Interior Color Trends 2023: When Traditional Overtones Beautifully Juxtapose Architectural Lines And Subtle Aesthetics

popular paint colors 2023

The interior color trends 2023: what colors should you choose for your space?The atmosphere of a room should invite relaxation and calm, even promote positive energy.

If the layout of the premises contributes greatly to creating the conditions conducive to sleep, the choice of interior color trends 2023 is decisive in bringing a calm atmosphere.

Little chromatic guide for sleepers.

Are you a fan of the Scandinavian spirit? Want to make your bedroom a cozy nest? A warm room where it is good to dream?

interior color trends 2023
Choose among soft, natural interior color trends 2023 for the whole decor. If you are more into painting, bet on light tones: cream white, beige, taupe…

These soft and enveloping colors will bring serenity to the whole room. If you prefer wallpaper, opt for the same palette of tones, with a plain background or decorated with very discreet patterns.

Decline the range of colors for bed linen, cotton or linen, cushions and curtains. Prefer wooden, wicker or rattan furniture, and do not hesitate to vary the species.

Play the natural card with a few decorative elements: driftwood lamp, thick woolen blanket on the bed… A light wood floor will bring warmth and reinforce the natural side. With a few rugs made of natural materials, the atmosphere will be comfortable to the tips of your feet.

I want a natural atmosphere

Symbolizing nature, green reassures and relaxes. A great stress reliever!

Among the  interior color trends 2023  this one ois adapted to the bedroom… provided you choose the right shade and use it sparingly. Avoid too dark tones (bottle, spinach) and bright greens (anise, parrot), in favor of light and pastel shades.

interior color trends 2023

Water green or almond green are particularly suitable for a soft atmosphere. If green promotes sleep, it is energizing in high doses.

Stick to a few touches of this color in the bedroom for decoration (cushions, frames, etc.) or furniture (bedside tables, lamps, etc.).

In order to accentuate its anti-stress qualities, combine it with soft colors, such as pastel blue or sky blue, or natural, cream or beige for example.

If green promotes sleep, it is energizing in high doses.

Elegant, harmonious, soft… pink gives a refined touch to interiors.

In the bedroom, it creates a delicate atmosphere, promoting daydreaming and relaxation. Warm and reassuring in its pastel or powdery version, pink brings a feeling of calm and comfort.

To accentuate the soothing effect of this color, combine it with light tones such as beige, cream or white. You can also bet on a combination of light pink with gray and pastel tones to give a little relief while accentuating the cocoon side.

bedroom colors 2023

On the other hand, avoid shades that are too bright, candy pink, dragee, fuchsia. Very energizing, these tones run the risk of going against the soothing effect.

Painting, bed linen, accessories, cushions or curtains: what if, to have sweet dreams, all you had to do was see life in pink?

Located between purple and blue on the chromatic scale, violet is all about subtlety.

Sometimes deep, sometimes light, it gives the bedroom a note of romanticism sometimes tinged with melancholy in an adult bedroom. Purple calms and soothes. Lilac, lavender, purple… the names of popular paint colors 2023 are an invitation to sweet daydreaming.

bedroom colors 2023

For a more serene atmosphere, choose mauve, which is particularly reassuring. However, use it sparingly to preserve your sleep. In a bedroom, one wall is enough. The more timid will use this shade bit by bit, for curtains or a few decorative objects.

Prefer to associate it with neutral colors, such as white, or with light shades (sand, cream, beige) to highlight it.

I long for a haven of peace, Zen a lot!

Very present in our environment, blue is a familiar and reassuring color.

Sometimes deep, sometimes light, it gives the bedroom a note of romanticism sometimes tinged with melancholy in an adult bedroom. Purple calms and soothes.

Off white , lavender, purple… the names of its shades are an invitation to sweet calmness. For a more serene atmosphere, choose mauve, which is particularly reassuring.

However, use it sparingly to preserve your sleep. In a bedroom, one wall is enough. The more timid will use this shade bit by bit, for curtains or a few decorative objects.


If there was only one left, that would be it. And yet white is not a color, but the synthesis of all colors.

Would this explain it? Symbol of balance and purity, white is of all decorations. From the bathroom to the kitchen via the living room, it dresses all the rooms of the house with its elegant sobriety.

interior color trends 2023

The bedroom – especially the adult bedroom – is no exception to the rule. Undisturbed sleep and sweet dreams assured. The perfection that we recognize in it is a guarantee of serenity: with white, we come close to the divine.

Some might argue that perfection breeds boredom. Ignore them and go back between your blue, green, beige, pink, purple sheets…

White doesn’t just suit everyone, it also goes with everything!

Use paint to structure your living room

On the walls as on the ceiling, paint plays a major role in the decoration of a living room. Combinations of colours, interplay of shades and textures, use per touch to reveal certain architectural details: many customizations are possible to add character to the room.

But beyond the decoration, painting is also an ingenious tool to correct the volumes of a living room and make it a friendly and cozy space…

Unless you make the plans for your house yourself and have it built, it is relatively rare to find the perfect accommodation.

interior color trends 2023

Also, some architectural defects such as ceilings that are a little low, rooms that are too narrow or even volumes that are too small can complicate the layout of the home.

To remedy this, some opt for heavy and expensive work: demolition of walls, creation of openings, or even extension of a house…

However, some much less restrictive tricks can initially be considered: painting proves to be a very effective tool for structuring a room such as the living room, enlarging it visually, giving it depth or, on the contrary, width , compensate for a ceiling height that is too high or too low… What are the trompe l’oeil tricks to implement depending on the configuration? We tell you everything!

Use paint to visually enlarge your living room

If the living room is a room in the house in which we like to spend time to relax, it is also and above all the place where we appreciate comfortably receiving friends and family.

When the surface of the latter is limited, there is an effective painting trick to give an impression of volume to the living room and avoid the feeling of confinement when you are there in large numbers.

popular paint colors 2023

To do this, choose light or pastel colors that will reflect the light, in a satin or even lacquered finish for the more daring. In a few brush strokes, you will have the impression of having pushed the walls.

Old houses have the particularity of having many small rooms. If this type of architecture was very popular at the time because it made it possible to heat a limited space more quickly, today the trend is for open and spacious spaces.

In order to bring width to a living room in “corridor”, it is advisable to paint the back wall – the smallest – in a dark shade and to choose light shades for the side walls. This trick will break the impression of length of the room and help to visually expand it.

Use paint to give depth to your room

Does your living room lack depth? In a case like this, it is the opposite trick that must be implemented. Indeed, by painting the side walls – the largest – in a dark color and opting for light shades for the back wall, you will restore depth to your room.

popular paint colors 2023

Another trick is to create a vanishing point on one of the side walls. You can thus create a wide horizontal strip painted in a strong hue, which will highlight a wall niche, an exposed beam or a shelf.

For an optimal effect of depth, the wall opposite should be entirely painted in the same color.

Use paint to reduce the height of your living room

Most often, interiors with high ceilings are appreciated. But in some cases, such a configuration can harm the warm and friendly character of the living room, or even, – when the living room has a reduced floor area -, paradoxically generate a feeling of crushing.

If you are in this situation, the solution is to paint the ceiling in a stronger color than the walls of the room, overflowing if necessary on the height of the walls: this will have the effect of visually lowering the ceiling.

popular paint colors 2023

In the case of a narrow room, painting your parquet in the same color as your ceiling will make the room wider.

Light paint, dark paint: what colors for a living room?

When it comes to using a light-coloured paint, white often proves to be the least risky and most convincing solution: it is in any case the color of choice for painting the ceiling (unless it is a question, as we saw above, of crushing a piece that is too high).

For light walls, powder pink, natural beiges and pastel harmonies remain safe bets.

popular paint colors 2023

When, on the contrary, it is a question of using strong hues to play on the optical effect, the only limit is your taste and the wall-ceiling contrast effect sought: from petrol blue to pine green by switching to more lively shades such as yellow, do not hesitate to use bold choices to make your living room a room with a unique character.

Which paint to choose for a trendy and modern living room?

Is it time to modernize and completely revamp your living room? A good lick of paint is needed! However, it is not easy to find your way around among the different types of paints, finishes and colors. Do not panic ! Follow the guide  of popular paint colors 2023 to make your stay a room of irresistible charm.

A dynamic color palette for a complete makeover

The choice of color for your living room will be decisive for the atmosphere you want to bring. Think practical first! Does your living room face north? Choose light colors that provide maximum brightness.

living room paint colors 2023

Pastel shades are ideal here. Is your living room the other way around, facing south? Prefer cold colors such as green or blue to contrast with the exterior.

The size of your living room will also have a significant impact on the choice of colors.

To enlarge your room, it is recommended to paint the ceiling a lighter color than your walls. If these are white, prefer a different shade of white for your ceiling.

Play on the perspective effect of the room by painting only one section of the wall a different color from the others. It can be a color in the same tone as that reserved for the other parts of the room, or on the contrary a completely different color to contrast with the rest of the space.

living room paint colors 2023

Be careful not to mix more than 3 colors at a time to keep a harmonious whole.

If you want to sport the Scandinavian style, duck blue and yellow will be your best allies. For a more modern atmosphere, cover a section of wall in anthracite gray or black and match it with a refined and sober decoration.

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Interior Color Trends 2023: When Traditional Overtones Beautifully Juxtapose Architectural Lines And Subtle Aesthetics
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