Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable

home decor ideas 2023

Lifestyle, our suggestions to live according to home decor trends 2023. Our lifestyle or “lifestyle” says a lot about us. It expresses our personality, reveals our convictions and the ideals that inspire us.

Lifestyle, in short, is everything that characterizes a person or a group of people, such as a family, a group of friends or a company.

The way we decorate our four walls, how we take care of them gives, without a doubt, a fairly precise idea of ​​our way of life. But the concept of lifestyle goes far beyond the desire to create a beautiful and welcoming home for you and your family.

Indeed, for us, lifestyle is the art of living well, and it encompasses themes that are different from what is strictly “Home & Living”, but which are just as close to our aspirations. From well-being (physical and mental) to the preservation of the environment; from the search for a healthier and more balanced diet to questions related to travel.

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable

Because living well means not only creating a comfortable home to our liking – where we really feel at home -, but also making a contribution to the community in which we live. So, for us, it is also trying to become, so to speak, a whole person.

Having a maximum of storage in a small space is not always easy. From functional furniture to modular furniture, in a small interior, it is essential to optimize the space.

A clever storage slipped under the bed, shelves that extend to the ceiling or even niches that turn into clever storage, here are 5 decorative storage ideas for your small spaces

A multifunctional headboard

If the headboard allows you to dress a small room with elegance, it can also save you space. Equipped with shelves or a wardrobe, there are clever models to store your clothes.

The headboard can have a triple function. Do you want to create a separate separation between the sleeping area and the living area, but you also need storage for your clothes as well as a headboard? The solution is here.

home decor trends 2023

Opt for a bamboo headboard, with multiple shelves and a small wardrobe. Ultra ingenious, this piece of furniture brings a warm touch to your small living room, while being a space-saving asset in your bedroom.

If you want to have a refined bedroom, prefer a headboard model with cupboards, sliding doors or drawers.

Once closed, your room will appear larger. And if, on the contrary, you like to display your things, your candles and your books, choose a model with niches.

Nesting tables

Do you want to furnish your small living room while promoting storage? A real space-saving asset, the nesting tables are light and easy to move. As a duo or a trio, combined with a small sofa or a few stools with integrated storage, nesting tables are the highlights of small spaces.

They stack during the day to facilitate movement, they move at night to serve as bedside tables, they assemble in the evening to create a warm atmosphere in the living room, in short, they adapt to your desires and your space. .

In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the entrance or in the living room, the niche is both ultra functional and of an imperishable aestheticism. You have certainly seen it on the most fashionable Instagram accounts: the hollowed out or shaped niche is making a comeback in interiors.

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable

Easy to make with simple metal rods, a few blocks of cellular concrete and a little plaster, this small wall recess dresses up the room while proving to be a functional storage.

Immaculate in reference to their Mediterranean origins, the niches are furnished with your books, your crockery or a few ceramic decorative elements.

Shelves up to the ceiling

If you’re lucky enough to have high ceilings in your small space, dare shelves up to the ceiling. In addition to giving character to the room, this section of wall with about twenty parallel shelves will allow you to free up space on the floor and store your books, your jewellery, your crockery and a few decorative objects.

A storage solution for small spaces that has it all!

Hanging cabinet for shoes: home design ideas 2023

Do you want to store your shoes in style in your small apartment or studio? Whether you have one pair or twenty pairs of shoes, it is essential to invest in smart and stylish storage.

Exit the pile of shoes in the entrance hall and hello the hanging piece of furniture.

home decor trends 2023

Installed in the entrance and coupled with a pretty entrance bench with integrated storage, the shoe storage is intended to be shallow with a small footprint, and modular to be able to add elements below, below or side by side.

Also be sure to choose a piece of furniture with a small nook to put your keys or your smartphone.

Shelves: decorative and storage element at the same time

If the shelves have the primary mission of being functional, they are also, provided they are tidy and organized, decorative elements. This is not the case with you? Thanks to our storage tips, make your shelves the centerpieces of your home decor trends 2023!

Shelves filled with transparent jars in a kitchen, a wall of shelves with gold-edged frames, two shelves above a sofa with only design objects… Whether in a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom bathroom or even a garage… impeccably tidy and organized shelves, it’s very beautiful.

On the other hand, as soon as they are overloaded and in addition to unsightly objects, it can quickly stain an interior.

To help you turn your shelves into decorative elements in their own right, we have compiled some tips and tricks. The first rule to keep in mind: not every millimeter of a shelf needs to be used!

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable

Steps to ‘ follow for a better organization of your shelves. The two steps to ultimate storage:

Declutter: Start by getting rid of what is lying around and is useless on your shelf. To do this, remove everything on it and arrange the objects in three “yes”, “no”, “maybe” piles. To put them in these different categories, ask yourself the question “do I really need it?”

Sort: Once the first step is complete, go through the “maybe” pile again, asking yourself for each object if it is essential in your life. If the answer is yes, put it in the “yes” pile. It should, once all the elements have been reviewed, you are only left with two categories. Get rid of the items in the “no” pile and prepare to reinstall the others. Be careful, we don’t just put everything back on the shelf.

home decor ideas 2023 11

To keep your shelf tidy as long as possible and aesthetically pleasing, use decorative boxes and cardboard. You will place in it all the small objects that tend to lie around and give the impression of disorder. Choose storage boxes in harmony with the rest of your decoration.

Arranging items stylishly on a shelf is not a complicated task. On the other hand, it differs whether it is for a kitchen shelf than one installed in your living room. We detail the specificities of each!

The kitchen shelves

Shelves are very practical in a kitchen or in a scullery. They give an overview and allow easy access to the different ingredients. We do not recommend, however, to store all products in large boxes and cartons. It will make your daily life tedious.

Opt for glass jars instead. They allow the container to be seen and are particularly aesthetic. You can either invest in jars of the same model or opt for mismatched shapes and sizes. For what cannot be stored in jars, choose pretty boxes on which you will stick labels. You can also write on it with chalk.

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable


Books also have a special place on our shelves. But poorly organized, a library is not always an asset in your home. For the latter to arouse covetousness, we advise you to arrange your books by color. The result is original, trendy and photogenic.

Another more streamlined possibility is to turn the books over, that is to say, to place them so that we can see the edge of the gutter of the book. You will get a monochromatic and different look from what we usually see.

Do not hesitate, to air your library to place between the books small decorative elements such as frames, vases, holiday memories… They will break the massive side of the books. Another trend that is resurfacing is the use of bookends. Kitsch or sober, they will bring a decorative touch to your shelf.

The most beautiful accessories for your wall shelf

A small table lamp or a string of lights hanging from the sides of the shelf are other ideas that may appeal to you. Indirect light creates a cozy atmosphere. Beautiful scented candles in glasses will create a feeling of well-being in your home. With decorative boxes you will put order on your shelves while proving that you have a gift for interior decoration.

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable

You will of course find in our online store all the essential accessories to decorate a shelf in a harmonious way.  We offer you many ideas. Be inspired by our exclusive selection of vases, frames, prints, flower pots and other decorative items. Find your favorite to design a decoration of your shelf that will catch the eye!

Organize your dressing room like Marie Kondo

We all know this situation: you open the doors of your dressing room and it is full to bursting. It is overflowing with clothes piled up in the most total disorder… Stop the chaos! It’s time to tidy up your dressing room by taking inspiration from the queens of organization.

From the “Kon Mari” technique created by the popess of storage Marie Kondo to the capsule wardrobe method and our storage tips, organizing a dressing room will soon have no more secrets for you.

Follow the guide for a dream dressing room and turn a chore into a real pleasure!

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable
We get rid of what we no longer wear

Here, the method is radical: what you haven’t worn for a year must disappear. To apply this rule, start by putting all your clothes on hangers and return the hooks of those with the clothes you no longer wear.

The inverted hangers trick will allow you to visualize what you haven’t put on for a long time. What to do with these clothes? Organize a vacuum-dressing with your friends or donate them to associations.

To hang your clothes on rods, choose hangers of the same color and size. For shirts and dresses, add anti-slip. This will prevent the clothes from falling off. For the rest, invest in baskets, organizers of drawers, boxes or even jewelry holders. Note: do not use plastic boxes, they prevent the clothes from breathing properly.

We start folding

Marie Kondo recommends a folding method to stay in harmony with her clothes. No more throwing your panties at the bottom of a drawer and the dumplings of jeans. To fold a t-shirt, the method is simple: lay it flat, the back towards you. Then fold the sides of the t-shirt with the sleeves towards the middle. Fold everything in half, twice. You will get a beautiful rectangle, ready to slide upright into your drawer.

Group by category

Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable
Panties don’t go with scarves! Whether in your drawers or on your rod, we store by category. Example ? Jackets with coats, skirts with dresses, scarves with scarves and not too far from gloves and hats.

We sort from shortest to longest

Hang up your dresses, skirts and pants and then arrange them from shortest to longest. Believe us, you will see more clearly. If your wardrobe is large enough, you can place storage boxes below the shorter part of your dressing room.

home decor ideas 2023 11

Up down

Place the clothes or accessories you use less often at the top of the dressing room. Note: place the heaviest shoe storage and accessories at the bottom of your dressing room.

Sort by color shade

For a more visually appealing look, sort your clothes by color: from darkest to lightest to colorful.

Nostalgia is not welcome in home decor ideas 2023

When sorting through your closet, you will probably come across that dress your mom gave you when you were 20 or those jeans that suited you so well 5 years ago.

Do not be nostalgic and keep only the clothes that suit you well, that you wear regularly and timeless pieces: black dress, white blouse, light jeans or white sneakers.

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Home Decor Trends 2023: Classic Details With Modern Sensibilities For A Look That’s Luxurious, Yet Livable
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