Kid’s room design 2017

Equipping kid’s room, adults need to contrive to combine in one room a place for learning and training, a place for recreation and entertainment, as well as a cozy bedroom. How in this case make kid’s room design comfortable and stylish? With kid’s room design 2017 will help fashion ideas from the designers.


Rules for kid’s room design and decoration

Children see the world differently than adults, so their idea of perfect children bedroom can be very different from parental preferences. Even if you believe that there is nothing better than a super modern finishing with the main children’s bedroom ideas 2017, definitely consult with your kids. The design of the room where the child will live, must fully comply with his ideas and hobbies. Well, if kid’s room design is not tiring, and helps to relax and tune in right mood.

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Based on kids’ age, preferences and interests try to combine following harmoniously in the kid’s room:

  • bright colors;
  • Practical, comfortable, and most importantly, safe furniture;
  • study, recreation and games areas;
  • good lighting, both natural and artificial – for evening time;
  • And the room should be well ventilated. No need to clutter up it with massive objects, think first about what is really useful and necessary for your child.



Trendy colors for kid’s room design 2017

Kid’s room, which combines a light pink and gray, looks very stylish. Moreover, trendy colors for kid’s room design 2017 are blue, turquoise, orange, pale green and all pastel shades, and they are on popularity peak. Kid’s room design where a wall painted in black, brown or dark blue color became very fashionable for recent years.


Kids bedroom furniture modern design

First of all, remember that the furniture in kid’s room should be free of sharp corners and glass elements. Good, when it will be different rich in features, for instance a sofa bed. If you have two children, buy a two-tiered design. A good choice would be the bed with drawers that store bedding, clothing, and toys.



Make it easier to maintain cleanliness in the room, try to choose closed cabinets. For books, machines or collections of figures, you can leave a few open shelves. Adornment of kid’s bedroom furniture will become children’s tables and chairs made in unusual design.





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Kid’s room design 2017
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