Exterior Paint Colors 2023: Mindfully Designed For Multiple Configurations, Each One Makes A Statement In Tandem, Or On Its Own

exterior paint color trends 2023

Do you live in an old building and want to give a little pep to the facade of your house? Are you building and would like to give your facade a unique touch that suits you?

Our article on exterior paint colors 2023 will help you to make the best of choices!

Nothing like adding color! However, whatever your project, choosing the right shade for your exterior is not an easy task… Indeed, beyond your decorative desires, several criteria must be taken into consideration so as not to be mistaken.

exterior paint trends 2023

For an optimal result, you will not only have to respect certain rules of style but also some urban planning constraints. What are the elements to consider? What are the legal obligations to take into account?

To choose the right colors for your facade, follow our choice of exterior paint colors 2023.

Whether it is a new construction or an old house, the choice of facade color is not random and must take into account different parameters. Here are 6 criteria to keep in mind.

Choose the color of your house facade according to its architecture

One of the first criteria to take into account when choosing the color of its facade walls is the architecture of the house. Most often, homes in the traditional style will allow themselves a wider range of colors.

Conversely, neutral tones (white, beige, black, etc.) are more popular for homes with a contemporary design.

exterior paint trends

But beyond the color, the material of your facade will also play a big role in the personality of your home.

Roughcast, stamped effect or more sober coatings, cladding: the combination of color and material is a key element of the architectural style, to be combined with care.

Exterior paint colors 2023 according to the desired atmosphere

Just like when you fit out your interior and choose your decoration, the color of your exterior coating (or your plaster, or your cladding) must also correspond to your desires and your tastes in order to transcribe the desired atmosphere.

If you have a garden, the tones of the facade can also influence the atmosphere felt within your corner of greenery. We choose warm colors such as red, orange, ochre, pink or yellow to bring a warm and welcoming image to our home.

exterior trends 2023

If, on the contrary, you want to live hidden and blend your home into the landscape, colder or neutral colors – grey, beige, taupe – are to be preferred.

Colors such as blue or green will adapt particularly well in a marine environment.

Finally, the contrast between the color of the walls and the color of the joinery will greatly contribute to the spirit of your facade.

Choose the color of your house facade according to its orientation

The orientation of the house is too often neglected, whether in terms of layout, decoration and painting. However, this parameter is just as important as the others.

Thus, if you live in the south in a dwelling constantly exposed to the sun, it is recommended to opt for a lighter color chart because the dark colors will tend to tarnish in contact with UV.

exterior trends yellow 2023

In addition, this exterior paint colors 2023 choice also allows you to enjoy thermal comfort in summer because the strong colors naturally absorb the heat transmitted by the sun’s rays. Conversely, neutral colors will be more appropriate for a north-facing facade.

That being said, avoid white that is too light, messy and tends to dazzle in summer.

Choose the color of your house facade according to the direct environment

When choosing the colors of its facade walls, it is important to take into account the architecture and the colors of the neighboring houses in order to preserve the harmony of a place.

Indeed, wanting to do something radically different – at the risk of obtaining an unattractive result and thereby attracting the wrath of your neighbors – is generally not the wisest choice…

Also, observe the colors facades of your neighbors to connect you more or less to the dominant tone.

Even if you want to bet on originality, do not neglect local traditions. Thus, you observe more bright colors in one region rather than another for example, Toulouse is also considering to be the pink city…

trends colour

The regional style is particularly important if you live in a traditional house or in a city center house historical.

The surrounding landscape should also help you make the right choice among exterior paint colors 2023. Thus, a villa by the sea is perfectly suiting  to a more or less dark blue; if you want to show off the greenery in your garden, black is also a bold but compelling choice.

The choice of colors for its facade must also match the architectural elements that cannot be a paint one. These are the roof, the edges of brick or stone windows, the terrace or even paved paths. For a successful result, the colors of your walls must be selected taking these elements into account.

Regarding the general harmony of the building, it is best to limit yourself to a maximum of 3 tones (shutters, roofs and exterior joinery included).

If your woodwork is dark in color, it will be better to opt for a light shade and vice versa. To bring more colorful touches to your home, you can play on the colors of your curtains, your flower pots or even your mailbox!

Choose the color of your house facade according to the constraints imposed

Finally, the last parameter to take into account and not the least: the rules and obligations in force in your municipality. You have to know that you can’t do everything you want and that you have to take into consideration in most cases some constraints.

The first document to consult before choosing your paint color is the PLU (Local Urban Plan). This provides you with information relating to the existing rules and constraints and can impose a color chart of possible colors.

exterior trends 2023

On the other hand, this same document informs you about the nature of your property, to know if your house is classified or not, which can suppose additional constraints.

Another interesting source to consult: the site of the CAUE (Council of Architecture, Urbanism and the Environment) of your region.

He often offers well-illustrated documents that highlight the traditional color charts of local buildings and the relevant color associations to harmonize the facade with other elements such as shutters, doors, balustrades and gates.

Finally, if you live in a housing estate, you must also refer to its regulations to choose your exterior paint colors 2023.

In any case, you have the obligation to make a declaration of work to make a change of this nature.Good to know: in some towns, facelifts are compulsory every 10 years.

Facade paints: what regulations?

First of all, as you may already know, facelifts are regulated by law. It must indeed be carried out every 10 years under penalty of heavy fines.

Then, be aware that you will not be able to choose any exterior paint and the shades or colors may be imposed on you. All of this is codified in your Local Urban Plan (PLU) which you can consult online or at your town hall. If you live in a housing estate, refer to the specifications of your condominium.

exterior townhouse

Did you know?
If the legislation requires owners to undertake facade restoration work every 10 years. In terms of interior painting, a renovation is recommended every 5 years. However, there is no obligation indoors.

A painting according to the state of its facade

When you decide to repaint the walls of your facade, the choice may seem obvious and it is tempting to go for the first paint you find in the store. However, this choice of coating is actually not so easy. What is often ignored is that each facade corresponds to a type of paint for the exterior.

Don’t panic, we are here to guide you!

  • For a smooth facade in good condition, it is advisable to opt for acrylic paint, pliolite or acrylic resin.
  • For a cracked or pointed plaster facade, opt for a thick acrylic paint, also called a paint coating, which will fill in the shallow cracks.
  • If you live by the sea, your facade is damp or dirty, a siloxane paint is recommended.
  • Finally, hydro pliolite paint is universal, but it is also the most expensive.

As you will have understood, for a quality rendering and a good hold over time, the choice of your facade paint should not be the result of chance. What are the technical specificities of each exterior paint according to the products that compose it?

Painting a facade in good condition’

In this case, you can use three types of special exterior paints: pure acrylic and with resin and pliolite. Pure acrylic paint is a coating that has the advantage of being compatible with all old paints.

It makes it possible to effectively cover all the small asperities of the walls of your facade. Pliolite paint, on the other hand, can be chosen provided that your facade is completely smooth.

exterior paint color trends 2023

Its covering power is indeed less important than for acrylic and the roughness if there is will not be covered.

Painting a facade that is damp or in poor condition. If you live in a humid or polluted area, siloxane paint is a water-repellent solution (protecting against humidity). Very resistant, its lifespan is long.

We do not always think about it, but the external environment in which we live is a determining factor in the choice of facade paint.

If you live in an area susceptible to frost, rain or storms, it will be better to direct your choice towards a pliolite paint.

Similarly, if you live in a place particularly exposed to pollution, an acrylic paint or an acrylic paint coating can be considered. Nonetheless, this type of coating has the advantage of being self-cleaning.

paint glass townhouse

As mentioned above, in wet areas, siloxane paint is a wise choice because it has water-repellent properties.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to live in an area that is constantly exposed to the sun’s rays, siloxane or pliolite paints will do just fine

Regardless of the region in which you live, to protect your new facade paint and prolong its durability, annual maintenance is can be mandatory  (washing with a high-pressure water jet).

A painting according to the other materials of the facade

Different materials can make up your facade, and some will not necessarily have to be covered with paint. This is especially the case with stone. If your facade is made of stone, be aware that it is not recommended to paint it.

This is mainly for aesthetic reasons, it goes without saying. However, it is possible to tint your stone facade by applying what  we can call  etching. It is a mixture of lime, water and pigments.

exterior paint color verdure

You will also generally find on your facade wooden parts such as shutters. Under roofs which have a role in the thermal insulation of your house, lintels and window sills which can sometimes be a woodwork.

In most cases, these exterior wood elements with a covering  either with a special exterior wood paint or with a stain. In the case that one wishes to preserve the natural appearance of the wood, while protecting it.

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Exterior Paint Colors 2023: Mindfully Designed For Multiple Configurations, Each One Makes A Statement In Tandem, Or On Its Own
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