Dining room 2018: Design with taste!

Dining room 2018 brings coziness to anyone. It’s eclecticism allows harmoniously unite your favorite styles. Dining room trends 2018 give joy with unexpected colors’ and materials’ combinations. Here you’ll see village interior serenity, epic “cosmic” high-tech, medieval and classical styles’ mixes. Fine taste dining room design becomes available even with smallest budget options (but greatest imagination!).

Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

Let’s discuss 2018 trends in our «Dining room 2018: Design with taste!» article.

Dining room 2018: Colors

  • Dining room 2018 warms with all wood shades, as Rustic, Country, “Village Farm” tendencies climb on top. Calm, bleached wooden walls and furniture meet in Scandinavian ones also.

Wood-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

  • Gold and brass become stylish accents even for high-tech interiors, but won’t be used as basic tones.

Brass-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room 2018

  • Black, white and grays rule!


  • Dining room design fits into common eco boom! So, greens, flowers’, rocks’ shades should be welcomed.
  • Pure shrill “technological” colors came into dining room trends 2018: snowy white, cyan, neon blue, glance black and red.


  • Bright playful colors emphasize tendencies to pop art and “street art”.


Dining room trends 2018: bold ideas!

  • You can read and forget, what we wrote! And open article, when you’ll need modern landmarks for your imagination map… Dining room 2018 should be fully individual tastes reflection!

Individuality-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

  • High-tech designs remind fantastic spaceship dining room! Experiment with lighting boldly!

High-tech-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

  • Geometric lamps give underground look.
  • As common tendency, lamps hanged low. Pay attention on round-shaped pendants.

Lamps-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-Dining room trends 2018

  • Use extra trendy knitted upholstery for chairs in Rustic and peaceful Country (included Provence) dining room design.

Knitted-upholstery-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design

  • Dining room trends 2018 include many plaited elements – not only for styles, listed below!

Plaited-furniture-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design.

  • Tables should have unusual shaped legs, can combine wood and plastic, lighting.

Unusual-table-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room design.

  • Pay attention on transformer-tables, saving space!

Table-transformer-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room 2018

  • Welcome past guests in dining room 2018! For example, pop art, 20th lightening, etc.
  • Great trend for art lovers. Dining room design should include your favorite paintings, own works – on walls or dividers.

Paintings-on-walls-Dining-room-2018-dining-room-trends-2018-dining-room-design-dining room 2018

  • Another cool trend – modern cafe illusion. Café walls often bright painted. If lettering made you bored, try stylish graffiti!


Hopefully, our «Dining room 2018: Design with taste!» article should make you degust favorite dishes in best place ever – right at home!


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