Kids bedroom ideas: color and kids bedroom furniture

Bedroom is separate world for child where he (she) should feel as cozy and comfortable as possible. With arrangement of kids room decor parents should focus not only on their own, but also on kids preferences, because they will spend there most of time. In article «kids bedroom ideas color and kids bedroom furniture» we will consider main recommendations that need to pay attention when arranging kids room design.




Kids bedroom ideas: color usage in kids room design

Color solution in which performed kids room design has very strong influence on kid’s emotional state, so they choice should be approached very carefully. In such a room must be present calm and positive atmosphere which will create good mood. Designers advise to use green tones in kids room decor which relax and pacify, as well as blue shades, which adjust to contemplative mood. Don’t execute kids room design in red or emerald green, as they can cause aggression or depression. In addition, it’s recommended to avoid black and purple hues in kids room decor.

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As a rule, cold blue and gray colors are used in boys room decor. They are perfect for moving and hyperactive kids and make them more docile and balanced. But don’t be limited only with these traditional colors. Boy’s atmosphere in kids room decor will create such shades like beige, turquoise, white, yellow, green, brown and purple.

Pink is undoubted favorite for girls room decor. These romantic and delicate shades in kids room design is perfect for little princesses and allow to arrange bedroom in fairy palace style or Barbie house. Incidentally, girls room decor can done not only in pink tones, but also in other soft shades like apricot, lilac, peach, beige, orange and smoky. If desired, in kids room decor can be used contrasting colors, for example, red and white.





Kids bedroom ideas: kids bedroom furniture

Ergonomics, practicality and convenience are basic requirements for kids bedroom furniture. The Best option is multifunctional modular furniture, capable of transformation and height regulation. Typically, this kind of kids bedroom furniture is equipped with shelves and drawers, which can store toys or school supplies.

It’s possible adding interior elements such as dresser, mirror and shelves for clothes in girls room decor and in boys room decor place horizontal bar, and wall bars for sports.

Parents buying kids bedroom furniture must pay primary attention on quality. Don’t select the structures were present sharp elements, metal angles and handles also avoid glass inserts.




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Kids bedroom ideas: color and kids bedroom furniture
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