Dining room decor and dining room ideas 2017


In the modern sense, dining room is a place where at lunch or at the evening time all family members gather to socialize or discuss past day. So psychological comfort of people depends on how harmoniously matched dining room designs. Here we will show our touch on dining room decor and dining room ideas 2017.

Dining room decorating ideas 2017

Coloring is the most important thing, where it should be paid attention. All color shades used in dining room designs must be properly combined with each other. Thus, it is impossible to say that some colors are prevalent, the main thing is that the selected tone was light and pleasant. However, according to dining room decorating ideas 2017 you can even execute dining room decor in black and white, as long as the major nevertheless has been white.  A special place in decor trends 2017 is given to the rustic style; in this case, all shades are appropriate and acceptable.

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In order to dining room had beautiful, elegant and awesome interior, suitable dining furniture should be chosen from a huge variety. And not only table sets and chairs should be taken into account, but also comfortable sofas and compact armchairs, which allow you to rest after a meal. While decorating modern dining room, special attention should also be paid to the lighting. In dining room interior is desirable to use a hanging chandelier, which should illuminate people sitting at the table and not hinder them to talk with one another. Numerous shelves, niches, paintings, vases with flowers, even pictures of family members will give a finished look to dining room decor, making there a special homely atmosphere.


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Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-3 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-4 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-5 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-6 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-7 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-8 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-9 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-10Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-12 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-13 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017-Dining-room-decorating-ideas-14

Modern dining room

There are several options for dining room decor. If it’s a part of the kitchen, style must be combined with general concept of a certain part for example, the same color of decorative panels and upholstery of chairs. If dining room been moved to separate area, so you can come up with your own version of modern dining room interior, for example, make it more classic (upholstered furniture, wooden table) or modern style – with elaborate shaped seats in bright colors and a glass tabletop. Option dining-living room is the most common, and in the interior of such a room, has a rule of zoning, where dining space is separated from the guest area with some items of decor such as folding screens, wooden partition, a bar counter and other design tricks, or coloring. You can also use a different degree of illumination, highlighting dining room with bright lights.

In the modern dining room interior design you can bring a lot of most diverse elements of decoration. For example, use of fireplace in the dining room decor will give a feeling of warmth and comfort or more unusual items like decoration of a huge stone array on the wall, which in combination with black classic dining room furniture and antique chandeliers will create an atmosphere of an ancient castle.

Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-1 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-2 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-3 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-4 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-5 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-6 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-7 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-8 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-9 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-10 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-11 Dining-room-décor-and-dining-room-ideas-2017- Modern-dining-room-12

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Dining room decor and dining room ideas 2017
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