Art deco style furniture: TOP distinctive features, trends and design ideas

Art Deco is easy, elegant, eclectic trend in design that successfully combines prints of different cultures: African exotics, Indian motifs, Egyptian art and Empire style. Literally, Art Deco means decorative art.

This trend appeared as result of synthesis of several styles, successfully replacing Modern. We will talk about art deco style furniture trends.

art deco style furniture, top features and ideas for furniture in art deco style

Art deco style furniture: distinctive features

Distinctive feature of art deco style furniture is strict geometric shapes. Other characteristics:

  • sharp lines
  • stepped forms
  • decor in form of bends and zigzags
  • contrasts and bright contours
  • massive mirrors.

Expensive and rare natural materials are obligatory in use when decorating space in this direction. Glass, wood, natural leather, lacquered surfaces, ivory, aluminum, stainless steel, glossy ceramic or stone tiles are integral part of art deco.

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art deco style furniture, distinctive features in art deco style furniture

Basically, for this style of interior designers use neutral colors: black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown. Sometimes there are shades of metal, addition of luxurious gold, green, blue, red or burgundy.

art deco style furniture, trendy colors in art deco style furniture

If walls are light, then furniture should be dark and vice versa.

To give space integrity and chic appearance, furniture should look holistic and expensive. Legs and supports for tables and chairs often have various unusual forms.

For decoration of seats, designers use genuine leather upholstery.

art deco style furniture, principles in art deco style furniture design

Striking feature of this direction is use of fittings with smooth silhouettes. Also, accessories are decorated with decorative inserts made of glass with ornament.

Art deco style furniture: kitchen and bedroom design

Art deco kitchen is itself special and unique. It’s notable for its highlights (beautiful vase, candlesticks or original bronze figurine).

So design of kitchen uses lacquered and polished wood, as well as leather, glass, stainless steel.

art deco style furniture, kitchen furniture in art deco style

In color scheme, black and white are most common, which you can also combine with other colors.

Art deco style furniture in kitchen should not be much. Central place in spacious kitchen belongs to dining area. In middle of room, it’s best to place island with hob, sink and working area.

Art deco in interior of bedroom

Bed in art deco style bedroom is central object that attracts the most attention. It’s best to equip it with chrome legs, high head, inlay, and patina.

Unusual form of puff and dressing table is very characteristic, even obligatory for this interior.

art deco style furniture, bedroom furniture in art deco style

For finishing of bedroom, calm colors are in use: white and burgundy, gray and black, beige and chocolate. Often we can see use of three colors, one of which is element of luxury, and other two serve as background. Also last and most important stroke of bedroom is crystal or unusual glass chandelier.

Art deco style furniture: bathroom and living room design

Art Deco style furniture in interior of living room

Design of art deco living room must meet basic criteria of this direction.

Thus, here you can safely apply beautiful furniture with stylish metal handles, mirror inserts, and clear geometric shapes. Furniture should have non-standard form while being comfortable and practical.

art deco style furniture, living room furniture design in art deco style

Guest room is decorated mainly in dark colors.

So as for decor in living room, you can use various products made of leather, natural wood, ivory, bamboo and semi-precious stones.


Design of bathroom in art deco style should be spectacular and luxurious.

Shower in form of deer head or a leopard. It ‘s best to use glass, stainless steel, ceramics and marble in bathroom.

art deco style furniture, bathroom design in art deco style

On walls, you can lay out drawing that visually resembles leopard skin.

On floor will look harmonious black and white tiles. Also, ceiling shouldn’t be made in dark shades, as it can visually steal spaciousness of room.

art deco style furniture, bathroom furniture in art deco style

In manufacture of baths and sinks, steel, cast iron, and acrylic are used. So mixers and other elements are better to choose from chrome-plated material or stainless steel.

Thus, if the area allows, the bathroom can be decorated with a forged fountain or bronze statue.

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Art deco style furniture: TOP distinctive features, trends and design ideas
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