Country style kids room: fabulous country room interior design for children

Kids room design

Millions of people around world, becoming adults, remember with nostalgia about holidays spent in rural wilderness. This makes them recreate village style in interior of their kids. Some of the most original country style kids room ideas will be discussed in this article.

country style kids room, stylish country interior design for kids

country style kids room, trends and design ideas for country style kids room

Country style kids room: advantages

For upbringing of child, situation in which baby is growing is particularly important. They from childhood should feel comfort of their home and understand that this is place where they are loved and supported in any situation.

country style kids room, advantages of country style kids room

Country style kids room is perfect for creating comfortable and slightly fabulous atmosphere. This design is characterized by use of natural materials, especially wood. According to experts, this also has very beneficial effect on well-being and psychological state of children.

country style kids room, options for country style kids room


As you know, country style in interior is multifaceted. It all depends on which country’s design is closest to you. Classical is English Country. Recently, it’s much inferior to popularity of Provence. This French country style in interior fascinates with light palette and abundance of plain textiles with floral pattern.

country style kids room, French country style kids room design

Many choose complex design of apartment. In this case, Scandinavian variant is the most stunning. It ideally looks in interior of any premises, including nursery.

country style kids room, Scandinavian country style kids room

Country style kids room: Provence style

French rustic style in interior of little girl’s room looks cute and allows baby to feel like real princess. For country style kids room is typical use of white, light green, lavender, blue, olive and other similar colors. In addition, characteristic feature of style is use of light cotton textiles in flower.

country style kids room, French rustic style kids room

Special charm to Provencal interior will give vintage furniture, reminiscent of one that is installed in doll houses.

country style kids room, Provence style kids room

Country style kids room: room for baby and Carlson

If your child likes Astrid Lindgren, then Scandinavian country style in interior will suit him. This minimalistic design is easy to recreate without much expense.

country style kids room, Scandinavian style kids room

For country style kids room, finishing materials in light colors, first of all, white are in trend. You can install simple rustic or metal bed in Scandinavian nursery. If it’s schoolboy, you will also need work table with chairs. On walls of room you can hang multi-colored flags, and also install something like tent.

country style kids room, Scandinavian kids room design ideas

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