Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

The Indian interior design for houses and apartments has received its current demand, thanks to a genuine interest in India, the life of local residents, and their traditions!

In general, this design is based on Indian traditions.

Do you want to create a cozy, and magnetic decoration in your own apartment or a dream house? Today we will introduce you to an incomparable direction in design – Indian style interior design.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

It will help you fill the atmosphere of the apartment with boundless charm, creativity, expressiveness, and dynamism.

It will truly radically transform the appearance of any room: kitchen, guest salon, dining room, and bedroom.

The use of bright colors, rich fabrics with beautiful patterns, colorful rugs, and rich accessories can add color and even more appeal to the atmosphere.

What Is Indian Style in Interior Design?

India is a large country with a unique culture and traditions that have always attracted Europeans. Indian house interior design is characterized by rich colors in the decoration, curtains, and textile elements.

At the same time, the variety of patterns and gamut in design varies depending on the region.

For example, the decoration of rural houses contains wooden furnishings, religious elements, and flowers. Maybe you will like this destination the most. Feel free to try new ideas. The result will exceed all your expectations!

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Bright tones are perfect for transforming an apartment in the spirit of India.

You can combine different tones and textures in one room. It will help to give it an elegant, sophisticated and luxurious look.

Use a rich color for decorations and furniture and a more subdued shade for walls and floors.

Combine a neutral palette with navy and emerald accents in your room. For instance, antiques and artificially aged furniture will add a special charm to the decoration.

The incomparable result of your work will just amaze you.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Features of The Indian Interior Design

  • A harmonious combination of colored materials;
  • Wooden furniture;
  • Wicker furniture;
  • Carved or forged furniture;
  • Handmade accessories;
  • Stone or wood floors;
  • Ornaments on walls and furniture;
  • Natural and variegated textiles;
  • There are carpets on the floor;
  • Cabinets with doors imitating window shutters;
  • Arched doors;
  • Niches in the walls.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Indian Interior Design Ideas

Indian house interior design includes a wide variety of accessories, such as figurines, vases, iron dishes, paintings, candelabra, mirrors, and unusual lamps.

Nowadays there are many specialty stores with a chic range of products, where you can opt for unique items and decorations for your home.

Ancient Indian style interior design is widespread and fashionable in a number of countries. In addition, it is notable that you can harmoniously combine it with modern interior design.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Indian Style Interior Design Elements

  • Handmade lightweight compact furniture of Indian origin from bamboo, or teak covered with ornate carvings, stones, and rhinestones.
  • Even in a small living room, you can place a coffee table and elegant stools on low thick legs. A wardrobe put on display – narrow, low, with openwork doors.
  • A massive sofa with armrests, soft headrests, and pillows with images of elephants and other Indian animals.
  • Bright cushions are also laid on the chairs.
  • Draperies made of bright silk fabrics. Textile curtains look attractive in combination with hanging screens made of small beads.
  • Elegant metal tableware is functional and at the same time attracts the eye.


The surface of the walls can be in plain paint, warm tint. In addition, you can use vinyl wallpaper with a thematic ornament on the surface. Furthermore, a textile wallpaper with an imitation of expensive fabrics will perfectly complement the style.

It is noteworthy that in Indian design, you can often use wooden cladding, with patterns or ornate carvings.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors


In such a room, it would be appropriate to look at a rich color.

A stretch ceiling with a photo print imitating the fabric of a canopy looks unique. However, if for some reason the stretch ceiling is not suitable, you can use simple ceiling wallpaper for painting.

By the way, the technology of a multi-level plasterboard ceiling with smooth, rounded grooves will look no less delightful!

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors


Traditional Indian floor is usually covered with wood or stone. In your themed interior, you can use parquet, laminate, ceramic tiles, or marble. And it is possible to successfully imitate the above materials using the 3D technology – self-leveling floor.

The essence of it is the selection of an image, which is then covered with a specially prepared mixture.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Furniture in Indian Interior Design

Furniture is essential for Indian home decor. Massive and graceful wooden chairs, tables, wardrobes, and beds are a characteristic feature of this trend.

Try equipping your apartment with King Size headset elements. Pick up items with a shabby and aged appearance. They will help you bring the true Indian flavor to life.

Today the national Indian furniture is a work of art. It is from natural wood, with carved ornaments and elements, inlaid with stones. At the finishing stage, it is covered with a glossy varnish.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Likewise, tables and chairs, doors, and shutters are made in the same way. The interior must contain graceful screens, wood panels, and other decorative elements.

What Are Indian Interior Design Colors?

Color, the mood of magical bliss, and environmental friendliness are the reasons for the popularity of Indian interior design.

The walls covered with textured plaster, wood panels with carvings and mother-of-pearl inlays, as well as woven draperies, necessarily include pink and orange shades with the leading cream, turquoise, gray, sand, beige, gold.

Along with such a background, openwork objects will look especially intricate.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Indian Bedroom Interior

The Indian bedroom interior style is a piece of paradise. Its center is a solid wood bed with carved wooden posts on the sides. A light airy canopy of bright red or crimson color is attached to them.

The floor is completely covered with a high pile carpet. Pillows are everywhere. Meanwhile, the presence of other furniture is completely invisible.

In the decoration of the bedroom, you can show your creativity using a wall image and a hand painting. In addition, you can try to find suitable wallpapers with a themed landscape.

Even simple plain wallpaper (peach, amber, pink) will look great.

The bed can be either from carved wood or wrought metal. However, other pieces of furniture can be in the same design.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

You can decorate the room with table lamps with wrought iron bases and lampshades covered with patterns. In addition, you can purchase colorful but harmonious themed bedding, bedspreads, and pillows. Hang several paintings on the walls in heavy wooden frames.

Additional decoration of such a bedroom can be a sliding screen, behind which an ironing board or a work table will perfectly hide. In order for the screen to fit into the interiors, it should contain some hand-paintings, thematic patterns, or special stickers.

The floor must be covered with a soft, outwardly attractive carpet.

Indian Living room

The main element of the living room is a sofa with leather, velour, or suede upholstery. Sofas on carved wooden legs or with wooden drawers, again decorated with wood carvings, look great.

Traditionally, these sofas accommodate an incredible amount of colorful pillows. In the same style as the sofa, you should pick up a few armchairs, by the way, in such interiors amazingly comfortable and fashionable – wicker chairs look wonderful.

In the center of the room, a coffee table will appear beautiful.

It can be from simple wood with carvings and forging elements, and also with several layers of varnish. In addition, there should be several open and closed shelves. Closed doors must be decorated with carvings or painted elements.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

Indian Bathroom Interior

If the bathroom is small in size, then the general background should be created in a light color, the color of sand, ordinary beige, as well as white, complemented by amber or gold-tone, is perfect.

A wall mosaic panel depicting an elephant or a sacred cow (Mother Goddess), symbolizing wealth and happiness, makes the image more thematic. In addition, wooden paintings with images of petroglyphs can be placed on the walls.

The floor can be covered with ceramic tiles a tone darker than the walls. As for the plumbing, a round form bath will look incredibly great in such a room. However, this does not mean that traditional baths will not be appropriate.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

The color of the plumbing can vary from gray, white, or cream.

The side table under the sink should be wooden, preferably with a lattice. And all personal care accessories can be stored in a wicker basket provided for this purpose.

Indian Style Kitchen

The Indian style kitchen is also a bright space that radiates harmony and comfort.

Furniture for its filling is made of teak or bamboo, rattan, or boxwood. Such wood itself looks very impressive, but the addition of painting or inlay to the arched facades makes them even more beautiful.

The Hindus themselves are practical people. They don’t use bright colors in the kitchen work area.

Therefore, a simple ceramic tile may appear, which can be easily washed. For instance, a countertop in marble is a perfect choice.

When buying home appliances, it is better to give preference to vintage models. They fit very well into colorful interiors. It is not so easy to find a stove and a hood, but there are manufacturers whose collections include retro items.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

An abundance of décor and luxury items of this style can help to create a dining area in the kitchen. It should turn into a place for relaxation and rest.

Put soft sofas in the kitchen, cover them with bedspreads from expensive fabrics of rich bright colors, pillows embroidered with golden thread. Instead of sofas, use ottomans, instead of chairs, poufs, and banquets.

Is Indian Interior Style Out of Style?

In fact, the answer to this question cannot be unambiguous. As it is all about taste and preferences. So, if you are a lover of their culture and get inspiration from the décor elements in this style, you should definitely try it.

One of the main reasons to try it is that Indian interior design is really exotic, rich, and incredibly beautiful.

Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors

This style seems to have absorbed the sunlight and all the luxury of India. It mesmerizes with a splash of colors, sensuality, and richness of décor. However, despite its extraordinary brightness, the Indian style interior design immediately inclines to relaxation and spiritual harmony.

In short, despite the noticeable influence of foreign styles in modern times, the style is still clear and understandable: significant use of arts and crafts, bright colors, lots of wood, and religious accessories.

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Top 14 Indian Interior Design Tips to Use in Your Home Interiors
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