Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends (Photos and Videos)


Boys room 2019 amazes with solutions’ variety! Nature’s reflections, fantasy elements, saturated and even pastel colors competent usage for young gentlemen – all these you’ll meet in boys bedroom decor. Depending on child’s age, room should give opportunities for better effective world cognition, rest, studying, self-expression.

Learn newest trends in our «Boys room 2019։ Boys room design trends and tendencies» article.

Boys room 2019: Colors and materials

  • Blue & red compositions look brightly!

Blue-red-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-Boys room 2019

  • Pastel boys room 2019 fits most small children. Avoid girlie pink tones.
  • Saturated blues looks win-win with grey!

Blue-silver-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-Boys room 2019

  • Some brown details with basic dark blues would make room closer to teen’s one.

Brown-details-on-blue-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-Boys room 2019

  • Black and orange energy fits for dynamic, optimistic boys.


  • Much white, snowy colors meets in Scandinavian rooms.
  • All silver shades come in boys room design with actual metals. Pay attention on matte ones too.
  • Wood also will stay actual in 2019.

Wooden-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-boys room design

  • All materials should be safe!

Boys room design 2019: Ideas

  • Animals’ images in frames or on walls become real boom! Especially black & white ones.

Animal-images-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-boys room design

  • Another option, fitting if your child loves animals. Add toy animals or their statues (for elder children) into boys bedroom decor in 2019.
  • Beautiful animal prints should bring much joy to your child! Add them on furniture, pillows, etc.

Animalistic-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-boys room design

  • Your child loves street art? Add stylish graffiti on walls!
  • Repeat landscapes colors! For example, white, light-blue, grey – for snowy Scandinavian one.
  • So many boys like to feel themselves brave seafarers! Use nautical boys bedroom decor, easily going into teen one.
  • Rope decor harmonically continues nautical room.

Nautical-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-boys room design

  • Wanna go more extravagant? Add chest with toys. Those treasures are for real little pirates only!
  • Tropical boys room 2019 should be popular also.

Tropical-Boys-room-2019-boys-bedroom-decor-boys-room-design-boys room design

  • Organize room with high sleeper competently. For example, use space under it for table and pouf, or as mini-library. Remember about lighting!


  • Children love secret places. Get wigwam!


Hopefully, our «Boys room 2019; Boys room design trends and tendencies» article should be useful for young gentlemen!



Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends


Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends

Boys room 2019; Boys room Design Trends








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