House Design 2023: Once You Are Looking To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Space To Please The Eye

home design ideas 2023

House design 2023: the most extraordinary ideas to highlight your mansion

Do you want to revamp the layout of your home? Are you planning to redistribute the rooms, to carry out major work for your house or apartment? Discover in this guide our advice and tips for a successful interior design.

Arranging your house design 2023 well: the right questions to ask yourself

For an optimal interior design, it is advisable to ask the right questions upstream, well before the move. To help you imagine the layout of your future space, here are some ideas.

What are my needs? What are my desires?

These first two questions are crucial.

When we find the house or apartment of our dreams, it is tempting to rush to the store to buy all the furniture and decoration that we like.

home design ideas 2023

However, and before that, it is important to list the furniture you already have and the ones you are missing.

You can then draw up another list with the furniture and decoration that you would like to add to please yourself but which are less essential.

This action will allow you not only to establish your priorities but also to achieve significant savings. It will also prevent you from ending up with an overly cluttered interior once you arrive in your new place of life.

Which furniture to choose?

Once you have determined your needs in a “global” way, you will have to adopt a reflection for each space. To do this, take a tape measure to measure each room of your new house design 2023.

This will allow you to choose furniture adapted to the various surfaces. Do not hesitate to draw a diagram in order to better visualize their layout (do not forget to add the doors and the windows and to draw their movement zone).

home design ideas 2023

In small spaces, modular and shallow furniture greatly facilitates interior design. Also bet on multifunctional furniture such as the sofa bed, the partition cabinets, the bookcases-desks or the mirror which also serves as a closet in the bathroom.

For delicate configurations, custom-made furniture will allow you to optimize your useful space while giving it a decorative touch.

Home design ideas 2023: What is my way of life?

An easy-going space must obviously be pleasant, but also and above all functional.

When they embark on the exciting project of an interior design, many will tend to copy the ideas of configuration and decoration that they admire on the glossy paper of decoration magazines: to proceed in this way is often a mistake. .

Indeed, it is imperative that your home corresponds to you and is adapted to your way of life. What are your habits? Which rooms do you frequent the most? Do you cook a lot?

home design ideas 2023

Do you spend a lot of time in the bathroom? For a successful interior design, these questions must get very specific answers.

While designing house design 2023, it is necessary that you imagine yourself moving through the space so that you can see if furniture is obstructing your path or if the storage is placed too high, etc. Do not hesitate to visit your future home several times when it is empty in order to understand the space as best as possible.

For the living room

The living room  is often the heart of the house and its reception area. Also, in order to be comfortable there, it is considered that it must be at least 20 square meters.

However, note that it is only from 30 square meters that you can install a lounge area and a place reserved for meals. In addition, having an open kitchen will visually gain a few additional square meters.

The kitchen

Appliances, worktops, storage… To be functional, the ideal kitchen must be spacious! Thus, it is recommended to provide at least 10 square meters, a dimension that will allow you to install a central island or several work plans.

home decor ideas 2023

If you have to arrange your kitchen in a limited space, there are also compact layout solutions.

Bathroom and toilets

Today, architects and designers design beautiful, ultra-functional bathrooms in a very small space. A space of 4 square meters can be enough to satisfy a couple, opting for a bathroom.

If you have children, and the bathroom is family, it will be more practical to be able to bet on a little larger, about 6 square meters. This will leave you the space to install a washing machine, cupboards, a double sink and a bathtub.

For a bathroom adjoining a bedroom, or an extra bathroom, 3 m² is enough.

Beyond the surface, the layout of a bathroom is a matter of equipment and distance between the elements:

  • In front of a bathtub you must have a minimum 55 cm of passage and 105 cm so that two people can move around;
  • In front of a washbasin or a shower, count 70 cm;
  • As for of the toilets, 60 cm.

Home design ideas 2023: The parental suite

The parental suite is a type of layout that is attracting more and more people. However, this term is often used incorrectly: it is not because a room is spacious that it can be qualified as a master suite.

The master suite includes at least one bathroom as well as a dressing-type storage space.

home decor ideas 2023

It can also accommodate an office space or a lounge area. In this type of room, there must be a sleeping area, a bathroom with or without toilets, and a large storage space for clothes, all integrated into a single space: it is not question of having to cross a corridor to go to the bathroom for example.

14 square meters are considered a minimum. To be more comfortable, an area of 17 square meters is recommended and, if you can think big, 24 square meters is an area that will offer you all the comfort you need!

Interior layout: cellar garage dimensions in house design 2023


If you have the possibility of providing a pantry, this space will be very useful for storing your food reserves and / or your household appliances such as a freezer, washing machine or dryer. To do this, 5-6 square meters will be enough.


If you want to build a garage, be aware that an area of 15 square meters is required to accommodate a standard vehicle. Double this area if you have two vehicles.

How to optimize space and gain square meters?

Are you starting to feel cramped at house design 2023? Instead of opting for the radical solution of moving, there are alternative solutions and interior design tips that aim to optimize the volume of your home as much as possible.

By saving you several square meters, these will give you the impression of space that you lacked and will make your home all its practicality.

home decor ideas 2023

If the average area of French housing is 90 square meters, this can be much smaller when it comes to housing in the city. The key to a layout and a perfectly exploited space is to arrange your interior well.

Many try to redecorate their interior to make it more pleasant to live in: if decorative tips can visually enlarge a room, unfortunately they will not be enough to save you those precious additional useful square meters.

How to create a pleasant and functional atmosphere room by room?

The layout of your house design 2023 consists of completely reviewing the organization of your rooms. Thus, it is necessary to use the basic plan of your apartment or house in order to have an overall overview of the surface and the distribution of the places.

This exercise is not only there to save you square meters; its vocation is also to make your life easier. If your kitchen is located opposite your dining room, for example, this is not ideal.

home decor ideas 2023

To be easy to live in, your accommodation must allow you a fluid and logical circulation, without risk of accident.

If for some the task seems difficult, know that a little can change everything. Indeed, sometimes it is enough to review your furniture to improve and enlarge the space. To help you, you can seek the advice of an interior designer.

Depending on your desires and your needs, this professional can advise you and offer you various arrangements to optimize your home decor trends 2023 . We give you the procedure to follow in 4 steps.

First of all, it is necessary to make a technical inventory

This will allow you to identify the load-bearing structures or not (walls and beams) as well as the passages of ducts, ducts, pipes and cables.

These elements will strongly condition the scope of possibilities in terms of internal redistribution, as well as the heaviness of the work to be planned.

home decor ideas 2023

Be aware that if you live in an apartment, even if you are the owner, you cannot work on the load-bearing structures without authorization from the co-ownership. It will also be necessary to use a technical design office and a qualified craftsman to carry out the work, under the guidance of a DPLG architect.

Interior design: exploiting wasted space

Once your inventory has been completed, the second step is to identify the unused spaces.

We do not always notice it, but even in a small space, we do not exploit 100% all the available surface. Also, the first thing to do will be to recover them. If you live in a house, the attic area is for example interesting to exploit, see the cellar.

Also remember to take advantage of every little nook, every recess to slide in a shelf or cupboard.

The space under the stairs is thus too often forgotten, as is that located above our interior doors: with an average height of 40 cm to 1 m, it is just waiting to be exploited! By creating overhead storage areas, you can get rid of bulky furniture that takes up floor space.

home decor ideas 2023

Bet on “space-saving” doors

Another trick to gain additional square meters is to bet on sliding doors.

Unlike hinged models, sliding (or pocket) doors do not require clearance space, the door blending into the partition. This architectural trick can save you up to 1.5 square meters of useful space, which is far from negligible.

On the design side, you can choose your solid or glass sliding doors. You thus kill three birds with one stone: layout of the space, decorative touch and natural light in your rooms!

Review the distribution of parts

Knocking down one or more walls can be an interesting solution to gain additional square meters.

You can thus remove the partition between the kitchen and the dining room. Decompartmentalizing the space will give you the impression of having gained several square meters.

home decor 2023

To compartmentalize your spaces, rather than partitions, bet more on curtains, canopies or low partitions which will modulate the rooms without dividing up the space.

Reviewing the distribution of your apartment or house will require calling on a craftsman. Depending on the case, an architect: it is necessary to take into account not only the supporting structures but also the existing networks.

For the living / dining room

The living / dining room should be a warm room. It shouldn’t be too full.

You will need a sofa (which can be convertible to allow you to accommodate friends or family) as well as an armchair or a small ottoman that can easily be stored.

You can also equip your home decor trends 2023 with a modular coffee table that will serve as a dining area and folding chairs that can be hide  if necessary. Finally, a low piece of furniture in length will advantageously accommodate crockery or table linen without crushing the space.

Interior layout: kitchen atmosphere

The kitchen is certainly the space that needs to be the most functional in the whole house.

A watchword therefore: a maximum of storage. To do this, optimize the space: wall units, base units, shelves… You can never have too many!

home decor 2023

Bet also on the work plans that will make your job easier to cook. If your kitchen is very small, you can also opt for a folding table.

Regarding appliances, you can choose compact or built-in appliances that are ideal for a limited space.

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House Design 2023: Once You Are Looking To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Space To Please The Eye
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