Boys bedroom ideas and trendy and fashionable boys room decor

Boys room decor perplexes parents before baby is born. It’s really a difficult task, because boys room decor will directly depend on boy’s age, so teenage boy’s room is not a same as a little boy. Today we will show our touch on boys bedroom ideas and boys room decor.


Characteristic feature of boys bedrooms is restraint and conciseness of interior, both its functionality and reflection of boy’s interests. But the main requirement remains constant; only environmentally sound the materials must be used in furnishing boys bedrooms.


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Boys bedroom paint ideas

The color affects the mood of the child. Therefore, it is necessary to choose boys room colors which will be most comfortable for kid. Always consider kids temperament during boy’s room design. Below, we will give some boys bedroom paint ideas.

  • Traditional blue shades adjust boy on calm mood; relax the muscles and helps to relax. Furthermore, it is а creativity color.
  • White is better to use as background for furniture and textiles. It brings to boy’s room decor harmony and neutralizes the negative.
  • Green color positively effects on sight and nervous system, relieves fatigue and irritation. It is better to use in combination with white or beige and nautical theme decor.
  • Yellow color is best to use for small area, for instance games area. It increases the curiosity and brain activity. But in large quantities acts excitingly.
  • Orange color creates a feeling of joy and prosperity, it gives self-confidence. use it in combination with white, so that the color does not act oppressively
  • Purple and pure red colors aren’t recommended for boys room decor. Purple color causes apathy toward life and depression. Red has excitingly effect.

If you have quiet child, it is better to arrange boys bedrooms in bright colors and expressive patterns. Mobile and emotional boys room design should have maximum three colors.

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Floor, ceiling and walls in boys bedrooms

The floor, walls and ceiling in boys bedrooms, first of all, must be made of qualitative and environmentally friendly materials.If walls in room are bright so floor could be dark. It’s a best to buy a carpet for the boy. For finishing the interior of boys room design and meeting interests of child, you can buy carpet with certain pattern or ornament.

For the walls is better to choose wallpaper. Their color will also depend on the furniture. Dark furniture requires the use of light walls, in order to avoid the gloomy mood in the boys room. With variety of accessories is possible make your boys room alive. For example, an aquarium in conjunction with numerous potted plants will not only enliven a room, but also make it psychologically comfortable for your child.

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Boys bedroom ideas and trendy and fashionable boys room decor
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