Girls room ideas 2017

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Girls room decor despite age must comply with her liking, interests and hobbies. Everything that will surround her should stimulate to cognition and development. It is important, while developing girls bedroom decor to consult with her and consider her opinion, certainly do not make the room in unisex style, when incomprehensible it’s boy’s room or girls room.

Here is our touch on girls room ideas 2017 and girls room decor for coming season. At the first stage its necessary to come up with girls room paint ideas.

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Girls room paint ideas

In order to girl felt well in her room at any age, color schemes should be neutral and gentle. The abundance of bright colors will promptly weary the child. For some reason, generally accepted, that the ideal room decor for girls is pink color. Pink is a symbol of a pleasant and happy life. But not every girl wants to see this gentle color in her room design. Below we will go through some girls room paint ideas.

  • For instance, a room decorated in gentle green tones with white accent will look no less interesting and beautiful. White color can be brought in the room by using textile items as blanket, bed linen, curtains, etc. Green color enables rest of the nervous system and creates a feeling of warmth.
  • Yellow in room decor for girls is suitable for creation of sunny mood. In addition, it stimulates the child’s brain activity, relieves tension and creates a sense of lightness. Yellow will look great in combination with orange or light green.
  • Orange stimulates the buoyancy of child.
  • In order room was nice for teenage girls its possible in girls room decor use of yellow ocher or beige tones, and bring items with orange chrome what enliven the room. These shades will provide a warm and harmonious atmosphere in girls bedroom.

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Girls-room-ideas-2017-girls-room-décor- kids-bedroom-décor-18 Girls-room-ideas-2017-girls-room-décor- kids-bedroom-décor-19

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Girls bedroom furniture ideas

When thinking about girls bedroom furniture ideas you should consider about traditional bed with a quality mattress, which is naturally more comfortable for sleeping. But the sofa can be used also for games and reception what plays an important role in modern kids world. Color a sofa or bed for girls bedroom depending on the color of the wallpaper used. It’s better to place the furniture for sleeping away from the window.

Mirror is an obligatory element in girls bedroom furniture. It can be small dressing table. It gives a special charm to girls room and visually enlarge the space. When selecting materials for room finishing we must not forget about their environmental safety.

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The final element in room decor for girls becomes decoration with large toys which better to position on the floor and armchairs.  We hope that our touch on girls room ideas 2017 and girls room decor helped you to make right decision.

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Girls room ideas 2017
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