Dining room 2018: Design with taste!


Dining room 2018 brings coziness to anyone. It’s eclecticism allows harmoniously unite your favorite styles. Dining room trends 2018 give joy with unexpected colors’ and materials’ combinations. Here you’ll see village interior serenity, epic “cosmic” high-tech, medieval and classical styles’ mixes. So, it’s right place for bold ideas!

Fine taste dining room design becomes available even with smallest budget options (but greatest imagination!). Trendy stylistic freedom gives your fantasies about room design widest field to realize! Food seems tasting better at place, furnished entirely in accordance with your preferences. Individuality isn’t only fashionable, but useful also!

Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

Let’s discuss 2018 trends in our «Dining room 2018: Design with taste!» article.

Dining room trends 2018: Materials

  • Dining room 2018 warms with all wood shades, as Rustic, Country, “Village Farm” tendencies climb on top. Calm, bleached wooden walls and furniture meet in Scandinavian ones also.

Wood-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

  • Gold and brass become stylish accents even for high-tech interiors, but won’t be used as basic tones. By the way, such shiny spots will warm fully cool colored interior. If you need that effect’s increasing hang mirrors in opposite to golden or brass details.

Brass-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

  • Very soft carpeting is extra trendy for dining room! It makes you really feel home – relaxed and calm.
  • Cafe imitation fashion brought trend for shiny flooring in dining room design. Such trick helps visually enlarge space.
  • Plaited dividers or furniture will look pretty authentic. Enrich their charm with warm rugs – from thick textile, artificial fur or knitted material for some Nordic mood.

Concrete look with bright detail and glossy flooring for Dining room 2018

  • Wholly opposite concrete look is trendy also. Repeat such walls’ finishing in furniture – choosing some uneven looking grey upholstery. Though, everything is possible in dining room 2018! So, suddenly your industrial jungle can light up with bright accents «illumination»!

Rugs and velvet look Dining room 2018

  • Some trendy dining rooms can be called velvety! Translate that softness feeling through fabrics, curtains and even walls finishing. It wonderfully combines with cracked or shabby textures on furniture – opposites attract!

Colors in dining room 2018

We see in dining room 2018 not only real colors’ madness, but traditional color schemes new wave also. Now it’s not only proved and functional combinations, but rethought structures, painting holistic pictures! Remember keeping all elements logicaly connected – with general idea and uniting elements.

  • Black, white and grays rule! That combination often meets in nature. Gray shades balance contrast between black and white, create smoother transitions and volume.


  • Add metallic shades also as airy transparent notes, reviving quietly strict ensemble.
  • Silver color – especially matted reveals in all style dining room trends 2018: from Victorian too High-tech. Silver items’ «tribe» can occupy large territory in your dining room. For example, you’re free to use silver table, chairs, tableware and cabinets. Shades’ varying can help you creating real «frozen» masterpiece.

Silver in dining room design 2018

  • Dining room design fits into common eco boom! So, greens, flowers’, rocks’ shades should be welcomed. All that shades harmonically combine with wooden materials.

Eco dining room trends 2018

  • Pure light blue shades can continue eco dining room 2018 theme also. What about improvised abstract «skies» on your walls? Such trick with sky wallpapers and live plants create peaceful feeling of having meals in nature’s lap!
  • Pure shrill “technological” colors came into dining room trends 2018: snowy white, cyan, neon blue, glance black and red.


  • Bright playful colors emphasize tendencies to pop art and “street art”.


Dining room design: Light

Dining room 2018 should be lightened competently! Illumination can change depending on season and feasts, but base must be right. Especial comfort mood required in dining room needs it most of all! So, let’s see trends and tricks for optimal cozy lightening creation.

  • Natural light abundance guarantees half success of dining room design! Large windows will cope with task best.
  • Lack of natural light creates problems for pastel colored interiors – so tender in catalogues, but so grayish in reality… In reality it’s not your or designer’s rough error – wholly light colored interiors made for southern areas filled with sunlight. So, if you’ve already got such dining room and it disappoints you with it’s boring look… you can make it all right! First way: add bright accessories. Second: colorful or dark contours. But as they all get “lost” in dark, best way is bright illumination and lampshades! You’ll easily get stylish dining room 2018 with hint of routine mood!

Colorful illumination for pale colored dining room 2018

  • Make zoning with soft light, getting it with built-in small lamps on ceiling.
  • You’re welcomed to use main big chandelier above the table and diffused light for room’s zoning.
  • Geometric lamps give underground look.
  • As common tendency, lamps hanged low. Pay attention on round-shaped pendants.

Lamps-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

Dining room 2018: bold ideas!

  • You can read and forget, what we wrote! And open article, when you’ll need modern landmarks for your imagination map… Dining room 2018 should be fully individual tastes reflection!

Individuality-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

  • High-tech designs remind fantastic spaceship dining room! Experiment with lighting boldly!

High-tech-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

  • Use extra trendy knitted upholstery for chairs in Rustic and peaceful Country (included Provence) dining room design.

Knitted-upholstery-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design

  • Dining room trends 2018 include many plaited elements – not only for styles, listed below!

Plaited-furniture-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design.

  • Tables should have unusual shaped legs, can combine wood and plastic, lighting.

Unusual-table-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design.

  • Pay attention on transformer-tables, saving space!

Table-transformer-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room 2018

  • Welcome past guests in dining room 2018! For example, pop art, 20th lightening, etc.
  • Great trend for art lovers. Dining room design should include your favorite paintings, own works – on walls or dividers.

Paintings-on-walls-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room 2018

  • Another cool trend is modern cafe illusion. Cafe walls are often brightly painted. If lettering made you bored, try stylish graffiti!


Hopefully, our «Dining room 2018: Design with taste!» article should make you degust favorite dishes in best place ever – right at home!


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