Interior design trends 2017: Pink kitchen


Home decor trends 2017 brought light tones to our interiors including tender pink. Many people love pink color for its wide shades range, lightness and calmness. Modern kitchen design in pink would be juicy, optimistic, romantic and joyful. But someone from your family members can dislike such interior general mood, so be attentive choosing it.

Let’s discuss kitchen decor ideas for those, who dream of raspberry marshmallow environment, in our «Interior design trends 2017: Pink kitchen» article.


Kitchen decor ideas: Styles for Pink kitchen

  • One of beautiful interior design trends 2017 is Provence style. Pink ideally fits to it! Such tender kitchen design should be fresh and light with pastel mint or light blue tones.
  • Retro pink kitchen looks like it came out from old movies! Combine tender color with drapes, flowers and vintage decorating elements you’ve seen on old photos.
  • Pink shades or lights should refresh High-tech style. Use glance facades and metallic finishing, strict lines.
  • Prefer peach pink tones for Futurism and Minimalism. Such styles shouldn’t be overloaded with items, so interesting bright color would become its’ main decoration.


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Pink often used for furniture facades or walls finishing. We propose you wide range of kitchen decor ideas in pink color with their specific composition rules.

  • Pink furniture should be combined with maximally neutral wallpapers for right accents in modern kitchen design. Use milky, snow-white, beige, light coffee or ivory walls’ tones.
  • Bright pink should be used for only one accent wall. Tender rosy shades fit for unobtrusive patterns for all walls. Use such wallpapers with beige, milky, creamy, metallic, grey coffee shades furniture. You’re welcomed to use blue and emerald green also, but use it well-dosed.
  • Both tender pink and saturated raspberry skirts look interesting and juicy. Modern kitchen design give much options, such as using pink tiles or skinali with image in beautiful pink shades. Combine it with neutral or rosy wallpapers.
  • Pink textile amazingly complements kitchen interior in light tones.

Interior-design-trends-2017-Pink-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-decor-ideas Interior-design-trends-2017-Pink-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-decor-ideas

Kitchen decor ideas: Modern kitchen design and pink accessories

  • Metallic pink looks unique!
  • Pink tableware should be bright accent. Home decor trends 2017 give green light to your fantasy! So, you’re welcomed to use stylized items in pastries or fruits shapes.
  • Art Nouveau interior would be decorated with light pink sea-shells and pearls shaped tableware.


Interior-design-trends-2017-Pink-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-decor-ideas Interior-design-trends-2017-Pink-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-decor-ideas Interior-design-trends-2017-Pink-kitchen-modern-kitchen-design-kitchen-decor-ideas

Hopefully, our «Interior design trends 2017: Pink kitchen» article will inspire you to create really modern kitchen decor for la vie en rose!

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Interior design trends 2017: Pink kitchen
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