Garden Design Trends 2023: Tranquil Tones And Textures Borrowing From The Elements For A Relaxed, Yet Refined Aesthetic

new garden ideas for 2023

We have prepared the garden design trends 2023 for you to have an easygoing exterior. Do you want to make the most of your garden or terrace?

You don’t have a green thumb or don’t want to spend all your free time with a bill hook? Are you looking for a garden designed for your comfort, easy to maintain, easy to access?

If you like good days spent with the family in the garden, or lively evenings with friends on your terrace, follow the guide. We give you all our tips so that the plant understands that the boss… is you!

garden design trends 2023

Having an exterior means asking yourself if you are ready to garden… or not!

If you like to evolve in a plant environment without becoming a slave to the hoe, choose plants adapted to your land. You will thus plant species that like dry land, such as lavender, santolina, on dry soil, and those that flourish in cool conditions, such as hydrangeas, on cool soil.

This is the secret to enjoying a well flowered garden, with a minimum of maintenance. If you have any doubts about the type of your soil, go to a garden center, where you can have it tested.

On a garden design trends 2023, favor climbing plants, such as jasmine or clematis, which will free up your floor space.

garden design trends 2023

You can intelligently fix their generous foliage thanks to a trellis, very decorative, the price of which varies, according to the materials and the dimensions, between 20 and 60 dollars.

You can also, especially if you have children, sow small strawberries or climbing apple trees, for the pleasure of picking: for a budget of between 9 and 13 USD for 3 packets of seeds, these plants grow easily and require relatively little maintenance.

Garden or terrace, no room for approximation in garden design trends 2023

Going headlong into large gardening areas without knowing how to structure your exterior is an initiative leads to failure. Have you taken the exact dimensions of your terrace or the plot you want to develop?

Have you identified the materials compatible with your budget? Taking the time to draw up plans and consider all the facets of your layout is not a waste of time, quite the contrary.

new garden ideas for 2023

You will only be more satisfied when you find that the materials, the dimensions of your slabs or the garden furniture are totally adapted to the topology of the place and your needs.

Also think about bad weather days. A well-thought-out exterior takes into account paved paths to avoid wading through the mud in rainy weather when crossing your garden or reaching your porch.

New garden ideas for 2023: Think smart, do quick

Arranging pots on the ground all around a predefined space creates an atmosphere that is too straight and rigid in an exterior designed for relaxation and conviviality.

Instead, think in islands. Placing a few pots on the ground, even on a small surface, makes it possible to create spaces for strolling and to enhance the species present.

In the corners, favor round basins, available from around twenty euros, or cavalier pots, very stylish and adjustable on a railing, which have the advantage of not occupying any floor space.

new garden ideas for 2023

To avoid back pain, we will also consider raising the pots and planters. Very trendy, vegetable gardens in height are practical and aesthetic.

New garden ideas for 2023: use Smart watering

Whatever the size of your “hole of greenery”, only one watchword: laziness!

If you want to go on vacation without finding a bush on your return, opting for succulents is the winning bet.

Agapanthus or ficoids in the garden, Aeonium from the Canary Islands or cacti from Mexico on the terrace, choose plants that are resistant to everything, both heat and wind.

For those with a large garden, or who do not particularly appreciate the chore of watering, you can install an automatic watering system.

There are all kinds, with programmer or radio control, kit or buried.

Giving your outdoors a warm and friendly atmosphere for your summer evenings, outdoor lights enhance your home and garden.

Better still, they also make it possible to secure the space, providing essential light points at the level of the steps or around the aisles. Light paths, which, combined with remote control or motion detection, become as practical as they are aesthetic.

Discreet, in garlands, the lights are easily concealed in a pot or behind a trellis. Freeing up the surface on the ground, the wall lights contribute to the conviviality of your terrace.

new garden ideas for 2023

As for nomadic lighting, their modularity allows you to light up your living room or your plants according to your wishes.

In terms of energy savings, they have also understood everything, since some models, equipped with LED technology, are rechargeable with solar energy. Several of them are accessible from a hundred dollars.

What are the accessibility standards for balconies and terraces?

Lighting your house or patio means first knowing what you want to highlight and why.

If you have a house, you can choose to illuminate certain parts of it for either purely aesthetic purposes (trees, statues, etc.) or more practical purposes (façade, paths, swimming pool), one not excluding necessarily the other.

If you want to illuminate a terrace, you will also have to make choices in terms of the areas to be lit and the desired atmosphere.

outdoor decor trends 2023

Is it to light up your garden furniture? To highlight your plantations? The choices will not be the same…

Scripting the lighting of your exteriors is a prerequisite for evolving in an environment with which you will feel in harmony. To do this, practicality and creativity are required. Consider the whole of your surface to be illuminated.

Outdoor lighting: yes, but how?

Do not hesitate to seek advice from an electrician, who will be able to advise you on the wiring needed to carry out your project and will provide you with an estimate.

If the bill turns out to be a little too steep, you can opt for solar lamps and streetlamps, which are rechargeable  during the day thanks to solar energy, and which, in the evening, diffuse the light stored during the day. Requiring no electrical connection, you can move them around as you wish.

new garden ideas for 2023

In another spirit, rechargeable nomadic lights flourish on terraces like the plants they illuminate. Flower pots, balls, designer lamps…

These “object lighting fixtures” based on LED technology offer sometimes intense colors, for a lower operating cost and optimized use thanks to the simplest remote control.

Bring the party to the veranda: garden decor trends 2023

Want to gain a few square meters and bring light into your interior? The construction of a veranda presents itself as the perfect solution! Increasingly popular, this transparent extension has the advantage of adapting to almost all buildings.

Bringing a touch of design and elegance to the façade of a house, whether extended by a terrace, in wood, PVC or wrought iron, it will be synonymous with well-being for you.

What are the steps to take for the construction of a veranda? Which material to choose for the structure? For the roof? What technical constraints should be kept in mind depending on the room it will host?

How to orient your veranda according to the region in which you live? What price should you expect depending on your project? Our experts take a look at the 7 questions to ask yourself before building the veranda of your dreams.

outdoor decor trends 2023

The type of work permit to: obtain for the construction of a veranda depends on your home and the characteristics of your project.

If the surface of the veranda you are going to build is less than 40 m², you will only need to make a prior declaration of work, unless your accommodation is in the ABF zone and in this case, it is a building permit. Build that will have to be obtained.

If the surface created is greater than 40 m², the building permit becomes mandatory.

If your veranda is integrated into your home , the building permit is also mandatory, the external appearance, the structure of the building and the use of the room are modifying.

outdoor decor trends 2023

A small additional subtlety: if after your expansion work, the total area of your house exceeds 150 m² and the living area created exceeds 20 m², you will also need to obtain a building permit before you start.

The total living area of your home exceeds 150 m² after construction of your veranda.

Which veranda for which façade?

If the verandas could, at one time, be relatively classic, this is no longer the case today. Thus, this extension fits into all styles of home, from the most traditional to the most modern.

For a traditional house, we will favor a veranda with more classic shapes with a glass roof with two slopes, aluminum structures decorates with old motifs (arches, etc.) and colors such as white, beige or burgundy.

For a modern home, cubic structures with clean-lined uprights will fit in perfectly. In terms of colors, greys, blacks and slate blues are very trendy.

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Garden Design Trends 2023: Tranquil Tones And Textures Borrowing From The Elements For A Relaxed, Yet Refined Aesthetic
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