Kids room 2019: Kids room ideas for New Season (Photos + Videos)


Kids room 2019 pleases eyes even with simplest details! That kids room design serves for knowledge’s and love to nature development, guarantees perfect relax. Unusual geometric shapes, bright thematic accents, sometimes “brutal” Rustic, Industrial and High-tech stuff – all this gets some cute fair childish charm.

Dear children and parents, get acquainted with newest kids room ideas reading our article about kids room in 2019.

Kids room 2019: Colors

Grey in kids room

Seems too serious for kids? Dilute with playful tones: lemon, cyan, sky blue, lime, cyclamen – and you’ll see pretty metamorphoses!

Grey-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room 2019

Blue colored boys room

So loved by boys – from light tones to noble navy blue. But girls like it also. Choose sky blue for your little princess or saturated «velvet» shades for teen girl in 2019.

Blue-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room 2019

Sweet berry in girls room

So joyful, tasty and, simultaneously, noble! Kids room 2019 can look royally!

Berry-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room 2019

Green in kids room

Ecological interior trends came to kids room design in 2019 too.

Green-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room 2019

Bright spots on white

Bright-spots-on-white-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room 2019-kids room design

  • Wooden warm textures bring special coziness.

Wooden-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-kids room design

  • All pastel and bright colors.

Kids room 2019: features

  • Different colored walls.

Different-colored-walls-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-kids room design

  • Kids room ideas, taken origin from previous one, associated with wallpapers usage for only one, accented wall.


  • Retro style looks especially cute!

Vintage-Kids-room-2019-kids-room-design-kids-room-ideas-Kids room ideas

  • Use retro wallpapers with modern furniture in 2019.
  • Kids room ideas for 2019 with blackboard surfaces develop children’s fantasy and will to study. You’re welcomed to use it not only on walls, but on furniture, even lamps also!
  • Soft poufs make relaxing atmosphere. Hand-made ones climb on kids room 2019 trends top, especially knitted options! If you like knitting, make such heartwarming gift to your dear child!


  • White ceiling is too boring for child! Cover it with interesting patterns, light picture (maybe, skies?), unusual geometry.


  • Use cartoon lamps.
  • Functional table with multiple cabinets should be indispensable for school children.


  • Kids room 2019 is main rest place, so make accent on bed zone, using big bed and rich decor.


Hopefully, our article about Kids room in 2019 will give you finest ideas!


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