Decorating trends 2017: Industrial dining room

Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Today we’ll discuss amazing modern aesthetics proving industrial buildings beauty. Building lands prices rising in XX century 40th made many New York center fabrics and plants owners leave buildings and find more advantageous places. Empty industrial buildings unique design opportunities generated bohemians interest.

Soon industrial houses and studios became New York artistic life centers. Such was born unique industrial or loft design, too interesting to be forgotten. And now it’s one of decorating trends 2017, loved by contemporary open minded people.

Let’s get acquainted with loft style dining room design ideas in our «Decorating trends 2017: Industrial dining room» article.Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Dining room decor: Industrial dining room colors and finishing

Industrial dining room should have two basic colors: grey (from concrete shade to graphite) and terracotta (color of old bricks and wood).Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

If you like wood, use much textured artificially aged one. Such finishing included in decorating trends 2017.  Brick creates many dining room decor options, from artificially aged “raw” terracotta brick walls to painted in industrial grey tones with muted shades of chrome silver ones. And, surely, walls could be painted in one tone or include clear concrete zones.

Floor for loft design would be usually wooden or laminated. Ceiling should be one tone painted, but preferably richly decorated with wooden beams or industrial elements.Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Loft design: Industrial dining room furniture

Original table is a heart of Industrial dining room. Massive table from artificially aged wood should be perfect, but also standard option. If you need much space, use transformer table and extend it when you wait for many guests only. Dining room design ideas about furniture, included table, let you choose any modern materials and their combinations for it. So, you can add glass, metal or wooden tables with glass “roads” in center, belonging to decorating trends 2017.Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Loft design often includes bar of same style. Chairs near main table should imitate bar ones also. Though, if you prefer massive soft chair, give them industrial charm by rivets, noticeable bolts and chains. These elements would be actual for any dining room decor elements.

Decorating trends 2017 give opportunities to hide kitchenware in minimalistic cupboard or hang it on unusual construction from pipes for loft design.

Dining room design ideas: Dining room decor in loft style

Loft dining room design ideas should look great!

  • Interior design trends 2017 let bring as much individuality as you need. Your interior should look little surreal and simultaneously industrial, if you’ll add unusual decorating element, such as old bicycles, parts of mechanisms, pipes and furniture elements, imitating huge opened cauldrons.
  • Retro sing-ages, used in plants of past century, would become bright accent in Industrial dining room.
  • One or two mirrors and photos in large square frames would bring studio atmosphere.
  • Use industrial metal luster to finish your loft design.Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy best dishes with your friends in New York bohemian atmosphere soon after reading «Interior design trends 2017: Industrial dining room» article.Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

Industrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-designIndustrial-dining-room-dining-room-design-ideas-dining-room-decor-interior-design-trends-2017- decorating-trends-2017-loft-design

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