Kids bedroom ideas: kids room colors

All parents, without exception wish to create fun and enjoyable childhood for their kids. Aside from games, gifts, toys and parental love it’s significant to create suitable conditions for development. Modern designers offer particularly being attentive when selecting kids room decor, specifically in choice of kids room colors.

Psychologists proved that color palette has huge effect on people mental state and even more so for kids.

To feel sure that your kid isn’t too irritated or passive, feels comfortable in kids room, it’s significant to choose right kids room colors.

So let’s discuss kids bedroom ideas: kids room colors.






Color features in kids room decor

Often parents make mistakes by choosing for kids room decor rich and vibrant colors and drawing analogy with toys and other attributes of their childhood. Actually the large number of bright colors in kids bedroom decor will lead to visual noise, which will affect kids condition and cause fatigue, irritation etc.

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To keep indefectibility of kids bedroom decor it’s main to create a proportional combination of calm and bright colors. If soothing colors are used as background of walls and ceiling, and juicy shades for curtains, carpet, pillows and other accessories, so kids room decor will have a lot of sharp transitions, and bright accents will become redundant.



Kids bedroom ideas: choosing original color combinations

Principle of the three colors is suitable rule for creating interesting and pleasant kids bedroom decor for child. In this case its better using lighter shades like ivory and sand as main color and complement it with two bright colors in small quantities. Psychologists found these colors best for the child’s psyche:

  • Orange is perfect for passive kids, it prompts to action and creative activities.
  • Light blue soothes, relaxes and brings a feeling of confidence. It’s suitable for recreation areas decoration in kids’ room.
  • Green calls for sensation of harmony, peace and balance. Ideal for creating favorable environment.
  • Yellow stimulates creative abilities and helps in design of kid’s workplace.
  • Red color could be used as shade in active zone: it has stimulant effect and stimulates activity.

White or purple color combination with green and purple color will be pretty good solution. Use pastel colors for table and chairs while choosing furniture for a small child. For schoolboy best will be natural furniture color in kids room decor.

For creation of space and light in kids bedroom, dark shades are best to use for small accents in kids bedroom decor. Using the right color combinations it’s possible to achieve effect when kids are happy to spend time in a lovely room, doing favorite activity.



Hopefully kids bedroom ideas: kids room colors article will help you.

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Kids bedroom ideas: kids room colors
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