Light Fixtures 2023: Spectrum Of New Styles Blending Function And Innovation

Light fixtures 2023

Light fixtures 2023  are ready to astonish those who are looking for a new light to illuminate their living space and fill up with light upcoming year?

Our selection of light fixtures 2023  conisting of the most trendy table lamps, floor lamps, suspensions brings together the cream of the crop of novelties and should help you find the right light.

Light fixtures 2023: Spotlight on the most beautiful models of the moment

The list of fixtures in our interior is long. Present in all rooms of the house, the light takes various forms.

Suspension above the table in the dining room, table lamp on a pedestal table in the living room, floor lamp near an armchair in the reading corner, bedside lamp on a chest of drawers in the bedroom: the light fully participates in the atmosphere of each of our rooms.

interior lighting trends 2023

And not only for its subdued or cold luminosity, the luminaire brings its grain of salt to the atmosphere with its look.

It does more than enlighten us on a daily basis: it highlights our tastes and desires of the moment.

Designer lights for a minimalist atmosphere: light fixtures 2023

Two major trends are emerging in light fixtures 2023. The first bets on an exquisite minimalism of forms.

The bulb is often the star of these pendant lights. When the lampshade is discreet and slender, the bulb shows itself in its best light.

The same atmosphere for a string of table lamps where the bulb triumphs over a minimalist base. Another growing trend is that of totem lights.

lighting trends 2023

The graphic shapes stack up to create a surprising light that brings uniqueness to the decor.

Another form recommended to match current trends: the neon light or one that resembles a tubular shape.

Small table lamps for a subdued atmosphere

Small lamps to be placed on a table, a shelf or a bedside table are enjoying a nice revival of interest. Cute as anything and practical on top of that, they allow you to integrate light and a trendy touch into the decor.

Light fixtures 2023

Because the lights succumb more and more to the attraction of color to hold their own among the decorative objects.

Brown, beige, green, the colors of the season interfere both on their base and their suspension. A pleasant way to bring color into a room in small touches.

Light fixtures 2023: rattan for a bohemian atmosphere

Impossible to miss the other trend of the moment: bohemian lighting. Like furniture, lighting is no exception to this growing interest in natural materials.

Rattan suspensions like bamboo suspensions are particularly appreciated in decors in search of naturalness at all costs.

Taking up the graphic codes of certain design or more retro suspensions, they blend into all the rooms of the house thanks to increasingly varied models.

Lighting fixtures 2023

Rattan suspensions like bamboo suspensions are particularly appreciated in decors in search of naturalness at all costs.

Taking up the graphic codes of certain design or more retro suspensions, they blend into all the rooms of the house thanks to increasingly varied models.

In the kitchen, pendant lights are revolutionizing and sublimating the space, from the worktop to the dining table, while being original and functional. Eichholtz offers you, thanks to Pinterest, its best inspirations…

In the past, the light fixtures were similar and did not always play the card of originality, but rather of practicality.

To illuminate the kitchen, the suspension was given the shape of a globe. Today, in addition to being functional, the suspension attracts all the attention thanks to the designers prey to the renewal, the originality and the beauty of the luminaire.

We note that the retro and the industrial style are the two key trends to adopt in terms of decoration. The lights therefore follow suit, but not only.

interior lighting trends 2023

By multiplying or lining up in different shapes and sizes, they know how to describe a dynamic and unique note in this room.

The kitchen being a preponderant place of life and very often the centerpiece of your interior, you want it to be in line with your lifestyle, your personality and your tastes and to do this, you must not neglect the interest of a stylish suspension that illuminates the desired areas, that is to say its worktop, the sink or the dining table.

No color or shape is prohibited, let the artist in you speak and give free rein to your imagination.

Depending on the location of your light fixtures 2023 , since the trend is towards accumulation, the model will be more or less imposing.

It is therefore important to determine where it will be placed. You will notice that a pendant lamp is ideal for a room that has a high ceiling height.

Light Fixtures 2023: Spectrum Of New Styles Blending Function And Innovation

Because the majority of trending light fixtures 2023 are adjustable and readjustable, they are generally preferred for accenting tables, kitchen islands, or countertops.

You can afford all the follies in a dining room, since it very often turns out to be much more spacious than a kitchen. You can assemble, mismatch or diversify your suspensions for an original and colorful look.

For a “lounge” atmosphere, opt for a layout very close to the dining table where you take your meals and bet on different sizes, from the largest to the smallest.

Graphic effect and intimate atmosphere guaranteed. You can also play on the design by adopting elongated suspensions for an oval table, for example.

Which suspension for a kitchen?

In the kitchen, we play with more discreet suspensions with clean lines and design arranged in alignment.

They are used as ambient or functional luminaires to accompany the main light source. For the work plan, do not neglect its brightness since it is the one that will allow us to work with precision. The suspensions will then take on the role of “functional luminaire”.

As for trending light fixtures 2023 in a kitchen, the cozy atmosphere is obtained with suspensions that diffuse a softer light. Dare to multiply, align, hanging bare bulbs.

Lighting fixtures 2023

Do not hesitate to play with the cables by dropping cable ballast between several anchor points.

This type of installation will counterbalance the style of your kitchen for an offbeat effect and dare to use cable colors that will warm up and bring joy to your room.

As you will have understood, pendant lights play an important role in a kitchen or dining room.

So don’t hesitate to assert your personality with these little decorative and practical jewels for a retro and industrial living room…

Warning the eyes ! High jewelry has set its sights on our lights. Golden loops, pretty stones, cylindrical shapes inspire designers to transform table lamps and pendant lights into highly desirable jewellery. Supporting selection.

It’s no secret that fashion and decoration go hand in hand. Over the seasons and fashions, they inspire, influence or copy each other, depending on opinion.

As proof, the decorative fringe recently made a noticeable comeback in our dressing rooms to immediately reappear in our interiors in more or less unexpected forms (cushions, lamps, etc.).

A return to favor that we owed in priority to the comeback of the Art Deco style. The latest fad in the fashion and decoration spheres: geometric jewellery. In our interior, the latter has set his sights on our lights.

interior lighting trends 2023

More chic than ever, the latter find themselves surprisingly shaped by a mix of the latest trends (Art Deco, brass, graphics in mind).

What relationship with fashion? These influences have transformed them into real gems for our interiors.

The suspensions take on the air of pendants and the luminous sconces merge with earrings, and our interior gains in elegance and personality.

The jewel light, a state-of-the-art light

New adornment for our walls and ceiling, the jewel light brings a sophisticated touch to the decor. As a table lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp, it shines with a thousand lights so that everyone marvels at an exceptional finery.

Impossible to remain unmoved in the face of these “jewels” which captivate by their form evoking fine jewelry.

On this new kind of adornment, the bulb generally plays the cultured pearl around which the impressive brass structure revolves.

Lighting fixtures 2023

Brass, marble and glass are the main materials of these exceptional lights that we see flourishing at different brands, established or young.

Youth Editions, Magic Circus, Inventive Lighting but also the interior designer duo Desjeux Delaye, published by MR Agency, among others, offer models in this vein.

Lights like jewels with an infinitely subtle charm. Because despite their flashy looks and intriguing curves, these lights refuse the bling-bling to which they could nevertheless claim.

Aerial and sculptural, these lamps become as desirable as a jewel, they are considered as gifts made inside.

Lighting: basic principles light fixtures 2023

In interior decoration, lighting is essential. In a home, there are several types of lighting: general lighting or mood lighting, accent lighting, functional lighting.

What type of light fixtures 2023 should you choose depending on the room? We answer all your questions.

Lighting should highlight an object, texture or area of ​​the room. To do this, multiply the light sources to create areas of shadow and light that attract the eye.

trending light fixtures 2023

Pendant lights will tend to pull the walls together and shrink the room, illuminating it evenly. Walls bathed in light will increase the volume of the room. And, an upward beam will visually raise the ceiling.

Take care to avoid glare by concealing light sources. Finally, think about the electrical installation: that there are enough sockets to avoid extension cords and multiple sockets.

Light dimmers will allow the lighting to be adapted according to the time of day and the desired moods.

Lights aid in the creation of atmosphere. The colors interact with the light and the atmosphere. Warmth is produced by yellow (incandescent bulb) or red lighting.

White (halogen) or somewhat bluish bulbs produce strong light with a frigid impression. The walls will reflect light if they are bright in hue.

They will absorb it if they are dark. Spotlights directed at certain spots or colored bulbs, in addition to mood lighting, will create a unique and personal ambiance.

Light fixtures 2023

The use of direct lighting

Projected onto a defined surface, the rays highlight an object or an area. This spot lighting diffuses a bright light.

The farther the lamp is, the larger the illuminated area but the less intense the illumination.

Disadvantage: direct lighting is powerful but is dazzling and creates shadows. Lighting can also be decorative when it comes to light sculptures or candles, thus creating an atmosphere and making the room warmer.

Light fixtures 2023: what about Indirect lighting?

This type of lighting sets the mood of the room. Lamps aimed at a flat surface, such as a wall or a ceiling, will illuminate the whole room.

The brighter and brighter the surface, the more light it reflects. If the surface is lacquered, it may dazzle.

trending light fixtures 2023

For the light to be even more diffuse, certain materials make it more homogeneous: frosted glass, translucent plastic, fine fabric, paper, which suppress the brightness of the bulb and do not reduce the lighting power.

Choose floor lamps and desk lamps to create a warm, intimate and soothing atmosphere. If the seats are low, lamps of different heights will accentuate the verticality of the room.

Small projectors can highlight decorative objects and paintings. Essential idea: do not multiply fixed lights, annoying if you decide to change the layout of the furniture.

The lighting in the kitchen

In this “technical” room, the interior lighting trends 2023 must ensure a pleasant atmosphere and provide sufficient light without any shadows on the worktops. To start, you need general lighting, fixed to the ceiling, illuminating the whole room.

Then localized lighting such as spotlights, rails or strips, installed in such a way as to avoid shadows, will specifically illuminate the work surfaces.

If the kitchen is open to a living room, install dimmers to reduce the brightness when this space is not in use.

Lighting in the dining room for a warm atmosphere

For a warm atmosphere, suspensions will allow light to reflect on the surface of the table. Reflection all the more pronounced if the table is of a light color.

For a warmer atmosphere, dot the table with small chandeliers.

They should not be too high so as not to dazzle the guests, nor too low so that we can always distinguish the objects on the table.

A wide beam lamp will be able to illuminate the whole table. In the background, discreet lighting (table lamps, floor lamps or sconces) will emit diffuse light.

Don’t forget about bedroom lighting

A tube hidden above the cabinet or a lamp placed on a piece of furniture will create the mood lighting of the room. Even if ceiling lights are to be avoided, they are not definitively prohibited.

But if the lighting is poor, it can be difficult to read.

In these cases, localized lighting fixtures 2023 will help: either a spotlight above the reading station or a desk lamp behind the reader.

From a practical point of view, consider being able to control the lighting from the entrance to the bedroom and the bed.

Lighting in the bathroom

As the layout is almost immutable, fixed luminaires can be installed for general lighting, such as spotlights on theceiling.

For lighting around mirrors, it is better to install them on each side rather than above: this avoids shadows on the face.

Finally, take care of the electrical installation and keep it away from water sources.

Lighting in the office

Light fixtures 2023

To illuminate without dazzling, an ascending beam light will diffuse an ambient light. Ideal in work areas, in particular avoiding reflections on computer screens.

Be sure to install spot lighting directed at the work area illuminating the point of attention (reading, writing): so as not to tire the eyes. Finally, for a workbench, fluorescent strips fixed to the wall hidden behind screens will diffuse a uniform light.

TV corner lighting

Watching TV in the dark tires your eyes.

But lighting that is too strong or reflected in the screen is just as annoying. It is then necessary to create a soft lighting, attenuating the contrast between the luminosity of the screen and the surrounding darkness.

But above all, the lighting must be invisible and not reflected on the screen.

For this: a lamp behind the television put towards the wall, a floor lamp with a shade in front of the set or wall sconces with a diffuser fixed to the wall behind the viewer will do the trick.

trending light fixtures 2023

Lighting of corridors and stairs

On the stairs, the lighting must above all emphasize the relief of the steps. No blinding and direct light crushing the relief but rather diffuser luminaires.

As in the hallway, sconces or down-beam lighting can do the trick. Sconces visually increasing the space.

Lighting installed at the bottom of the walls, along the hallway or next to the steps, will create an original theatrical effect

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Light Fixtures 2023: Spectrum Of New Styles Blending Function And Innovation
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