Kitchen design ideas 2017


If you would like your kitchen looks organically and according to modern kitchen design, it should be performed in a uniform style. If you are not afraid of experiments, you can opt for bold fusion. This kitchen layout is one of the most pressing styles in this season.

To combine the incongruous ones, to connect together several styles, to choose an interesting combination of colors: all these are possible if you become a follower of fusion style.


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If you are mostly fond of popular kitchen design images made in classic version, then you will choose the most advantageous option. This timeless kitchen layout never goes out of the fashion, and many designers offer year to year classic interiors diluted into couple of accents. Naturally muted colors and in artificial materials for finishing are favorites in classical style. Use wood, marble, glass in modern kitchen design, choose linen or cotton for curtains.

Kitchen design ideas 2017 for Scandinavian or Provence style are also relevant for this year. Light colors, natural wood furniture with light shades, well-lit room: all these create a feeling of free and simultaneously cozy space.



Interior of loft kitchen is a new thing in kitchen design ideas 2017. This concept is suitable for bold and active people, who can not be in the common framework and tend to show the individuality in everything, including their house design. Loft kitchen – is the lack of curtains and other usual attributes of comfort, a rough plaster in the decoration of walls, stone and metal details in interior of modern kitchen ideas 2017.


As for color gamma, in this season most designers tend to simplicity and naturalness. Modern kitchen design 2017 is most often decorated in monochrome shades, or rich colors of nature are used.

Abundant and bold use of black color gradually dispels the hardened myth of the darkness of this hue. On the example of kitchen design images in black color, you can make sure that such an interior looks very harmonically. It may even prevail in the design of the room; however well-placed color accents, for example, white tabletop and red chair will help to create an unrepeatable interior.

Kitchen-design-ideas-2017-1 Kitchen-design-ideas-2017-2

Looking at the work of other designers, we have such a feeling that they bring kitchen design ideas from nature. Plum, chestnut, eggplant and ivory harmoniously match any kitchen decoration. The primary trend dominating in all modern kitchen ideas 2017 – is walls painting. Moreover the choice should be stopped for neutral shades, which will serve as the backdrop for your future kitchen decoration. With this task perfectly cope white, gray, beige and ivory. Walls should not attract any attention.


Another trend in modern kitchen ideas 2017 is the exact opposite: a wall decorated by brickwork or concrete and stands itself as a bright element of kitchen decoration. In this case, you need a minimum of decorative elements or pieces of furniture, in order not to clutter the space.


Regarding the flooring, granite tiles are strongly fixed in modern kitchen design. This material is created a furore due to its durability and choice of color or texture. These are main trends and kitchen design ideas 2017. Their basic principles are naturalness and individuality. But most important – try to trim kitchen interior design, so that you feel comfortable and cozy in it.


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