.  Anyway, even smallest details of modern bathroom designs 2020, up to the door handles, should fit into overall ensemble – and modern trends!

HOUSE INTERIOR will help you solving all these difficult, but exciting tasks with great pleasure! We draw inspiration from leading brands, outstanding designers and architects of our time and the past. Look for best bathroom designs with us!

Small bathroom ideas

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In almost all multi-story buildings bathroom is too small, its size no more than three – four square meters, and sometimes much less. So this problem successfully dares by designers for a long and there are even existing standard small… Read More »Small bathroom ideas

Bathroom Design ideas 2017

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It is impossible to imagine modern human housing without bathroom. Bathroom – one of the major important premises, which are of functional character: here we make hygiene and beauty treatments, relax in a warm bath or under the shower, when… Read More »Bathroom Design ideas 2017