Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

door design 2023

Choosing your interior doors should not be done at random. Delimiting the rooms of your interior, they will also define a style but not only… What criteria to take into account to choose the right interior door design 2023?

Which typology, which material to choose? How can it contribute to the good insulation and clarity of your home? Our file gives you all the keys to make the right choice!

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing the right interior door?

Door design 2023: how to make the right choice?

The choice of your interior doors must be considered. These should indeed not only correspond to the style of your home but also meet needs that are not always anticipated. Here are the main criteria to consider.

Insulation: should your interior door insulate you from noise? Cold? Depending on your needs, the materials will not be the same.

Clarity: do you want this door to be just a simple separation or a solution to let in light?

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

The available surface: what is the size of the room? Should your door allow you to save space? Depending on the surface of the room, you will not make the same choice of doors (a sliding door is to be preferred to a hinged door for a small space for example).

The door width: 73 cm is the standard width. Allow 80 cm and more if a person with reduced mobility occupies the accommodation or if bulky furniture must be installed.

The opening of the door: opening on the left or opening on the right… Depending on your layout, you will have to make the right choice!

The budget: what budget do you want to devote to your interior door? Prices can easily vary from single to double. It is therefore important to set a budget not to exceed.

When you choose your interior door, you will also have to think about the space that it will delimit.

Private rooms: for bedrooms, toilets or bathrooms, it is generally preferable to opt for opaque doors in order to preserve privacy. For a child’s room, you can choose an acoustic door which, in addition to a soundproof partition, will guarantee calm in the room.

Door Design 2023

Adjoining rooms: for rooms such as the living-dining room or the kitchen-dining room, the glass doors will guarantee optimal light and give an accentuated impression of space.

Rooms adjoining an unheated space: for rooms adjoining a garage or a cellar, for example, it will be wise to bet on an isothermal door which will preserve the heat of your interior and avoid energy loss.

Zoom on the different types of opening of an interior door
The layout of your rooms will determine the choice of your doors, and will in particular have a significant impact on the choice of opening systems. We take stock of the main options available to you.

Door design 2023:The swinging door

The hinged door corresponds to the standard of interior doors. This is the most common and classic opening. Opening on a vertical axis, it is the location of the handle that determines the direction in which the door opens.

However, if it incorporates two leaves, the opening can be done in both directions.

The standard model opens by rotation about 160 degrees. You will therefore have to think carefully about the clearance space it requires. Likewise, the direction of opening must not hide light switches, for example.

Door Design 2023

The overlay door

The overlay door is the ideal opening to gain space without undertaking work to adapt the partitions that are too heavy.

Indeed, it does not encroach on the volumes of the room, and, unlike its cousin with brick partition that we present to you just after, it slides along a rail fixed against the wall and not in the thickness of the bulkhead.

It is a door that assumes its decorative side, with its visible rails and its wide choice of materials, from the most raw to the most elaborate.

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

The pocket door

It is the door to small spaces, the door to saving space. The pocket door is both aesthetic and practical. A great darling of architects, it now equips many new homes. With its lack of travel you gain 1 m² of available space.

Better, as the door retracts inside the wall and not along the wall as for an overlay sliding door, you obtain a new furnishing surface.

The pocket door allows clever arrangements by closing the rooms without completely partitioning them.

The folding door

Door Design 2023

Also called an accordion or extendable door, the folding door is an alternative to the sliding door. Easy to set up, it is also an excellent solution for optimizing and modulating th space. It will fit perfectly in the smallest rooms of your home.

Made up of leaves, the door folds back on itself thanks to a high rail system. Often in PVC, folding doors can not only be used to separate two rooms but also to close a closet or a dressing room.

What is an interior door made of?

The door itself is called in carpentry opening, leaf or leaf. This is the moving part of the door, and it is this part that interests us here.

The sash consists of the core and the facing. The core is the central part of the door, this is what will define its resistance, its weight, its insulation performance. The facing covers the soul, it is the decorative aspect of the opening, it will give it its aesthetics.

The core of an interior door can be solid or hollow. In the first case, the inside of the door is made of a single material: solid wood, laminated wood, chipboard, PVC, aluminum, or even polystyrene.

A solid core door will be heavier, stronger and more insulating than a hollow core door.

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

The degrees of performance will be more or less important depending on the material that makes up the core. A hollow-core door is made of a wooden frame filled with a panel with cardboard cells in the case of a honeycomb core, and cylindrical galleries in a chipboard structure: we then speak of a tubular core .

In the first case, the door is not very resistant to impact, it has a very low price, and remains simple to handle and install. The second case, the door with a tubular core, represents a more resistant solution and provides better sound insulation than the door with a honeycomb core.

Door design 2023:Interior door materials

When choosing your interior door, you will find yourself faced with a multitude of possible materials. From the most common to the most original, your choice will depend on your desires, your needs and your home.

Wood door design 2023 :interior wooden door

The wooden interior door is by far the most common in France. If it may seem banal at first glance, you should know that there is a wide range of essences that it therefore offers vast possibilities in terms of decoration.

In addition, wood is recognized for its good thermal performance and its durability over time. Ecological material, it is also recyclable and requires very little maintenance.

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

Wood derivatives in new door design 2023

A solid wood door can be expensive for the manufacturer to make and for individuals when buying. This is why a large number of so-called wooden doors are actually made with wood derivatives. The central part, the soul, can be made of:

MDF or Medium: these are wood fibers compressed and glued together. The texture is smooth and makes it easy to decorate. There is water-repellent MDF for bathroom, cellar or kitchen doors.
Plywood: it consists of sheets of unrolled wood. Depending on its thickness, it is impact resistant. It can be painted and varnished.

A facing can, if necessary, come to take care of the decoration, the aesthetic aspect of the door. It is often melamine or laminate, a coating that offers a wide choice of decors and finishes. Easy to clean, when laminated it shows good resistance to heat and scratches.


latest door design 2023: The interior aluminum door

This is the delight of the most contemporary interiors. Due to its design aspect, it indeed confers a certain modernity and a singular aestheticism within a house.

Very light and malleable, aluminum offers the possibility of creating original shapes. Note, however, that this material alone offers only mediocre insulating performance. The aluminum door is more represented on the market by entrance doors. Indoors, we prefer aluminum inserts on another main material to bring the touch of modernity we are looking for.

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space
PVC interior door

It has become the choice of reason, the PVC interior door offers good value for money. The ever more designer decors, and the colors much wider than before, make it possible to install doors with good insulation performance without fear of bad taste.

It is also the only material to be offered with the accordion opening. Fallen out of favor with architects, it nevertheless appeals to lovers of the vintage style to hide a desk or another small room.

Latest door design 2023: glass door

For a discreet opening that lets light in, the glass door is the ideal solution.

Thus, it is perfect for rooms without windows such as a blind bathroom for example. In this case, we will opt for frosted glass to preserve privacy. Glass also has the big advantage of integrating with all types of decorations.

If you wish, for design or insulation performance reasons, you can also combine it with other materials such as wood, aluminum or even PVC. Note, however, that this material requires regular maintenance due to its messy nature.

interior door,how to choose the best material?

As you will have understood, the choice of material for your interior door does not only depend on its aesthetic characteristics. Many other parameters must be taken into consideration to make the right decision. What are the questions to ask yourself to optimize your choice? Here are some leads…

Door design 2023, for which room?

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space
This question is essential because you will not opt for the same door materials depending on whether it is a door giving access to a garage or a bedroom! Indeed, the doors that delimit the unheated spaces will have to be more insulated and therefore, you will have to choose a high-performance material at this level.

What style do you want to bring to your interior?

Contrary to what one might think, a door can really make a difference in terms of decoration in a house. Thus, it will have to agree harmoniously in your interior.

What insulation for your interior door?

Beyond thermal insulation, if your door defines a work space such as an office or workshop, it must also be acoustically insulaing  to provide a quiet space conducive to concentration.

Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space

What budget do you want to spend on your interior door?

Depending on the different materials, the budget will not be the same and the deviation may be large. For small budgets, wood is the ideal solution.

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Door Design 2023: the Subtle Mix Of Interest And Dimension While Creating A Sensory Experience In The Living Space
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